Baby Hadley

all dressed up
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Ktk’s wish is my command. BEHOLD, you cretins, what level of dressed-upedness a baby can achieve in our modern age! Looks kinda like a cross between a pear and strawberry. You guys bought some mega-diapers for that kid.

86 thoughts on “Baby Hadley

  1. Over/Under on the number of times Zach yells “HOLLLARIT, Quincy!” on Wednesday night: 600.

  2. there will be no drunken dancing or dance floor. if either of these is your “favorite thing” and you would like it added, let me know and i’ll get on it. modern.

  3. hey i’m here to defend jessi’s choice of madras pants. they are the hottest thing. don’t you people read J Crew???

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding. sigh. i lost a shit ton of tourneys yesterday, but i won the crazy $2 unlimited turbo rebuy, so i broke even. aussie daily, like 3rd hand in JJ… limp, limp, raise, to me…. i min raise back, dude cold calls me, the limpers call and raiser min raises me back… on man, i love this shit. usually i’m doing it with AA though, so i really don’t like my hand too well, but i min raise back and i think the bet is like 300 now. everyone calls. i can’t imaging this guy not pushing with AA, KK… so i gotta put him on AK or QQ or a pair i can beat i guess. or pretty much anything because this bet action could really mean anything, oh wait, there is the flop, J high! kick ass! lets just say a miracle happens and somehow i get 3 other people all in on the flop with me. like 7k pot on 3rd hand of a $50 slow blind level multi where i flopped top set on rainbow disconnected board. KQs hit the runner runner flush. the $20 PLO8 right after that i flopped the wheel in a huge multiway pot, and ended up losing a ton because 2 other people flopped the wheel too and someone else made a boat. next hand i flopped nut flush and nut low draw, push and lose. my gambling as a HUGE favorite these days is pretty bad.

  5. what would be the perfect song for the crabwalk dancefest? i can make this happen. like biggie smalls once said, the sky is the limit. keep on keepin on. ya heard? HOLLLARIT!

  6. at a modern wedding, you can show up in madras pants. no one will look at you funny.

  7. oh my goodness. my initial intent for HOLLLARIT was for it to remain forever in text use only. i never thought it would adapt to real life verbal dialog. oh no. this is not good. HOLLLARIT!

  8. WWHAZZ: RE: TURTLES AT WEDDING: YES! i let 13 red earred sliders go in the creek that loops around the garden and interconnects all the small lakes. so, if they are alive, there will be 13 turtles at least withing a 586 yard perimeter from the wedding grounds. there is no log on the 587 yard radial circumference, thus turtles don’t bother. it’s sort of like 8 mile. my turtles are hood rich.

  9. How do you pornounce 3 l’s? How do you pornounce anything for that matter? For 300 points, the block, and the win: PORNOUNCE HOLLLARIT!

  10. math needs a term to represent close enough to 0 to be irrelevant, but still leaving the possibility open to non-zero value. 0.00000000009% just takes up so much space and it doesn’t really matter… i think math people like those qualities and think it drives home the fact how significantly small this chance is. well, what if e0 carried that same feeling? what about `0 or 0′ or :0: i mean, it comes up often enough and then the interactions of this floating value in number systems can be analyzed. also, we will have cake at the modern wedding… an old classic, GRILLED UP TO GO! yes, we are having a taco bell grilled stuffed wedding cake. MODERN.

  11. i hate to do this to you ktk and manders…. but y’all had your babies like a month early. babies come with 3 arms now. y’all got the old models. just realized that website is called taintpuncher…. it was linked to from another site… the video is a abc news clip, and the child is real, and has 3 arms. i totally like 3 arm babies better than 2 arm babies.

  12. just went from chip leader with 25 left to out in 25th in the 30 PLO8 tourney. words. can. not. describe. i am cursed.

  13. rumsey- thanks for the shout out for my new cool paints. i didn’t know they had a name but I’m glad they do. funny story about them. Timmer wanted to go to JCrew for a specific pair of golf shorts when they were here in SD. So we went and up in entering i saw my madra pants and immediately went to the dressing room and put them on. when I came out to show fancy face and timmer i found timmer headed to the dressing room with my pants but in golf short style. he bought them and wore thenm the rest of his vacation and fancy face bought a matching bag that she turned into her new purse. and we wanted to buy wwhazz the matching string bikini but they didn’t have his size. the end.

