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I’m posting this from within TextMate on my back-to-life iBook. Yesterday I went and bought a copy of Tiger (Mac OSX 10.4) and got it working on my old-as-hell iBook. The wireless is still broke, but now that I have wired internet access in my home it’s not that much of an issue. Whizz, my friends, whizz.

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  1. i am an apple girl and i love love LOVE my two macs. i am one of those apple freaks who believes in the power. hey, so far so good–no viruses, no frozen screens, no pop ups, no bullshit. worth the investment.

  2. does anyone use vonage? if you do, you are an idiot. it is a simple hardware hack to let you use your own phone to do voip calls…. if you have skype (a freely downloadable piece of software), you can do this for free already. if you want to connect to real 10 digit phone numbers, you can…. so whatever… this company is trying to get rich on owning a market that doesn’t exist. from their latest earnings report “Revenue was $143.4 million, short of Wall Street’s forecast of $148.3 million.” blah blah blah…. “Vonage’s marketing costs were $90 million in the second quarter,”. wow. HELLLLLLLLO. McFlY… this company spends around $300 for each customer it gets. thats is like years of service before they break even… but thats the thing… the “service” doesn’t exist… it’s just imaginary. if this was a GOOD idea that people SHOULD pay for, then vonage could just harnass their user base, build a community web site, and set up refer a friend offers for goods and services at partner companys. if you gave people a $100 gift card anywhere to refer their friend if it rEALLY is a good deal is trivial. the thing is… it isn’t. they are admitting every quarter that passes where they spend $90 million on random marketing to draw in more zombies. stock debuted at 17, right away dropped to like 7 and has shat ever since. these fuckers are going down hard. not quite sure what “shorting” a stock is… but if i did… i would totally “shorting” the shit of this company. NO. ChAncE. like fucking dynex keyboards: SHIT.

  3. i mean a fucking keyboard isn’t a simple thing… there are a ton of parts. the manufacturing of these things must be very very complex. SOMeWHERE in THE FUCKING WORLD… there is a HUGE FaCTORY. that day in and day out makes these fucking keyboards. these shitty good for nothing keyboards. DYNEX BRAND keyBOARDS. how did THAT HAPPEN?!#% didN’T ANYONE aCTuALLY STOP aND use one of THEM? this is just hilarious to me. i am not trying to do that… it is really that shitty. thats why it’s hard to stop saying how shitty it is in caps cause it just makes me want to keep saying how shitty it is because it is just that shitty. fucking dynex vonage bullshit. you know what else sucks? kenosha.

  4. kenosha is good for 3 fucking things.
    1) playing college student.
    2) playing teacher to students playing college students.
    3) playing pool.

    oh, 1 more, providing a buffer between the illinois stink. 4 fucking things. kenosha you suck.

  5. hateful, why so much hate on kenosha? i hate kevin jones or whoever that fuck is that wrote those clerks movies, but not an entire county full of peeps. again, why the hate?

  6. cause it’s raytown for life… 40’s weed and ice…
    so if you claimin k town, i’mma take your life.

  7. kenosha also had a ton of motorcycle gangs, but i think they fall under “3) play pool”

  8. there is absolutely no tactical advantage to live in kenosha other than “i want to commit crimes in chicago, and then get out of state to sleep, and store my shit, and play pool”

  9. also, really think about how vonage is leveraging all the other tech companies technology to provide a trivial “recipe” of those technologies to the consumer that is already buying the groceries. and the only reason they are able to do this is because the government made all the network companies lose all the leverage to their own networks and let these idiots come in and rape the consumer. then to make up for it, the government kicks back to the original companies with tax payer money once again fucking the consumer. and why? because Ma Bell made a product that the people wanted and couldn’t live without. thanks for stepping in government and raping us two fold to ensure we don’t MAYBE get raped once. doesn’t anyone else realize how silly this is?!#% are we still pretending that the full potential of the internet doesn’t exist? it’s already here. the age is upon us. vonage will mark the end. mark my words. when vonage disappears, the new world will begin to flower.

  10. here is a very good analogy. insteady of buying envelopes and stamps to send a letter… you don’t have to.. i mean, who buys envelopes and stamps? why should you have to? YOU DONT! now just buy vonage stampylopes, that’s right, envelopes with stamps on them. and best of all, they are only $1 each! AWESOME! do you get it yet? god vonage is dumb. why do they make $150 million every 3 months? that is ridiculous. america: you are dumb.

  11. that popozou shit is a club banger. fo real. haha, NOT! like from waynes world. hehe.

  12. you certainly gave it your best to take over the sidebar. I will stop you. IN other news, Chad Vader ep 2 was kinda awful I turned it off halfway through. how did you like Clerks 2? Did it give you a boner to watch retards swearing at each other in extended soliloquies? hurray!

  13. didn’t even make it… passed out on my couch. rach-o bought a new chair for our livingroom so we have room for guests she imagines. 11 fuckin hundo. does that seem too high? marriage is a hustle.

  14. i counter splurged and got a 4 pack of the hebrew national dinner franks. jews make fucking delicious hot dogs. oh christ. i swear whatever that kosher guy does… man… awesome. so what does a 4 pack run? 11 hundo.

  15. Hmm. I’ve still got my G4 for my audio stuff, but it seems that I went mostly PC right around when Macs became cool again. Go figure.

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