Heat Index? Wind Chill?

Saw on the Journal-Sentinel site today that the heat index was supposed to be around 95 in Wisconsin today. Subsequently I realized that I hadn’t heard the term “heat index” for a long time. You grow up in the midwest and you’re used to weatherpersons bombarding you with multiple temperatures year-round. In the summer you’ve got your “jesus-it’s-hot” temperature and then you’ve got your “kill-me-now-but-peel-the-soaking-clothes-off-my-wet, dead-skin-before-you-bury-me temperature with the heat index”. In the winter, you’ve got your “holy-balls-it’s cold” temperature and then you’ve got your “if-you-touch-my ears-I-swear-to-god-they’ll-crack-the-fuck-off temperature with the wind chill.” Out west it’s either hot or cold; the temperature people never really get more specific than that.

Scientist should be back from his HONEYmoon sometime next week. Hope they didn’t get lost in the bermuda triangle or anything.


11 thoughts on “Heat Index? Wind Chill?

  1. funny you shoudl talk about the heat index, just last night i was trying to explain this to someone that had never heard of it, a cali native. i was sayinghow here we can actually go outside when it is 85/90 ish and still go running and shit, it’s hot but not lethal and how in wisco if it’s 95 and humid you’re a dead man. I do NOT miss that.


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  3. in my house it is hot; upstairs…well…it is hot as fuck…sorry zach, but out west i have decided to use a more complex scale…

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