Rumsey’s New Do

Rumsey’s new cut
Originally uploaded by Whazzmaster.

Check check it whazzers; all that hair’s gones gones gones.

PS– The Lutsen Spectacular Flickr group is still taking new members who want to upload all the wedding photos into one orgiastic mess for all to see. How many drunko pictures of KVR and The Gang can exist on one server before it blows up? We should totally find out.


[UPDATE]: As I promised earlier, here’s some more pics of baby hadley of northern wisconsin.

Sunsuit hadley

morning happy girl

Pretty girl

Daddy's little fishergirl

cutie patootie

bouncie seat smiles

17 thoughts on “Rumsey’s New Do

  1. Oh rumsey it is cute!!!!! Sassy and sexy too, you’ve given me some inspiration, how do you like it? Can you put it up at all? Let me know I may follow suite shortly!

  2. my ball-sack-o-meter is reading “ankles!”…let me get my translation index out…hmmm…fuck it, i am pretty sure that equates to HOT AS FUCK!!

  3. i can recommend going shorter, yes! esp. with the thanks-to-global-warming heat these summer days.

  4. Rumsey–I love it too!!!! Super cute! Very sophisticated. I liked the long hair a lot, but this seems so… you!!!

    I bet lawman loves it!

    Also, for us it is the end of high speed internet. Tomorrow we move to the sticks and it will be dial up for us 🙁 I will send zach a couple pictures of Hadder b/c I’m sure that we won’t be able to upload shit for a long time.

  5. ktk: got the pics, but i’m not at home so i can’t upload right now. i’ll try to get it done this evening!

  6. Cal, you fucker. Make my dinger league trade happen you ball licker. I’d like to scoop you up in fudd’s long, loose sack and beat you with a bat.

  7. ktk and whazzmaster thanks for the photos, I’ve been meaning to ask for some. Wow is she the cutest little bundle of joy, she looks like she’s starting to get some of that baby chub!!! Oh I just wanted to reach through the screen and kiss her all over her little cute face. Good luck with the move guys, sorry about the dial up.

  8. ooh, glad “daddy’s little fishergirl” actually fits her (or did in this photo). i was worried that we should have gone with 3-6 mths size. that internet speed is going to take some getting used to but we all managed before, right? who am i kidding it will be super annoying but you will get used to it. ktk, will you have high speed at UW?

  9. The inimitable KVR has contacted me via FlickrMail. We are planning a “hook up” during the UW Mechanics Faire in Septiembre.

  10. well i hope you two old pals give us a call! KVR said that he lost his wedding pix so he’s glad to have so many from the whazzers. how do i upload photos/albums to your lutsen spectacular album, MP? i have lots of computer knowledge for editing and very little for everything else.

  11. request to be added to the group while logged in to your flickr account, then i’ll approve it and you can upload pictures. we’ll definitely give you a call in The Sep.

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