I dropped lots of lots of revelations with few details in the last post so I want to clear things up.  I told my manager on Monday that I intend to move back to Wisconsin and while I would like to continue to work for Intuit, I was moving regardless.  He was generally accepting of the idea of me working remote from Wisconsin, but there aren’t any timelines or anything.  We have a few more weeks until we ship QuickBooks 2007 and I didn’t expect anything to happen before then. After that, however, I wanted to get my stuff moved back so I don’t end up driving cross-country in the snow.  I intend to move to Madison, and most likely I’ll be living downtown.

So why am I doing it?  Everyone at work certainly wants to know, and while I don’t think I necessarily owe Intuit an in-depth response I ‘ve worked it out for myself so I’ll share it here.

It’s been a rough year for me, whazzmaster.com.  After I resigned myself to the divorce I threw myself into 3 things: getting healthy, my job, and later on my relationship with Stacy.  The more time went by, however, the lonelier I grew.  I see GMC infrequently.  I never see Cal.  Judd and Amanda are justifiably busy these days.  None of these are indictments of those people, it’s just that as we get older peoples’ priorities change.  So now I’m burnt out on work, and I talk to my girlfriend on the phone several times a week but only see her once a month or less.  I miss seeing my family more than once or twice a year; I miss being able to go to family reunions or just be home for someone’s birthday.  And to be truthful I’m a little burnt out on California, which is a bit of a surprise to me.  I think I may end up here again before I croak, but for now I’d like an extended stay in the midwest.

So that’s about it; I don’t know any specifics but I’m almost certain I’ll be back in Madison by the holidays.  If I continue with Intuit I’ll still be making regular trips out to the Bay Area for meetings and such, and of course while I’m out here visiting I wanna kick it with the California Krew.  But that’s where I stand today: burned out on California and anxious to be back in the motherland.  Can I get a what-what?

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  1. if intuit already sends you to madison to recruit graduates and you feel you need to screen them and want to be in madison anyways…………. well…. to me the best move is get in with the university and get some government grants to do software reasearch and get a team of undergrads to work for you, make you that money, maybe actually contribute to the scientific community (eh… doubtful, but existant) and in the end intuit gets the cream of the crop and first hand insight about some new software gizmo or whatever that the state paid R&D on and is happy to do so because the undergrads tuition was triple the grant! if you need me for grant work of any kind, ANYONE, i am IN. grants are awesome.

  2. 1. You already know my thoughts on “Home Boy”.

    2. Madd’s plan seems very nice. Madd, could you post a plan for me?

    3. Morning@#T}%… very funny. Like, I guffawed.

  3. Damn, UFC. Yesterday you give a UFC Unleashed with the Ortiz/Griffin fight and today you give me a very well put together UFC Fight Night Live and Ultimate Fighter 4. Um… thank you and, yes, I will order the next PPV. Holllarit.

  4. whazzmaster you can get a what what from belly for your thoughts on moving back. Even though wwhazz and I haven’t been out here a year I totally see that family thing. i honestly was not home sick until like two weeks ago. and it’s not too bad, but if i really get to thinking about things you may see a tear or two. BUT I am going home for the first time to WISCO in less than two weeks. I figure that will either it make it better or way worse, we’ll seee. besides I do want to get going back to school soon so i can make even more money to support my husband’s habbits. naawww just kidding some day my baby’s gonna be on TV for the WSOP. you’ll see.

  5. madd maybe you can go after surfing lessons we live right across the street from one, cross your fingers.

  6. What-what.

    Congrats on moving back–I’m glad it went well with the company, too.

    If you are back in time for September 9th, we’re having a BBQ 🙂 That goes for you too, belly.

  7. what what that’s cool it’ll be great to be back in madison… and this place will probably fall into the ocean shortly… anyway before you leave we’ll hang out! later whazzmaster.com!

  8. Hey Zach…
    I know this is random but I just read your post and I can’t believe your moving back to the big W. I totally respect and understand the reasons for your move but its wierd because we both started at Intuit at the same time… it’ll be wierd not to run into you. I live close to my family here in the Bay and can’t imagine seeing them only a few times a year so I’m sure it’ll be nice to have your loved ones around. I wish you the best and I am glad you are following your heart on this one. Hopefully there will be a huge goodbye party before you leave!

    Much Love!

  9. Hey Big Kahuna, what is your flight number? Post it and I will be there will bells and a lucha libre mask on. And I’ll try to steal some skrill from my wife’s wallet, so we can go to the card room. 100$ buy in NL? Or we can get on with a Mexican outfit and fish for Humbolt squid… or we can go downtown to a roof top bar and spit on people.

    In poker news, I got a little mojo back last night and nailed a 10$ sng, a 30-man 5$ turbo, and a 5$ sng all at the same time. But this still put me at -30$ on the night.

    Cal, you are missing summerslam. Missing it. But don’t fret. I think madd knows a bar in San Jose that’s showing it, so jog your ass over there, creep. Also, you promised us a marathon recap and a Eastern Euro recap. Chop, chop.

  10. indeed indeed. my flight is NWA flight 191. i bought a sun country ticket for the fucking cheeseburger, and they switched me to fucking strike happy no room for tall dudes NWA and didn’t let me pick a seat.

  11. i seriously think i would be a natural surfer…. just one big economic system. in theory.

  12. sounds like ya’ll are going to have a gay ole time out there. too bad we are broke as FUCK or i’d send aaron to celebrate 3-0 in style. the credit cards, the credit cards. damned those rockin’ hollywoods and fancy wedding photographer!

  13. Griffin vs. ortiz happened months ago. ultimate fight night was gay. horrible fighting from top notch fighters.

  14. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I didn’t get to see Ortiz/Griffin, and up until last Wednesday, there was no way to see it. Ultimate Fight Night was not gay. I think it’s hard to put on topnotch cards (heck, even wrestling, which is fake, cannot do it on a consistent basis) but they are trying and it’s getting better. Plus it’s free.

  15. i’m getting excited for summerslam with all my homies that flew in. I’m off in t-minus four hours. let’s move along little doggie. you boys still up in Mission Valley?

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