United Rules!

I don’t catch up with the good doctor 4nyay as much as I should, but I popped over to his blog today and was in for a real treat.

Korea, here I am. Bag, where are you? Oh, you decided to go to LA? Why? I see…you wanted to stay the night. OK, well give me a call whenever you arrive. Thanks.Have you ever gone to work in shorts and a T-shirt while other people are in suits? Well I have. It makes you look classy.

Trip’s over, time to go home. I check in early in Korea to make sure my bag is on the plane. I see it at SFO, claim it, give it to United about 2 hours early. I get to Fenix, but my bag didn’t. It got lost again. Doh! I’m supposed to catch another plane in 36 hours & my itinerary is in my bag. Please deliver it. After they fuck with me for a long time & tell me they’ll deliver it by 4.30AM, I can relax. 4.31AM…dude, where are you people?

Dude travels the world making giant satellite dishes appear in fields or something. He’s in Korea one week and Italy the next. He doesn’t post here anymore, but you can see his battles against foreign foods and gate agents on THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP blog. I heartily reccomend.

107 thoughts on “United Rules!

  1. it is interesting in a good way. the mint and the fizz, and the whatever jager tastes like all come together pretty good. i might make another in the futre. fucking king.

  2. it’s a jager bomb in a lymon gin&tonic with a mint mask. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. whazzmaster wish you were here- left work sick after they told me i wasn’t in the ICU again for the millionith time, it’s complete horse shit. this travel thing defenitely has its ups and downs. but now i’m drinking and hanging out with mike and kelly and mike and parker and we’re gonna play some live poker, maybe i’ll make my money back form missing work. but just wanted to tell zmoney it’s not a sick day without him.

  4. i have everything ready to make homemade waffles tomorrow morning. i’m excited. i think i’ll put blue berries in a few, and maybe some mixed berries in another. syrup, jelly, jam, preserves, fruit… the works. and top it all off with 4 bananas. b. a. n. a. n. a. s. breakfast is going to be KICK ASS. rach=0 is asleep… she has no clue the shit storm of goodness she is going to wake up to. so far break even tonight and did at least $100 in tourneys. can’t wait to see you cal!

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