  14. to all those dancers who will be at the upcoming modern wedding…… dance with my husband!!!! I know he really wants to so if you see him standing there with his hands in his pockets make him get out there and shake it, thank you.

  15. Effective chance of wwhazz dancing: 0%. Unless I break his ankles and then swing him around, jump-jive-and-wail-style.

  16. do it- he said the only way he would dance is if he was in stacy’s boozum so that deserves bilateral ankle breaks!!!

  17. the best part of the wirksu/bellgirl wedding:

    watching timmer & lynn start the snowball dance.

  18. you bet your ass we’ll make sure wirkus dances!! even if we have to give him mind-altering drugs (or, in the very least, spike his punch) to get him on the non-existant dance floor…

  19. so, because I recently discovered that I’m out of the loop as far as fashion is concerned (thanks, bellygirl, for giving me that realization), I decided to look up madras pants on google. Of course, the first link that pops up is the J. Crew one…damn!! talk about having a party in your pants!! those madras pants are insane!! very “modern” and appropriate attire for madddddddd’s modern wedding…

  20. Madras pants are merely Zubaz, The Next Generation. I look forward to seeing NFL players parading around the sidelines with madras and a fanny pack this season. hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate

  21. those stylish modern madras pants just like the “lounge pant” i used to buy from sam’s club. the entire walton family is HUGE on fashion.

  22. i think i forgot to put the word “look” in there between pants and just. and for you westies (haha, i used your eastie term against you all!) think costco instead of sams club.

  23. the chance of wwhazz dancing is e0. maybe i should invent a dance for people sitting at the tables… like everyone has to get up, spin around, and take the seat to their right everytime the song says to. they don’t know they are dancing, but they are. perfect way to trap wwhazz and turn that e0 into e0 * 2. don’t square it, because then it’s small. much much smaller. like eeeee0.

  24. perhaps e0 could be used in the prime generating function to define a dimensional space that contains an environment suitable for an answer… then a second generating function can be applied to this new space using the rules and theorys developed since the introduction of e0 2 days ago. i say we can get this done by tuesday.

  25. look, you are clinically insane. you are talking in circles and truisms. this “function” of yours….

  26. YOU ARE FUCKING JOKING ME. 30 people left in 299 man multi. only top 20 paid, but 1st is juicy because it was right on the bubble to pay 30 which comes out 1sts money basically. anyways, i have KK… flop a K, build a 70k pot. AQo catches JT runner runner for the straight. i would have been chip leader. instead, i’m out 30th. FUCK#^#@$)^(*&@#$^)(&#@%)*(!#&%(!#@&^ time to hone my disc golf skills. man, i was in the limit tourney too and just got runner runner flushed vs my top 2 pair. GRANTED: i got lucky and rivered a 5 outer in each of these tourneys that would have left me crippled…. but jesus… don’t give me one then take one… thats just wasting my time. well, i had 1000 chips left and flopped a pair of aces… NOPE KQ hit broadway. no more tourneys going, i’m out for real now…

  27. hey, FUCK YOU dissenting “mathematician”. if that is REALLY what your name is. you are just JEALOUS! don’t you WISH you understood how e0 worked? i’ll tell you how, wwhazz, would you please dance for me? see…. SEE! and you call yourself a mathematician.

  28. “And in what is quite possibly the best wrestling-related news of the century, Randy “Macho Man” Savage is going to be a castmate on the new season of the Surreal Life. Rumor has it that he’s going to be bunking with fellow cast-mate Carrot Top. Savage is going to BRING THA CRAZY to VH1.”

  29. damn… in the 30 multi, i got up to 5k… got aces and got 2 other people all in with 3k stacks. 88 and AK… flop K28 and i lose. next hand, lose 1500 with AJs. next hand, limp with KK (JESUS, HAND RUSH!), gets raised, re-raised, and someone goes all in, i type “quadruple me up, donks” in the chat and call…. only JJ plays me… flop Q86 turn T. river 9 and he hits a straight. man, i was like top 10 in chips to out when if you played that tourney and those cards from that point 1000 times over, like 859 of them i am MASSSSSSIVE chip leader. say la vee.

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