Busy, Busy, Busy

Things continue to be busy at work as the QuickBooks 2007 release schedule winds down.  I’ll be working all this weekend in order to be able to slip out of the bay area next weekend undetected so’s I can watch Slumberslam 06 down in San Dog.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on about a thousand lucha libre masks; can I mortgage my non-existant house to get a little bit of extra funding?  Seriously, one mask for every day of the year.

I’m finishing up the first season of Battlestar Galactica and it’s pretty good.  Like Firefly, it’s nice to see a Sci-Fi show that doesn’t treat its viewers like mongrel idiots.  Reccommended to anyone who watches the miniseries and likes it.

I’ve got my plane tickets for the September trip to Wisconsin.  I’ll be flying into Milwaukee September 9th and flying out of Madison on September 22nd.  The last three days of the trip I’ll be doing Intuit recruiting at Wisconsin.  For the thousands of  Wisconsin college grads interested in getting a job at Intuit who are reading this, please come correct on the mic.  Don’t come whack on some old school crap, or whatever. I want to hear about good software engineering skills and discipline. I want to hear about unit tests, about design patterns, and about iterative design and development.  I don’t care if you’ve never used .Net, or Java, or whatever (though if you’ve used Ruby on Rails I might want to take you out and pick your brain).  Basically, prove to me that I wouldn’t want to shove an icepick through my own skull if I reccommended you for hire and you ended up working on my very own team.

I’m bringing my HOLLLARDOLLLARS to San Dog, how many lucha libre masks will they buy?

60 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. who else would go to this screening? can i yell? will other people be yelling? is it going to be insane? is this a cultural revolution? am i the only person here? is this movie really just sam j shouting “AHHHHH! mother fucking snakes on the mother fucking plane! AHHHHHHHH!” i don’t know if i can miss it. uh oh… 5th of 36 in a 30 plo8…. grrrrr… now we’re talking sacrafice………….. and with gas prices…………………… man this is fun to watch.

  2. what would really piss me off is if sam j did a series of interviews next week like, damn y’all dumb… like fo real y’all dropped 2 hundo on the mill tip on a movie called SNAKES on a motha fuckin plane. HAHAHAHAH, YOU’RE GOD DAMN RIGHT THE MOVIE SUCKED, AND HOPE YOU BURN IN HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. is it even possible to be good? is it possible to be bad? what if it’s great? how could it be great? he’s gotta be bullshittin’…. MUST. FIND. OUT. i mean, come on… 2 more urges to go.

  3. unless i bomb out of this tourney, i’m not going, but i might go to the theater when it lets out and gauge the reaction of the departing crowd. i’m that insane.

  4. the even crazier part is the marketing company is probably monitoring the “blogosphere” as they themselves called it in interviews, so perhaps tomorrows propeganda will be based on this very statement of query. on a mother fucker plane. this mother fucker made a convincing IT professional chacter in jurassic park. he out hacked newman… and now he’s on a mother fucking plane, and it’s packed to the fucking gills with mother fucking snakes. WANNA WATCH MOTHER FUCKER?! … yes.

  5. whats up you blog postin, internet mother fuckers?! sam jackson in yo face, and on yo screen! be it LCD or CRT, or holographic mother fuckin 3d star wars shit, LET ME hOLllA! i caught yo blog on google, your boy maddddddddddd is madddddddddddd tite. HOLllllLLARIT! man, dynex keyboards suck. AHHHHh! SNAKES MOTHER FUCKER!

  6. right now, a mile from my home, there is a theater full of people watching snakes. on a plane.

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