Out Like A Light

I’d been using an open wireless access point somewhere in my apartment building for the last several months and it went dark yesterday morning. It has not returned yet, so I don’t have any access from home. I’ll give it a few more days before I call to order DSL, I suppose. Man I wish Google would hurry up with the free wi-fi access in Mountain View.

46 thoughts on “Out Like A Light

  1. I was watching an old Jepardy! on the game show network and the category was words with 3 L’s. The answer was a southern Minnesota greeting. Lady said what is helllo? and Trebek was all no, it’s holllarit. And he really belted it out: Holllarit!!!!!!!!!

  2. price is right airs like a year after it was shot, so yes cal, i 1 year i will record it and you tube it for you…….. even though technically i could just whazztube it and upload it to my own server……. but whatever. that’s how these websites and ringtone hustlers make money…. they turn a trivial task that 99% of people can’t do, and make it SUPER AWESOME EASY (only 99c per anything) and then they are rich. the only reason i don’t do this is because i don’t like to coddle the stupid. but for you cal…… FOR YOU…. i will upload it to you tube.

  3. i hope wwhazz gets picked and he grumpily stumbles down the aisle and when asked to bid he repspnds, “bob, that is crap. i bid $3”

  4. new pokerroom promotion: $1000 for every 10,000 player points you get before september 15. daddy likes.

  5. here is how they sold it: “Here’s your sick, exclusive one-time offer:”. “sick”…. is that acceptible marketing slang now? “yo yo yo negroe, hop on the gravy train and slang down a PHAT G with your homies! HOLLLARIT!”

  6. why don’t you tape a $5 to a note near the elevator that says? “i’ll give you one of these every month, what is your SSID and encryption key?”…. worst case someone steals $5… best case, you save $45 a month and make a new internet friend.

  7. clicking in from montreal. third time’s a charm as whazz wouldn’t load the first or second time, the bastard. nice pix from the wedding–didn’t know that i tried to steal your thunder on buttercup, MP. sorry about that. you should have kicked my bustled ass off the stage. i don’t know that it’s appropriate to get as drunk as i did at my own wedding but after three days of putting out wedding fires (flowers that are DOA, torrential downpours lasting 7 hours before the ceremony, etc) i needed to let loose. btw, thanks whazzers for saving the day with the new delphinium. boy oh boy i thought the boston florists and i were going to have a thrombo threesome. here comes lawman with a few words…
    thanks everyone for coming to the wedding. I hope you all had a good time. Montreal is fun, I recommend it highly. I climbed Mont Royal today, which really isn’t a mountain but you can pretend. Have not gone to the casino yet, but am looking foward to attempting to gamble in french. I can fake a good enough bonjour to make store clerks think I speak french but when they ask me for my key saver card, I am totally busted. I doubt I will make it fly at the casino.

  8. hey honeymooners! are you going to moon someone on your honeymoon? I hope you’re having fun!

    Au revoir!!

  9. whazzing in from AZ, about to head to the ball game,go brewers, lots o fun here but hot hot hot. 115 today. Parker is hanging out with a weiner dog, a weiner dog chiuaua mix and a wiener dog puppy, he’s doing pretty well with it. hello honeymooooooners!!!!!!

  10. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i’ve been at work since 8:30 this morning! i’ll be here til late tonight! i’ll also be coming in tomorrow! weeeeeeeeeeeeee! fuck this shit!

  11. yeah seriously…. tax preperation software, or the means that tax preperation software requires to itself exist, should in no way ruin your saturday and sunday dude…. i’d be like… boss…. HOLLLLLLLLLLARIT!!#%

  12. ….and 4nyay crept from the shadows, reminding the ever watchful night owl of something that creeps very drunkenly. he stopped abruptly, yet completely silently. his left eye darted left; as did His right. then in unison they shot to the right. “am i alone?” he thought. as if the front half of his face craved the crease of moonlight shining near where he stood so much that it was able to yield control of his body and steer it towards the only thing that could satisfy his needs, he crept. and just as the moonlight hit his face, he whispered…… “wooha.” and then again…… “….. wooha.”

  13. 1. I had to leave my home to get on the interweb, i’m squatting on someone else’s wireless network right now, but I’m doing it poolside. HOLLLARIT, wisconsin!
    2. I started drinking some bomb-ass Las Hermanas coffee last night at around 10pm so I could burn the midnight oilllllllllllllll on a new website project I’m working on. Result: got a good chunk of it finished and stayed up til 3am. Stacy had to work at 7 this morning, we were still chatting at 2am-WiscoTime. Bless her heart.
    3. I’m going through slight World of Warcraft withdrawal due to no internet at home, so I’m installing it on my lappy so’s I can go to EvilAntnie’s and play.
    4. I’m going back in to work in a bbit. I have awrite an essay on strong naming assemblies for the general population. 5 pages, double-spaced, with my name and period number at the top.
    5. HOLLLARIT folks

  14. let me know if you slay any elves. hahahaha. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT…. also… in other HOLLLARIT news, i propegated it on to some very influential people. i think it will be in rap songs by mid august and on cal mixtapes in time for christmas. HOLLLLLLLLLLARIT

  15. cal, finally got around to ROLLIN’ DEEP in the ack’ and releasing “for madd scieezer” into the wind. my favorite hook: “all around the world, today; the kilo is the measure……… a kilo is a thousand grams; easy to remember”. tite.

