This is why Flickr Rules…

Lucha Dinner before the Fight!
Originally uploaded by JJ San.

I found this today while browsing the tag “lucha libre” on Flickr. Holy crap I wish I could have gone to that dinner, looks scrumptious and entertaining. Next time I come to San Dog can we do a lucha dinner?

65 thoughts on “This is why Flickr Rules…

  1. it will be on my now playing list…. i select it… and it already has 3 thumbs down… and i’m like… HOW. HOW DID This GET reCORDED. IT hAS 3 THUMBS DOWN. 3. HOW?!

  2. tomorrow i might take BOTH keyboards back and then pee on whoever is fortunate enough to have to listen to me. believe me. i have nothing else to do. 🙁

  3. i think they sell tivo at best buy so maybe i go, pee on the tivos, then complain and not pee on the humans. thats called finding a win-win-win. thats where we all win.

  4. all in preflop at final table… chip leader pot…went out 7th for couple twinkies. lame.

  5. Rum-hat, your pa want to kick it down in san dog while he’s in LA? Hit TJ? The tar pits? Let me know…

  6. Bye-bye Carlos Lee, I liked you for a while. guess we can throw that El Caballo bobblehead on the pile with Sexson, Pods, et. al. Thanks Brewers, for taking away another guy I liked. I understand why you did it and all, and maybe the 4 schmucks you got from Texas will be the next… uh… Bill Hall or whatever, but for MOTHERFUCKSSAKE GET THE FUCK RID OF JENKINS WHO NEVER DOES SHIT EXCEPT MISS PITCHES AND PICK DANDELIONS IN THE OUTFIELD.

    Miss Pitches would probably be a good name for a cat.

  7. This is a classic hate the game not the player moment, dude. What you gonna do? Lee wanted 5 years 75 million. We don’t have that kind of scratch, but I trust what Doug Melvin has been able to do with his trades. It sucks. Carlos was my favorite Brewer and all but… meow, meow, meow.

  8. Kevin Mench hit like 7 homers in 7 games this year and he has a huge mellon. So that’s cool.

  9. Dude, I said I understand the move. It doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed that the Brewers have essentially given up for the 14th consecutive season. But after all that, I can be content if not for the fact that Jenkins never seems to get the boot around this time of year. Where’s his production been since around, oh, 2002? BTW– hi Miss Pitches.

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