What Would You Say

Not much happened this weekend, but I was super-productive and meditative in preparation for Vegas next weekend. Lots of gym workouts, cleaning, laundary, and I even squeaked in some work on Sunday and managed to hang out down with fuddruckus and manders with Tiny Gracelyn on Saturday night. I debuted my new crock-pot masterpiece: BBQ chicken. It’s actually secondhand from wwhazz, but who gives a shit; I am the best chef in the universe. If I can somehow generate enough moxie to move a box and a receiver from my living room to my storage space, I will have officially completed moving in, and only 2½ months after stepping through the door. Say lah vee, whazzmaster. Say lah vee.

131 thoughts on “What Would You Say

  1. we just got the prettiest wedding invite in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maybe if you rub the invitation on your belly, the kid will want to see it and come out…. similar to her fathers suggestion that she check out the awesome surroundings. if it works, i’m not going to pay out the $250, because, i mean, i like totally told you how to do it. but if you lie and say you never rubbed the invite on your belly, i’ll trust you and pay the $250. if later i find out that you did in fact rub the invite on your belly, just like i said to, and took the $250 and spent it on bills or somethng stupid like that, then, there will be no end to my retaliation. good luck though!

  3. just got rivered in a omaha multi to die on the bubble instead of be chip leader. say la vee.

  4. technology fighting spam is republicans veiled attempt to turn it’s rival against themselves and destroy the first ammendment in the process. that, or boner pills WANT to be sold.

  5. dead dead dead. once again. no one likes tales of poker triumph. maybe i should drive to vegas. starting………….now. nah, i’m still here. but maybe i should go. why not?

  6. hey poker groupies! the $20 with 138 people… 11 left… i’m over 2:1 chip lead on 2nd. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  7. i got 2nd. 6 creases in the ben clip cause i took my $22 and did the multi table cash flip. SKILLZ. that’s what it takes son… pop-lock, i shake and bake madd props from janet jackson. seriously, as far as poker… i can hang. it’s at the point where it doesn’t matter anymore sort of… like a 13 year NBA veteran… you know the game. you are awesome at the game… you play the game. rules may changes… defensive configurations and new exploits will be discovered through trial and error. however the veteran simply plays on. fool, i’m a vet, you can bet, that, i could dance under water, and not get wet. HOLLA. off to win something somewhere. i assume that baby didn’t come yet. oh well. soon.

  8. if you guys decide to thwart off public education for hadley, and rather get her in a 24/7 poker accademy… i would make that sacrafice for you guys and instruct full time. goes double for little gracelyn, because i think i saw a little natural spark of poker talent in her eyes. it was either that or she had just pooper herself. baby poop jokes never get old. am i right?

  9. hey whazzers, it’s me, wwhazz are you still up? Oneil and rumsey- we rcd our invite to day as well, beautiful- I can’t decide what to have for dinner though all three sound great.

  10. I am going to lose my mind. We didn’t close on our house yesterday as scheduled (that’s right, we got a call 1/2 hour before the scheduled close to let us know that our buyers have a “glitch” in their financing that theoretically will take until Friday to fix)… and of course the baby hasn’t come yet. SO… Madd, you might want to start taking bets on when I’m going to go off the deep end. Insider tip: soon. Oh, and if you want to start taking bets on when I think our house will close, my insider tip: never.

  11. “fool, i’m a vet, you can bet, that, i could dance under water, and not get wet.” = penny in the rakeback fund

    also, ktk debuts on the rakeback list with “Oh, and if you want to start taking bets on when I think our house will close, my insider tip: never.”

    scientist at $0.16, ktk at $0.01

  12. look here, whazzers, I’m 39 weeks, 5 days pregnant. I’m as big as a house, and have nothing to do but sit in front of this computer screen and hope that someone will type something funny.

    So get typing. Now. Please???

  13. i’m in my underwear eating cereal and i spilled milk on my leg. parker started laughing so maybe it will make you laugh ktk.

  14. at my hisband’s job he brings champagne for breakfast to three beautiful women from blugaria and gets 25 bucks. I clean my dirty middle aged alcoholic’s ass all night and get nothing, what’s wrong with this world?

  15. hey ktk your md appt is today- let’s here how goes it….huh, huh, do you like all of whazzmaster wondering about your obstetric appts?? I would, it would make me feel like a celebrity.

  16. pleasure to see you whazzmaster, shouldn’t you be on your way to vegas???? just talked to the ladies and they are on the road to rockford. they wanted me to ditch my husband and dog and forget about finances and come meet them. i wanted to but i am sure wwhazz would be a little upset with me. He’s such a miser with his poker winnings like trina these days.

  17. I will give you an update on the dr. appt. Actually, I’m hoping that I’ll go into labor right then & there. I have to have a non-stress test, so they hook up a heart monitor to the baby, and every time she moves I have to press a button. They want to see a correlation between her movement and increases in her heart rate. Mostly, its fun to listen to her heart for a half hour.

  18. ktk maybe we should have whazzmaster figure out a way to play your labor live on whazzmaster.com, that way everyone can be involved, what do you think, do you think k-car would be ok with that?

  19. I told my friend that I was scared I was going to die in childbirth, so she had her husband who is a nurse call to tell me that nobody has died in chidbirth since the 1700’s. I don’t believe him.

    Bellygirl… can you confirm or deny?

  20. “You’d have to be some sort of batshit guano to walk three of my blocks. I can guarantee one thing, sir, your crotch will be wet when you are through. Pack appropriately.”

    Can you give yourself a penny?

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