Lucha Lounging

Lucha Lounging
Originally uploaded by Whazzmaster.

Pictures from BG and wwhazz have been added to my Flickr stream so’s I could post them to whazzmaster. Here’s one of the many gems from SummerSlam 2006: Lucha’s Revenge! BTW– Rey-Rey lost to Chavo. Sad Face.

7 thoughts on “Lucha Lounging

  1. Let’s get this out in the open: I’m riding with Pluto til I die. I’ll strip cal of his tiddy whities before I strip Pluto of it’s status as a planet.

  2. Allow me to retort: Pluto can go to frozen shitty little frozen ball hell and die there. And while it writhes in its final moments I want to be there to piss on it. Hopefully the piss will freeze, an eternal monument to the stupid galactic equivalent of a snowball you keep in your freezer until June. Then I’ll put it under my bed and then have sex on that bed while Pluto is beneath. Fuck Pluto. Seriously. I never liked the planet and I certainly never liked that stupid mutt that Disney trots out when it wants to kick ol’ Walt’s corpse for a few more pennies. Eat shit and die, Pluto. You. Are. No. Friend. Of. Mine.

  3. good morning good morning, almost done with work and off to the Del Mar Horse RAces, Wwhazz promises to win us big money. We may be attending a UFC paperview at Camp Pendleton as well. We’ll keep you posted.

  4. well gang, we are off to a nazi rally. no joke. moneypenny, you’re moving back after all the crazy shit happens man. NAZI RALLY on the capitol square. 1pm, be there or be square. i’m bringing 2 cameras. we’ll see what happens…

  5. i’ll tell you what happens because i live in modern day america and have for many years. no one gives a shit unless you fuck with their paper. so the nazi ANNOUNCE?!?!? that they will be on capital square…. uh… who are you announcing to? potential new members? bah. really? you just want to feel special? you want everyone with dark skin to feel dominated? whatever your goals, you wont achieve them. BUT BUT BUT. in a world where someone is stupid enough to do this, there are 50 times as many people ready to react twice as dumb… dumb dumb dumb dumb… thanks e-40 for chiming in… i was just talking about people like you… no no, not funky and balleristic, just the dark skin. no, homie, you know i’m down. HOLLLLLLLLLARIT. anyways, the resistance is guaranteed to be stronger, or at least the ANNOUNCEMENT of resistance. so now we have an announcement of presence and an announcement of resistance and thats when all the store folk and home owners and lease holders of capitol buildings start getting nervous and calling in favors and charging up deflector arrays. now anyone capable of understanding what an announcement is, and is capable of making one, is also capable of receiving one, so the nazi dudes know all this and they have a choice of showing up or not. if they don’t, it doesn’t really matter…. i mean, that’s america terrorism… non violent distribution of chaos. and what are you going to charge them with? freedom of religion and freedom of speech are very powerful tools of terrorism that we can’t stop. they don’t show but tons of people are negatively affected and communal resources are spent with no gain and no enemy other than fear. then option 2… the pure balls option. show up on schedule. and BRING IT. if you show up and don’t BRING IT, then you’re already dead. i mean these people came to see what sort of changes you are proposing and how you think you have the power to implement them, if you just show up whining, no one will listen. i mean… hasn’t madison seen this 10000000 times before? if you show up and bring it, cops show up, and bring tear gas. then you leave. then people talk about how lame you are for 10 years. so it’s a lose lose lose unless you just don’t show up, which is pure genius SORT OF…. but in the end ruins rumseys day… hard to photograph an idea.

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