I’m The President of Tourism

Well, my wonderful weekend with Stacy has come and gone, and I now know certain things about the Bay Area that were heretofore unrevealed. Things like, figure out where you’re going before you leave to go there, and more importantly: don’t plan a car-trip to the most anti-car city in the western hemisphere the day of the biggest gay pride parade in both hemispheres. Also: look at the weather report before visiting the Golden Gate Bridge; if it says “soul-crushing fog” then reschedule.

We got pictures!

By the way, Stacy was delighted by the sea lions. She wanted them to clap their hands and balance balls on their noses. I told her that the they were wild, untrained sea lions and probably only knew how to eat and fuck and poop. She kept hope alive, though. She also surmised that Jessi in fact loved the sea lions. Wwhazz, tell me your wife doesn’t subscribe to the “they’re cute in a bowtie so they must be cute all the time” theory to liking aminals.

On Saturday Stacy kicked the holy hell out of me in basketball. I edged her out the second game, but she was up 5-0 in the first one and I only managed 2 or 3 lousy baskets before she dropped the proverbial hammer.

She also got to do such amazing things as hang out at Winter’s, investigate the native redwood trees of Big Basin State Park (where the yellow center line of the highway gives way to a somewhat vague-er “no line”), and encounter the cast of millions at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (“in the warm California sun!”) All in all a Good Friday.

As always I was sad to part ways with The Lettow, but I take heart in the fact that the O’Rumsey Affaire is to be held in less than two weeks. We get (a.) what I hear will be a fantastic “smashing-together” of a wedding ceremony, (b.) to enact a great border escape once Jessi & Stacy get caught perpetrating hijinx on the Candian Empire (I’ll bring my burglar’s tools), (c.) to dance, oh to dance, and (d.) an ewaz sighting? There’s mucho, mucho more but don’t thank me yet. De nada.


15 thoughts on “I’m The President of Tourism

  1. oh dear whazzmaster it sounds like a wonderful time and so it did form the other end as well. and about the upcoming events, I am psyched to come to lutsen and I am excited to many people that i have not since our wedding and i am excited to meet hadley. and perhaps most importantly when you mentioned dancing my rear end started to wiggle in my seat!!!!!!!! I think the last time I danced was when becky was here and before that I don’t remember, I just don’t have the dancing friends out here like i did in Milwaukee and I MISS it. Renee is moving out here at the end of July and perhaps that will change, but for now be prepared Lutsen, MN I am ready to dance my ass off. If you can’t handle me, I will go to Canada if I need to. that’s all thank you very much.

    P.S. first
    PPS. I am going to try to get my husband drunk enough to sneak into the pool after hours tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. your dress looks nice. parker looks like a sad little pug in those pantaloons, though.

  3. MP, i don’t know what i’m smashing together but whatever it takes to give you and stacy an excuse to get another vacation together, we’ll do. as for ewaz, who knows. i have seen that guy more at other people’s far away weddings than in this city where we live presumably a few blocks apart. i don’t think he’s in but he always is good for a surprise. have buttercup and busta ready!!! you’re kicking off the band’s set break #2 man.

  4. hey mike and aaron, please both grow your hair long again like in the photo i just found. really, stunning gentlemen! ok really don’t. the groomed look suits you better.

  5. re: long-haired wwhazz.

    i showed stacy the louisiana pics from SPRING BREAK 2000 (ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!) and she giggled and said, “mike has long hair!” haha, wwhazz, you got called out on your long hair by a girl with long hair.

  6. make that TWO girls with long hair. mine is almost ass length at this point. soon to be chin length as soon as i get these nuptuals out of the way.

  7. i looked at the pictures of mike with long hair after i had already agreed to marry him. i felt like he snuck that past me and i had already said yes and after i saw the photos i seriously wanted to rethink things. ok it wasn’t that bad, but I was quite shocked about it. i am glad i didn’t meet that kid when i first worked at the hojo. i’m glad stacy and rumsey agree with this. by the way the pool thing DID NOT go at all. looks like i have to wait for Renee to move here or for Kelly and MIke to get back from Vegas if I want to do late night pool sneaking.Or for ZMOney to surprise visit from San Fran. That ruins the sexy part of it but such is life.

  8. The long hair in the pic Rumsey saw is about 8 inches longer than my cajun-do that Stacy saw. I sometimes have dreams that it’s still long and when I wake up to find it short, I get sort of sad.

  9. bellgirl, at least your husband didn’t have a jewfro. his hung down straight–lawman had a royal puffball on his head!!

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