OY RAHEEB is Worldwide

I uploaded it, and now anywhere, anytime in the world you too can experience the delightful stylings of EXTREME COMEDIAN, The Madd Scientist (two D’s, you need to annunciate!)

26 thoughts on “OY RAHEEB is Worldwide

  1. i’m long kissin it cause i’m spliffin it with the gin n shit… unhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. here is what i’m having for dinner… long kiss sandwich on whole wheat $2 unlimited turbo rebuy and $5 cannonball all grain bread, with $100 added PL O8 freeroll sauce on the kiss. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HolllARIT! keYBoARLD>!?#%?# i AM NOT kiddING i AM HOldING THE SHIFT KEy doWN THE WHOLE TIME>>>> THIS IS JUST SILLY>

  3. you should save it with a different codec and re-upload it… if the spit take was crisp, i’d probably be getting billion dollar underwear ad deals flown to me by heliochopter. i of course would turn them down. i am not a sell out.

  4. you experience like 4 distinct flavorful notes that harmonize into nothing sort of like cotton candy, but it’s gone, but you still sense it… no alcohol taste at all… just PERFECTLY smooth.

  5. First you turn family guy and post a video of your kids dancing and now you’re baking child’s pie. Hulla but? Hella who? LLL?

    Baby, if you’re at work and you see this, I won 50 bucks playing poker. I put it in the checking. Pay for your CPR class.

    Yesterday a Spotbot. Today a CPR class.

  6. Ok. Madd and whazzmaster and anyone else (oneil it’s you’re birthday weekend). Sunday Aug 30th: Summerslam at my place. A raise of hands.

  7. this new country fucking pop song “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL”… fucking NO!. are we SERIouSLY promoting people “THRoW THEIR hANDS UP” (off of the steering wheel) and let our lord and savior “jesus, take the wheel”>!>!>!>!>>!?!?! fucking NO!. BITCH. DRIVE BITCH. FUCKING STEER OUT OF THE WAY. JESUS cANT STEER SHIT. DO NOT THROW YOUR HANDS UP AND CRASH HEaD ON WITH ME. BITCH, TURN. YOU YOU YOU turn. NOT JESUS TURN. KEEP YOUR fuCKING HANDS ON THE WHEEL AND STEER! god damn it. i am down for any vacation ever anywhere.

  8. Also, Lynn and Tim got a pug today. I’ll post a pic when I get one. I guess his name is turtle and he pukes a lot.

  9. I mean… wow. How could you make this up? Forrest Griffin in an early MMA match in Brazil vs Edson Paredao. Forrest comes out to heavy metal and he’s wearing a santa cap. He tosses gifts to the crowd. The ring girl has a HUGE caboose. Forrest KOs the dude, breaks his arm and at the end shakes his hand in a very kind manner.

  10. whoops. phone battery dead. check who won the 20 pl08 after the aussie. oh yeah. i’m back. HOLLLlARIT. also pimpin the rings. good day. i saw “CAL HEARTS PEANUTS” on the goodyear blimp.

  11. is turtle from parker’s lot? then the pups may be blood-related in addition to cousins-by-adoption? my parents’ most recent dog is their last dog’s great great cousin or some shit. awww, i remember when parker came home from the puppy farm. he was just a squirt. how time flies.

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