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  1. you guys ever heard of bump keys? holy christ is this nation insecure. my modesty doesn’t allow me to explain the details.

  2. Write about Fly Fishing
    Reply to: job-194436921@craigslist.org
    Date: 2006-08-15, 9:27AM PDT

    We are a well known fly fishing online publication looking for writers to contribute 1-2 times a month in the following categories: news, product reviews, travel, skills and strategy, and humor.

    Payment is $50-300/article and is based on quality and length.

    If you are both an experienced writer and angler, please send submissions and or story proposals.

  3. The above job app was for KCar. Also, KTK, ask him if he wants to join steven’s fantasy football league. Whazzmazz you want in.

  4. 1. Nice job.
    2. Yeah, madd’s wang.
    3. Saw that Drunkest City bit, I’m not buyin’ it.
    4. WDYT of the card plugin?
    5. WTF RE: bump keys. I’m scared for my life now; thanks sceizzer.

  5. well over 90% of locks in this country, including “kwikset” and pretty much anything with a tumbler mechanism can be opened in seconds, without destroying the lock, and without leaving evidence of break in. it’s pretty much just a blank key with slots for the pins, put it in the lock, “BUMP” it with a wooden spoon or pretty much anything, and poof, lock open. also note: insurance only pays off on burglary if there is evidence of break in. the real question is, are we far enough from tijuana, so that when lucha vendor #218 goes out of business thanks to WM’s mass import, he switches to selling bump keys that make it back to the states and open your door. granted, anyone could go to ANY hardware store, buy the stanrdard looking house key i’m sure 90% of us use, make their own with a small file using instructions found linked to from slashdot and then go on their way breaking into houses. so the real question is: what if we had NO locks? and if the answer to that is different than what we have now, then we are all morons.

  6. i was digging around youtube and founds tons of dudes in suburbia showing off there new SKILLZzzl. also, there was a safe/locksmith guy that used bump keys to get into his own store. “all mechanical locks are inherently flawed”…. don’t i know it…. after lunch hour at pizzark, you know i was the homie letting you the back after booots done locked it down. why? because it’s more convienient for me, and in my opinion stupid for you to stop me. HOLLLLLARIT. asshole fo life!

  7. I googled it and found a video on YouTube of some German guy explaining it. They came to a part in the video when the interviewer says, “Shouldn’t these be illegal?” The german guy (a hobbyist lockpicker who thinks bump keys suck because it takes the skill out of lockpicking) responds, “What do you do, make keys illegal?” They say, “But these keys can be used to break into homes.” He responds, “So can screwdrivers and saws, you going to make those illegal too?” Brilliant. What this should force is a re-evaluation of how we protect ourselves and our belongings, but it will most likely result in a War on BumpKeys costing the US millions.

  8. only because of the ridiculous nature of the question. lengthwise every dick is bigger and girthwise every dick is smaller, so the comparison is flawed… and if it’s a ruse to get me running around naked, i don’t seem to do that anymore…. so, your answer is 5, dicks.

  9. Exactly, dr. 4nyay just last night confused the old Runnin-around-with-his-dick-flappin Madd Scientist with the new Just-says-his-wang-is-5-cans Madd Scientist. BG was probably hoping for the former, whereas I was happy for the latter.

  10. the solution to my wang size is still up in the air… still confused why it’s growing in rediculousity.

  11. the bad news is that i barely remember the miller lite madd’s penis discussion, it sounds intriguing. i would like rach-ho to weigh in on that one, hoenstly and truthfully rach-ho in cans of miller lite how big is your hubby’s schlong?

  12. whazzmaster i’m looking at your pics of our wedding at work again, thanks for providing me some entertainment.

  13. oh no it doesn’t work anymore with the new website- arrrrrrggggghhhhhhh- I take my gratitude back… guess i’ll read some rick bass wwhazz has gotten me into.

  14. Hey. Thanks wwhazz for the k-car related stuff. Message relayed. Hadley is at day care for her first half-day. I cried on the way there. 🙁

  15. Also, when you saw the flikr thing, what image did you look up? Strangely, I decided to look up Abe Lincoln. And guess what… there are pictures of Abe Lincoln. Go figure.

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