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ready to rock out of there

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Just before I smashed out of the beer pong tourney last week this picture was taken of me and the undefeatable Chriss Lee. That dude is one good egg, and this picture is sweet because it somehow makes me look good. It has what myspace users call The Angles. I use The Angles to make myself look better in pictures. From now on all pictures of me will only taken from this angle… rather than this one. Holy shit. NARCISSISM, YOU ROCK THANKYOUCLEVELANDGOODNIGHT!

49 thoughts on “From the Tourney

  1. perhaps the knowledge that humans look good from above is deterring us from growing as big as the dinosaurs. fucking myspace. destroying our potential.

  2. Who: You
    What: Whazzmaster Survivor Football
    Where: Yahoo Fantasy Sports
    When: Now
    Why: To win a bottle a Dom.
    How: yahoo survival football.
    League: whazzmaster
    Password: bonerpills

    You all know the drill. I’ll cover the bottle of Dom, so it’s free to play. And yes, you lurkers can come out from the shadows to play. Holllarit.

  3. MP, the resident chef (that would be aaron) will cook with you anytime. however, i’m going to have to veto storebought cheesecake as i make a damned fine dessert myself. just made cheesecake with fresh raspberries this weekend, in fact. cool? other than that i won’t interfere with your male bonding.

  4. ps. cap fitness is the best downtown gym and if you join, we can all be gym pals. how fun! i will totally make you come to BOSU class and be one of the 2 token men. don’t be fooled though, it’s ass kicking and not for sissies.

  5. oh wait, i was talking about the fantasy football, didn’t even see you were in the O8! next one is in 1 minute!

  6. Very, very nice.

    Mr. Whazzmaster, I will be in the cell phone lot awaiting your call. When you get here, cup your hands in front of your mouth and holler out: HOLLLARIT.

  7. San Diego has its own cage fighting league and one dude is also a plumber. He has commercials advertising this. We all wear many hats…

  8. Also,

    whazzmaster, if you want to do mainly super foods this weekend, I am game. If we are going to be seeing each other this much, we must shoot for semi-healthy eating.

  9. My first toe-dip back into poker was last night: a $20 SNG and a $10 O8 multi. I dropped out 7th in the SNG the chip leader turned an inside straight against my top pair. Seeya. I outlasted sceizzer in the multi but got no playable hands, until the blinds were high and I had QKKT and just had to push with it. I had 0% chance to win (dude flopped the low and a flush) on the flop. Say-lah-vee.

  10. BOSU = weight lifting on an exercise ball.
    me + BOSU = feeling great.
    aaron + refusal of trying new exercise = BOSU.

    when is your recruiting weekend deal, MP? i think i might be in boston. ah well, plenty of time to eat healthy food and go to BOSU when you move here. bummer to miss the big mind melding of KVR and you again though!

  11. how much you chargin’ these days for quickbooks workshops whazzman? sign me up for the beginning and intermediate classes, thanks. looking forward to your brainpower.

  12. nice nice… i like you’re hustle. make them pay first. perhaps offer a retainer option at the end of the night where you’ll also leave with a full bottle of booze and box of cigars. then skip town. fuck the support… full bottle, full box, homie. HOLLLLLLARIT. crenshaw king!

  13. hey i’ll be in madison from august never to july 39th until the 18th of never i hate you! argh i try to post and i have to “fill out ahtgioahjfoiadjfoiajfdlsiajfdlsa fields” aljbkjfdalkjfdlkjfdlkjflkdajfdlak ok i will how do you like it you jfdlakjfldkjaflkdajflkajflsakjflak i want to… i don’t know…. move to madison? move to move to move to move to move to i’m glad this is on the internet. the internet the internet the internet the internet the internet the internet the internet the internet i am going to start an anti hollarit companign. it’s called “Hollarit Not” MAHI mothers against hollar it. here is how the compaign goes you call me and i sign you up, then there is a week long waiting period when i decide if you are cool enough most likely you will be rejected from my compaign but sure try. whatever, one way you MIGHT get in is if you jfdlajfdlkajfljda

  14. every jackass is going to be like “oh what’s MAHI” is that a tuna category and no you )#&*$@)#()@(* it’s MOTHERS AGAINST HOLLARIT jlska;fsla’;fjalk;fdjalkfdjal;kfjdalk

  15. you know what rocks? mates of state but what do you know? nothing. you know nothing you know nothing stop reading this you don’t know how to read stop just stop 5:00 and i am OUT.

  16. wowsers. good call on the “you’re” but on everything else you’re wiggity wack cal. why you ain’t respond to my tennis overtures? scurred? and you spell HOLLLARIT with 3 L’s homey, your anti-hollarit campaign ain’t goin’ nowhere cuz no one knows what you’re protesting. when i was in 7th grade we had a spelling test and the word was “no one” and I totally blanked because up until then all the words were ONE WORD so I wrote “none” even though I knew that wasn’t it. they tricked me and i swore i’d one day get revenge. no one will stop me.

  17. cal, why do you assume that HOLLLARIT is the logical combination of the suggestive phrase “hollar it”… i mean… dude. not even close. HOLLLARIT is an idea. and you can’t stop an idea. HOLLLLLLLLARIT!@#%^@

  18. yoooooooooooooooo! coming at cha from san dog, we’re gonna go watch the wisconsin game. have fun hatin’ y’all, i’m going off to join the carnival *ominous foreshadowing music* oh yeah.


  20. cal, i would like you to apply your current LSAT “systems” or however they got you gettin your learn on, and provide me with an answer. HOLLLLARIT

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