  16. granted, sometimes the order starts mid list and then starts again either at that spot reversed, or at the opposite side of the list approaching the new start. then you take all those interestings lists and stack them up and you got an unbreakable logical stinker…. but also, you got a spare politician and a businessman… let them fight it out.

  17. hey whazzers were back from AZ, lots o fun. Too bad the brewers always lose when we drive hundreds of miles to come see them. oh well they won yesterday finally. we have one day to lay low and then off to Price is Right early tomorrow morning, like 4 am early. I can’t wait to hug that pervie Bob Barker after I win my trip to Italy!!!

  18. If you get to spin that giant wheel, please do us some justice and at least get it around once. Also, back in the day Scientist loved Plinko, so if you get to play Plinko I think that would make him very happy. Also, wwhazz must be enraged that he has so many activites to accomplish on one week. UPDATE THE RAGE-O-METER!

  19. by the way, i’m getting a cable modem installed at my place tomorrow morning, so I’ll be back online then. going to see the brewers play the giants with GMC in SF tonight and tomorrow. pictures forthcoming.

  20. here is a good psychological judge of character question…. now that you are the one with the service, are you going to get a wireless router and offer up your service the same way your faceless buddy did so that you can pass the gift of free wireless on? i wouldn’t. fuck that. fools be dowloading rootkits and spyin on my bits and shit. a kilo really IS one thousand grams….. TITE!

  21. i’m unsure as to whether my shit will be a free-for-all yet. it’ll be a game time decision when i set up my wireless router, i suppose. a kilo is actually 1024 grams…

  22. our new house is so rural that we can’t get cable internet!!! as a matter of fact, we were a mile or two from not getting DSL!

  23. wooohoooo go brewers, zmoney I’m so jealous you got so see it in person, perhaps you are a far better good luck chram than wwhazz and I. the rage o meter is in check at this point, we must go to bed for now since we have to get up for the show in three hours. wwhazz even grilled us all a nice cookout by the pool, wineburgers, turkey burgers, cheddarwursts and tots. weds plan is either the race track or la jolla kayaking or snorkeling, we’ll see. we watched some price is right tonight to practice, wish us luck maybe we’ll win the showcase showdown!!!!

  24. i stopped caring about price is right after that fat dude got on the show that had gone to every show for like many years in a row never missing a day…. so they FINALLY pick him, dickhead producers, and he loses his game, and then loses his spin and it pretty much killed any dream i ever had about being on that show. that guy set his life on it. ATE SHIT WATCHING THAT SHOW AFTER WAITING IN LINE DAILY, day after day with the BS psyche interviews as he is herded into the stocks. they finally give up! he breaks the system! then the system slaps back and it’s all for nautica jeans. my bid? $60.

  25. he was the 3rd person up played one of those simple right or wrong games, was wrong, went to spin and busted. 6 years of waiting done in like 5 minutes of hell. yeeeeeeeeeesgh

  26. alright i am officially jealous of this price is right thing. i love love love that show. we watched 2 episodes yesterday as it was the only thing not en francais and while i speak french (sort of) i prefer mon telivision en english. my cousin had a friend in college who lied to his parents about why he could not come home for spring break freshman year–had to study or some shit–and went on the price is right and won the SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN! including a camper. hard to hide a bob barker camper…

  27. ktk, thanks for asking ’bout the li’l one. she’s doing great! on the 6th, we took her in for her 2-month well-baby visit and got some updated stats. she weighed 11-4 (60th percentile) and measured 24 inches long (95th percentile). her head is 14.75 inches in circumference. she’s still doing pretty well with sleeping at night, usually going 6 hours (9ish to 3ish), then every three hours after that. she’s smiling and cooing (and occasionally screaming). this week marked another milestone for her, too: she is now sleeping in her own room in her crib at night! i think that step was harder on me than on her, though…that first night i kept having dreams about other people taking care of her and doing things like surrounding her with big, fluffy pillows while she was sleeping. i would tell them that they shouldn’t do that because she could suffocate, but they wouldn’t listen to me……

  28. gracelyn is also getting really close to rolling herself over. she usually gets her upper body around, but forgets to move her legs at the same time. a couple of times, when she’s on her tummy with her head up, she’ll fall over to her side because she loses her balance. but we can’t really call that rolling over, i guess. i’ll let you know when she does!!

  29. ARGH. WE CAN’T GET DSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE CAN’T GET CABLE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are going back to dial up. I want to cry.

    Manders, I’m jealous of Gracelyn’s sleeping capabilities… Hadley is not quite there yet. Hey, how much tummy time do you have a day??? My doc said 1.5 hours which I think is a lot!

  30. ah, tummy time. i was a nanny for a mom who was wild about it–as in, you’d think she was training her kids for the olympics. we definitely hit 1.5 hours/day!

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