Just had a small earthquake while I was sitting here working on my Rails app. A bit unsettling after all these years in California; it’s kinda weird when you’re sitting on the 3rd floor and it feels like a giant hand is rocking the building ever so slightly.

By the way, Scientist, I don’t know if you ever ended up watching the Firefly series on DVD, but I found something else you might be interested in. I’d heard lots of good stuff about the new Battlestar Galactica series on SciFi channel so I bought the miniseries on DVD. It’s pretty decent, and they actually tell a somewhat logical story given the background. I’d recommend picking up the miniseries DVD, and if you like it get the first season DVD later.

Finally, I had my Intuit review this week and got a promotion. I’m now a Senior Software Engineer, which is cool. It also just so happens that July 9th was my five year anniversary with Intuit. Five years ago roundabouts wwhazz, samahama, and rock chalk escorted me out of Madison and into California. It’s been a long, strange road whazzmaster. Thanks for being there with me…

whizz whazz

111 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE!

  1. hey guys… 20 plo8… 9 left… guess which place i’m in? yup. yesterday i got 2nd in one of them… 2nd is too painful to even brag about, and i didn’t even make more than that yurbo finish (congrats), so whatever. but i’m still PLO8 champ of the world about to reign fear on all those that would oppose me.

  2. should i sell out and write a book? i could seriously summerize my entire strategy and nearly ANY situation that would come up in like 50 pages. so i say on every other page, a picture of me doing something whacky.

  3. the title… “MADD SCIENTIST PRESENTS: POT LIMIT OMAHA HI/LO SPLIT 8 QUALIFIER” the subtitle… “how to beat this silly silly game”. if anyone in whazz land will front me $10,000… i’ll write the book and give you the rights to publish. i’ll also do 50 whacky things and let you photograph me… you know… for the book.

  4. i sort of have a pet/wildlife story as well… yesterday we took Q for a walk around the lake like a mile away… we ran into one of those tiny little tree toads… like no more than a cm in any dimension, but the complexity of those little guys is crazy… it’s like… you’re the size of a flea, but you’re like a fully functional toad. just like a big toad. way to go little guy. then quincy fuckin stomped it. GO QUincy! hOLLLARIT!

  5. BOOM. and i win again. people. i am not joking. i have a strange gift. the gift of domination. HOLLllllARIT

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