21 thoughts on “Yo, Wwhazz

  1. sorry dude, come to san diego this weekend. or i can jump out of the shadows in your small apartment room and hit you over the head with your precious Hummel figurine. the last thing you’ll see before the sweet smell of unconciousness enters your nose will be my lucha visage. the end.

  2. $1400/mo for a in-the-neighborhood-of 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom (that’s my new home office too, dawg). also: i just deposited my BetonBet skrills at Pokerroom.com again. funny thing, valentina12 was online playing a $10 tourney. how’d you do, valentina?

  3. whazzmasta, hope you’re planning to see us a lot because you are RIGHT down the street from us in those cigarette lofts man. i drive by them every day.

  4. Oh you’ll see me all right; I’ll be the one stretching in the morning sun wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers. “Go to work!” you’ll yell on your way to your jobs. “I’m already there!” I’ll yell back, contented. Then I’ll slip on a banana peel Stacy left for me and Karma will have her revenge. Moral: fuck bananas.

  5. trilobyte is currently running: 1 500 GB drive, 1 200 GB drive, and 4 250 GB drives. sometimes my computer gets mad for having to think so hard.

  6. hi wwhazz…u suck.

    Haha, I didn’t really read that whole comment. Now I did. It’s funny. Unformal pole: how many y’all like BW3? Me? I fucking love it; when I move back to Madison I’m gonna get wicked huge. Sry Stacy, brb, lol.

  7. O’neil: I would like to get together with you upon return to The People’s Republic and cook something, be it a stew, kabob, or other grilled meat. I’ll buy a cheesecake for the occasion, but only if we get drunk on scotch.

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