Happy Birthday, Bellygirl!

Happy Early Birthdays to whazzmaster’s own bellygirl. How old are you, old lady? Gettin up there near your husband, I suppose. And you’llc elebrate the special day how? Tequila in TJ? Fish Tacos at South Beach? Is Parker gonna lick cake off your face? Let us know how the day goes; if it was a weekend I’d just fly down and party with you. Que sera, I’ll have to imagine the fun times you’ll have. Don’t let wwhazz give you any guff, he should have to do shots and dance cuz it’s your b-day.

169 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bellygirl!

  1. also i am the man behind: CAL’S ROOT BEER. delicious i’ll never give up my secret recipe! never! mmmmmmmm root beer… i’d like to pour root beer on Benton (landon!). 1234123412341234

  2. By the way I was playing poker today and I got a flip on the one-two and then I called and I had aces under fours and dude was like whaa? You said flop and I said– yes but on the RIVER? Never on the river and he was like word, that is true though. So I was like ok, let’s play oil not long kiss goodnight so we did, and I got a 12 on the blind and i folded. It was great. Then I gave birth to a hadley and decided to re-name her to Whazupnow? With the question mark and everything. Then I swam down the river to meet up with sean on the SOUTH SIDE of the americas.

  3. bored bored boring boring boring so I am SOOOOOOO annoyed that the STUPID SF GIANTS who SUCK and make you sing “god bless america” during the 7th inning stretch. not only do they do that– now they say “please rise and remove your caps!” we already did this before the game! surprised we weren’t rounded up by some usher after we stayed seated… It’s like McCarthyism And this is SAN FRANCISCO! they don’t sing that song in OAKLAND. Yay Oakland! Boo bonds stupid giants and ps your stadium is a joke. Coke bottle in the outfield coke bottle joke bottle JOKE BOTTLE! ROOT BEER JOKE BOTTLE!

  4. wow, i thought cal loved his precious AT&T Park (aka SBC Park (aka Pac-Bell Park)). good show, mate. stacy and i would have liked to join you for a day of bases-n-balls, but alas not a ticket was to be found in the good city of san francisco. instead, we watched sea lions, took a misty trek across the Golden Gate, and rode cable cars while screaming lines from Wet Hot American Summer into the cool, pre-dusk air. then we went and had dinner with GMC and The Jacobses.

  5. part of me wonders if the announcer said “please stay seated with your caps on” if cal and his C(al)rew…. (crew normally starts with “C”, but in this case the “C” is for “Cal” it is just a coincidence that it is also the first letter of the word it was intended to calify)…. well, if they would hop up capless and belt out god bless america. i bet they would. those fuckers.

  6. Carew would have been a better calified version of crew. Indeed, Rod Carew was Cal’s uncle.

  7. cal, the 7th inning god bless america is for the kids. to teach them that they can’t always wear their stinky hats, and to let them look around and see that other people like america too. now those kids are going to look over and see you and then they’ll believe what they thought all along was true: america sucks. you think these kids who hate their own country and see people like you at the game who wont even stand up for 1 stupid song JUST FOR THE KIDS…

  8. dude, you totally should have tried to bone on alcatraz. off the dome i can think of 3 places, then off my tony hawk 4 dome, i can think of 8 more places, but some of them (like the bowl next to the wardens house) might not actually exist. you should take guests right from the sea lions to the stinking rose… mother fuckers would be poppin nostrils and shit. CALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  9. i bet you totally could have got down with the get down right behind that wicked quarter pipe on the docks.

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