Do You See Me?

If you see this post, then you’re seeing the new site live. Have a look around, I’m sure none of my old links work anymore. However, I now have a little search box that might work to find what you’re looking for. You can create a user if you’d like, and I’m sure I’m going to get spam immediately so I’ll have to hunt down a plugin for that, but overall I think the new digs are better than the old ones. The management console is better, anyways.

18 thoughts on “Do You See Me?

  1. wow i didn’t know where i was for a minute, looks great whazzmaster. at work for the last night before eight days off, wow i wish it were 7 am. hello to my husband if you’re our there.

  2. Oh my god, when you submit a comment you don’t have to refresh to see it! IT WORKS! HOLY SHIT! Someone tell the madd sciezzer. It looks like the DNS servers on the west coast have got the update if Timmah and belly can see; as soon as Scientist posts his inaugural poker story we’ll be ready to roll.

  3. yuck i just read that story about aeadena nd the mouse, ewwwwww, good thing it wasn’t Hadley and the mouse. I am glad that Parker doesn’t hunt anything and that he gave up eating worms.

  4. yes he did when he was a puppy, sometimes we tease him about it, but he’s pretty embarrassed. MP where’s your GF, she doesn’t answer her phone lately, has she been working a lot? I have to put in my schedule for October already and am not sure if she’s coming to san dog

  5. bah, playing the 20 PLo8 in 37. i am so tired i shouldn’t, but i have cheddarwurst in the fridge and cold soda. with “beddar cheddar”. gross.

  6. I can not stop thinking about Rock Doctor. Emily, please ask you father if I may help. People love these doctor shows and this one is going to be the greatest ever because one half the patients are rock stars.

  7. Like, if your dad has a meeting in LA and it’s not super important, he could send me, and I would take notes.

  8. Or if they want to start an episode playing “Bad to the Bone” and edit that in with your dad acting decieivly GOOD to the bone or some other ironic manner like he’s wearing shades and the song is playing but this guy is NOT bad to the bone, I’d say: no. I’d instead opt for a quiet scene.

    Scene: An elementary school holiday concert.

    The doctor swings in late and sits next to his wife, gives her hand a firm squeeze which she returns. He’s late because his testicular examination on some Rap/Metal Kid Rock-clone took longer than expected.

    Doctor: Did I miss it?
    Wife: No they are up next.
    Doctor: Good.

    Cut to the stage where the little Emily one gives her dad a secret wave. Cut to pop. He smiles.

  9. Emily, please. Just mention it to him. Maybe don’t mention the goofing around. I really do want to help and if I did, I could add a line to my resume and then I could apply at the WWE because I would have TV experience.

  10. Bellygirl, you and I should go into business selling animal breath mints that mask the smell of worms and mice. It’s a million dollar idea, baby!

  11. good morning ktk, that sounds splendid, i’ll leave work now…where do you guys live now? do you want to know one of the cool things about working nights. when you give your patient’s baths you can watch saved by the bell. there’s like five episodes in a row for awhile. only two hours to go to eight days off, yeeeeehaaaaaaw. and my husband did all of the cleaning for our guests from WISCO, what a man.

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