In The Heat of the Night

Man, it is hot here lately (as it is everywhere; europe is experiencing a heat wave, and last time I checked Chicago it looked to be 105° with teh heat index). I turned on my AC last night just to ekscape.

In other news, it’s summer so I’m working long hours. There may not be many new posts, but please try to amuse yourselves until comes online. that shit gangster.

23 thoughts on “In The Heat of the Night

  1. i will amuse myself by telling you all that my hair is gone. el choppo. someone will get one hell of a wig out of that foot+ long braid i turned over to the hair salon today.

  2. Hey everyone: I created a Flickr Group for all the wedding pictures. Click here to view it. Mail me if you need an invite to be able to post photos to the group, my Flickr username is ‘whazzmaster’. You should be able to view all public photos without an account.

  3. she is talking about her vaginal hair. a picture would be in poor taste…. not that the foot long pussy braid wasn’t already in bad taste, but now that it’s cut off, lets not throw salt on the pubic region and ask for pictures… thats just rude.

  4. I’m listening to the Brewers/Reds game on XM and it’s on rain delay, so the radio guys are fielding calls. Since it’s in Cincy, it’s the Cincy guys. Guess who called in? Yep, Randy “Macho Man” Savage. He used to be a catcher for a Red’s minor league team and I guess he calls all the time. He still talked like macho man and his question had to do with some Red’s middle reliever. Gotta say this one caught me off guard.

  5. sending a photo to whazzman to post for ya’ll. maadddd, oh gutter thoughts, sorry to disappoint this was not a trip to the pubic hair salon. those photos will have to wait until another day.

  6. ew, airpit hair? why are you so reluctant to disclose the nature of these folicles? sometimes, out of the very tip of the ridge of my ear (where it would be pointed had i been born vulcan) i’ll get a hair that will grow like 1 foot in a day out of no where. there was this afterschool special when i was a kid that had this guy whose hair grew like constantly, and when you made paintbrushes out of it, it like instantly painted a mural… so of course some paintbrush manufacturer mafia guys kidnap this guy so they can make these mural painting brushes on the cheap cause these hairs just constantly row out of this guys head… well… me… i have just 1 hair like that. i hope the mafia doesn’t scoop me up. i just realized all the symbolism in that movie… the hair growing is the kids brains ability to make new ideas… it’s just figurative. come on kids, your head grows magic too! LETS LEARN! YAY! HOLLLARIT COMMANDER!

  7. wow… i searched for this movie and found messageboard post after messageboard post of shit just like what i wrote above… fucking crazy. everyone seems to remember this movie, but NO ONE REMEMBERS IT. they just all remember the shit out of it, but none of it all other than it was awesome. the name i’ve been told is “The Peanut Butter Solution”. enjoy. additional plot lines you should know, the kid loses his hair mysteriously (enter the aspect of time and male pattern baldness). they discover a secret recipe to regrow the hair (rogaine? nope, it’s peanut butter… and other stuff = solution) that is when the magic starts. basically this is some of the best writing and plot that probably ever existed and i’ve probably only seen this movie once when i was a kid on super 18 and it has stuck with me forever. it flashes in my head quite often. i really need to see this movie again. i think it might just be awesome.

  8. that movies plot is so powerfully set up that this must be some extremist propeganda that somehow made it to the airwaves. all the more reason to watch closely. show me your hand, loonies. then i’ll bet.

  9. rabbit hole. i’m deep. there are like a million people just like me out there. how did this movie escape pop culture? i don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone talk about this movie ever, but i think about it often, and it seems like others do to, and everyone also thinks about why other people don’t talk about it. W.E.I.R.D. i’m going to keep digging. only avail on vhs and it’s like $30, so thats out of the picture for now… hopefully i find other ways.

  10. i hear if u put peanut butter on ur nuts a dog will lick it off better than a bitch can give u a beej. that’s what i heard yo. just make sure the bitch (female dog) ain’t teethin.

  11. i’m retchie boi…let’s do it.

    i’m in my old scewl slammin, in my trunk there is a cannon, when there’s funk i leave no mon stannin. i be jammon, hennessy w/ the lemon, i be w/ fukin ur wimon. ㅛㅐ ㅛㅐ. ㅐㅗ ㅜ

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