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What’s your favorite novel, and make a case for it. Like, not just that it made you giggle once but that it altered your outlook on something in your life; whether you still believe in the revelation today or not.

Mine: I want to say Vandover and The Brute, but my revelation there was not so much something about life but something about the construction of literature itself (as in, the act of authoring).  Instead, I may have to go with a nonfiction book such as Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.  It brutally deconstructs the way that humanity has, for centuries, invoked superstition and religion to fill the gaps of human knowledge.  I still read it every so often when I want to see Carl Sagan call alien-abduction advocates “crazy”.

That may not be the best example, but it informed my rational outlook on life and so it did affect me.  McTeague: I love, and love reading it, but did it affect me personally? I’m not sure.

And you?

30 thoughts on “Whazzmaster.com Literary Corner

  1. sorry to be so trite: the great gatsby. it’s got present day america wrapped up in a nutshell 80 years before its time. east egg, west egg, midwest rocks! new money kills the spirit and old money kills the heart. what a fan fucking tastic book. wirkus, you’ll appreciate this. my dad used to get such a high off of F. Scott that he researched where the dude used to live in STP and moved into that exact apartment hoping to write with the good juju of the past around him.

  2. friday aug 18th, arrive 10:51pm. monday aug 21st, leave 1:57pm. better call stevey-e in advance. HOLLLLLLARiT.

  3. new money kills the spirit and old money kills the heart…. so true. that is why i want it all. HOLLLLLlARIT

  4. GMC and Bliggity Blaine were planning on taking a romantic car trip down the coast to TJ the same weekend. When I told him that Steven would be present (along with myself and the madddddddddddddd) he said ‘oh shit!’ Hopefully they’ll stop by on their way to a donkey show.

  5. the sneak out friday / call in late monday move is one the easiest in the book. in fact, that is the TITLE of the book, which just happens to be my favorite novela.

  6. The novel question is a tough one. Shit… Nine Stories made me want to write, so I’ve spent a lot of dooolars and hours because of that book. But now when I read it, I’m kinda not as impressed.

    I’ll ride with Hemingway til I die, but I’m not even sure which of his is my favorite.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a finer novel than Lolita… Lolita?

    Hmmmmmmmm…Confederacy of Dunces convinced me to move to the dirty, dirty, so that’s gotta be in contention, but at the same time, my boner is hardest when I get my hands on Rick Bass and Jim Harrison when it comes to being purely entertained.

    But even last month I read King of a Small World by Rick Bennet and that really gelled with my current poker playing lifestyle and is one incredible and underrated novel.

    And Norris… Frank Norris… damn.

    Fuck. Just mark me down for Confederacy. I love its gentle nihilism AND it makes me giggle. The back story about how it came to be published breaks my heart and if I could magically bed one lady from literature it would be Myrna Minkoff. HOLLARIT!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fuck, I done forgot Condfederacy. grunt. Wwhazz, you make things complicated. ION, Stacy’s been looking for you, belly. She’s been trying to call for awhile but you never answer. I told her it’s because she smells but I think she needs to hear it from you personally. I bought her a “Hey Dude” t-shirt last night… so, uh, yeah, you can buy “Hey Dude” t-shirts on the internet. Database looked like it was down momentarily last night, so sorry to anyone who stopped by.

  8. MUSP = multi-user structured play! test with 15 people and see if shit crashes. VISTA YOU HARLOT!

  9. what if in the future, wwhazz’s novelas are so famous that someone wants to live in his apartment, but they can’t because the corporate owns the buildings, so they have to find themselves a bellgirl to get the job just so they can stay where you stayed. for the juju. man, i really doubt that happens. they’d probably just live on regent st.

  10. Holllarit! 21st in the Long Kiss for a Boooble. QQ to AA. Saweeeeeeet. In other news, party just made my 3 turbos 11$ instead of 6$. I’m in all three. One cash is guranteeed.

  11. Good morning, sunshine! It’s up and off to work for good ol’ Zach Moneypenny. Back to the software mines for me; we’ve got a release coming up (YA HEARD?) After that it’s time for some honest-to-god time off with the family in Wisconsin and some soul searching… I may also listen to Soul Survivor.

  12. the dirty dog is still on the agenda though? is the agenda still on the agenda? shit, i’d go. HOLLlllLLLARIT

  13. the more i explore youtube, the more i realize how right they did everything. the more i explore myspace, the more i realize how wrong they did everything. i encourage all whazzers to sign up for youtube, and link us all together. then, as far as digital content distribution and sharing, we are set. HOLLLARIT. then i’ll start making new videos. videos that will BLOW your MIND.

  14. there is a bug in this software… when you make your link, in the preview area it includes the close quotes for the URL… so instead of yahoo.com it’s yahoo.com”. piece of untested shit.

  15. a guy named jamie gold won the world series of poker a couple days ago. i swear if moneypenny played he would win. all you need is the name, and fate takes over.

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