I logged into my BetOnBet account today and found out that they switched off the PokerRoom network and onto one that sucks shit. When did that happen? Scientist, have you played on the new network? There were barely any games running.

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  1. i was super excited about the switch because for affiliates and volume players it was basically going to double my perks, but then it sucks shit. i think i posted here about it …. but yeah, shittiest software ever… like nearly unusable… at what point did the guy programming this try it out and think… GOOD TO GO!? bah. no games going when i first logged in. “FUCK THIS”

  2. the real outcome of the nazi rally… what did police do? just deny the counter protesters the right to come in contact with the nazis… stay 300 yards away or i will hit you… uh… done and done cop. should cops do this? i mean this rally is stupid and the people doing are stupid and the people supporting it are stupid and the people fighting it are barely less stupid, so they shouldn’t be there, but technically they do have a right, but technically if they don’t come in contact there isn’t any real problem, so it neutralizes it, and it’s a really smart solution i suppose granted my assumptions in the previous thread… but should cops have that preemptive power? i’m not sure.

  3. and if i’m a nazi speaker, am i mad that people that might oppose me aren’t allowed to hear me and possibly convert? do we care what nazi’s think? what about nazi’s that contribute millions in taxes? do we care any more what they think? what if they taught kids to read… then? they oppose the war and illegal immigration, genius talking points to stir shit up nazis, but what ever happened to genocide? are we just done with that? i thought that was your “thing”… oh well…. guess the nazi’s sold out. fucking lamos.

  4. why would any nazi oppose a war that wasn’t against them? these fuckers are complete posers, and i fucking DARE them to bring it. they wont. guaranteed. lets just snuff them. HOLLLLLLARIT. fuckers.

  5. i’ll tell you maddd, the weirdest part about the nazi rally was the 300 cops in riot gear. and the horses in full riot gear. it was a bit overkill. they looked sillier than the nazis themeselves.

  6. seriously, lets say ALLLLLL of these dudes show up out front of your house. are you scared? not me…. i mean, look at their heil’s…. all uneven and shit. some dudes ain’t even rockin swastikas… these guys are supposed to be organized enough to even slow me down? doubt it. and cut your hair faggot… nice hat. and just in case you like google… madison. neo-nazi. rally. nazi. nazis. fat ass mommas boy with multiple juggulars looking frumpy as fuck while he willingly gives away his life. fag. i OWN you.

  7. whoops. forgot to end my link tag. now everything sends you to nazis. just like they would want it. bah. hey, you know whats gayer than nazis? neo-nazis.

  8. yeah rumsey, exactly… the whole think just didn’t jibe well with me. it just doesn’t seem right. none if it makes sense unless everyone is an idiot, and in the end it just gives “law enforcement” more power because of a perceived job well done. this gets out of control and suddenly it’s the cops DUTY, perhaps ONLY DUTY to seek out crime before it happens and stop it. it’s just silly. another case of moral chinese finger trap…. this solution could only help them theoretically, and the solution to let protesters do whatever they want UNTIL they break a law could only hurt the nazis and/or people and possessions in the area. i’d rather you let someone come up and punk these dudes out than keep them away… but maybe the cops are counting on me to punk them out online now because these werent allowed direct access… WHO KNOWS. there are a million possibilitys this could play out and none of them are good for almost anyone. desperate people are really really really dumb. remember, fat ass hatboy, i didn’t say shit about you until you put that arm band on. HOLLLARIT.

  9. wait, these are MINNEAPOLIS nazis???? why the christ would minneapolis nazis go to madison? different state, so you’re not doing it for political reasons. i’ve never ever ever seen a swastikuh (spelled wrong just to piss off that fat fuck who is still reading… hey fucker, i live in your town. and i’m ready to strike. you? you can’t see me.) anyways i think i’m mid sentance, but they haven’t even dented minneapolis, so they aren’t on a mission building shit or whatever… they are nothing. this is a 100% PR stunt. whose PR stunt? who knows. i might start fucking with these people locally… they are so logically flawed that someone NEEDS to. you’re getting shamed, fuckers. nazi? no reason. madison? no reason. announcing it? no reason. this is how freedom of speech and freedom of religion combine to form columbian pure terrorism. and if you don’t believe me, ask one of the horses in riot gear. oh, and i bet you’re poor fatass. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  10. the reference (and implied reminder of past) halloweens is also curious. i wouldn’t be surprised if madison police in some way convinced this group to come to town just to flex their muscles in the reminder of their needed (?) presence during halloween festivities. perhaps it’s budget renewal time? maybe the riot gear is leased and they want some play out of it? look cops… don’t get your feelings hurt if you didn’t do this… my suggestion is a lot better than you impeding constitional rights in the name of possible maintained… peace? i mean… come on. shit like this just confuses the shit out of me with all of the broadcast ignorance.

  11. and what about the too cool for school moby looking nazi (that is so wrong, but hilarious), foakleys and an unfaded shirt with no swast. first day? just here for the chicks? queer.

  12. rumsey, how long do you think it was between the time the photographer of that picture (MORRY GASH) saw that jokester of a fatass nazi, realized he was the perfect public face of this organization to shame them, before he (she? morry… come on… name change time… morry gash? are you like a bloodlust porn star or something? may i suggest a name? Bernard Snapshot. you’re welcome) took that shot of that kid with dollar signs in his (her) face…. i mean. too perfect. BERNARD. my man. (morry, hey, i’m talking to you… try and keep up… you’re bernard now) let me help you with some business… notice that link above… the news service is distributing copies of your photos without giving you credit… sure they are credited in the story, but as you can see B-man, any chump can link to them never giving you credit. time to buy a suit, homie. a LAW suit. heADSHOT!

  13. time for watermark credits… i mean… come on… dynamic watermark credits are TRIVIAL. one line of code. function_name(image path, text, location values, optional font values (size, color)), boom, done…. libraries exist in every programming package that handles images to do this…. bernard, man…. (woman)? show some balls and point this out to these lazy idiots who are using you. (or show your tits if you are female).

  14. wait…. maybe all the cops WERE nazis, and they were serving their brothers by keeping the haters off. wow…. shouldn’t that be my FIRST assumption here? hmmmmmm.

  15. wait again, it was 300 officers making them stay back “dozens” of yards, not 300 yards…. just ambigous enough to anger me. good show newspaper.

  16. who says “dozens of yards”… that just plants a seed of… “jee that could be anything” then 2 seconds later they are talking about 300 somethings and my glaze over speed read style got PWN0d. fuckers. who says dozens of yards. fucking seriously?

  17. now i’m wondering if it was more than 300 (25 dozen) yards…. maybe the demonstrators had to stay as many dozen yards as minneapolis is from madison… HEY! maybe thats why the minneapolis nazis came to madison! bah. losing at poker, can you tell?!

  18. tanked $150 in ring, boom bold cal’d $150 in tourneys… so you know… just marinatin my weebles. holllarit. 20 plo8 in 26. i want to win.

  19. maddd i wish you had gone to the rally with us. your instant replays would have been priceless. aaron refused to go but i was there with my MPLS parents who said that the largest growing nazi movement in the country is in MN. (they didn’t come with the nazis on the same nazi bus or anything–not to worry. just happened to be visiting at the same time.) as for bernard the titted man, i’d have to say that (s)he took that photo at first glance at those dudes because eventually they did get their seig heils to be in synch. perhaps i will scan a few B&W shots for your pleasure when i get them processed.

  20. i’m one hundred percent speechless, but i don own guitar hero now so that’s a plus. i’m getting new tires on my truck today and new brakes too (so i don’t die, you see). JUNK!

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