Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Not sure how I entirely feel about this, and it may lose it’s appeal about 2 seconds into the second episode, but Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager is pretty good if you have 5 spare minutes and nothing to do. I kinda like how he uses the Force to get an apple. Your thoughts?

I’m entirely excited by the fact that I’m free of stupid shitty sitcom TV, though. I like the life of having my entertainment delivered in 5 minute bites over the internet. Fuck you, cable companies.

20 thoughts on “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

  1. first. whoa, i just looked at the moneypenny wedding pix again–what the hell is with the one where i am sharing the mic (i think?) but instead look like i’m about to attack moneypenny with forceful making out? do you guys know what photo i’m talking about? yikes!

  2. seriously people…. come on… just a [a] tag and that its… and somehow the computer will know where the link should point because you specified the identifier “greatest shit ever”…. come on. don’t be dumb. $5 says cal did it. that dude CAN NOT bid.

  3. god damn it. i’m browsing the sit and gos and see a $55 10 man turbo with 9 seated…. NO TIME TO THINK, REGISTER. god damn it.

  4. oh man i just reread the price is right experience- it is so excellent! did you mean to say After the show the heartbreak was “palpable”? probably right? if i went on the show i would pose as one of the home-made types- i’m afraid the real home-made ones would know i was a fraud. i’m afraid i could only pass as a “college type”. what a shame.

  5. rumsey i know the photo and it’s one of my favorites, it shows lots of passion and charisma. also i think that a small part of me felt like the other price is right people when they were dissapointed. I mean you wait wait wait all day to get in and then it’s such a big party in their you just want to with all your heart and soul get up on that stage and win new cars. I will be honest I was jealous of little Skylar. But when we got home that night the rental furniture company had delivered our new chair with four other new chairs and a new huge as dining room table. So it is safe to say that we won a NEW DINING ROOM SET!!!

    p.s. extremley hungover, i even puked cause my head was hurting soooo much. played poker and CLR until 4 am. also borrowed a gargoyle from a bar downtown to keep in my house and guard from other monsters and such.

  6. rumsey: i’ve updated the picture in question with my opinion. long story short: luckily, after you kissed my cheek your husband kissed me on the forehead, and i won’t tell whose i appreciated more. in other news, you can order prints of my pictures if you are a contact of mine. so create your own flickr account, then send me your username (just send me a FlickrMail message) and i’ll add you as one of my ‘friends’ so that you can order prints.

  7. hey by why do you think that is the greatest ever? mildly entertaining at best. probably 3 out of ten stars. i did enjoy chad vader however.

  8. if i were in charge of operation put cal on stage, i would have you wear the brown puffy hat, and a slightly oversized matching tshirt that simple stated “BOB!”. then just sell it. we scream out BOB! too, but i mean, come on, it’s on YOUR shirt. the producers will understand the genius going on here and appreciate it. enjoy those beans homie, you earned them. why the fuck did you bid $10,000 on that lawn furniture? BAH. i knew this was a bad operation.

  9. “i fucking hate living with you… i want to move out” “or you could give me a hug.” genius.

  10. MP, i have a flickr account, “emily_rumsey”. also, sam just sent me a link to her wedding pix on flickr (she is samahama). none of me kissing you, but some other really great ones! lots of you in the mask.

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