Brewers Win! Packers, Not So Much

In honor of my return to Wisconsin my mom got some SWANK~! tickets to the Brewers game versus the Astros today. Section 119 behind home plate, 8 rows up. So my parents, sister, and I attended the Dave Bush’s four hit shutout win 4-0 today. While we were shopping in the FanZone today, however, the Packer/Bear game got underway and things are not looking pretty.

I played the numbers today and picked the Italian Sausage in the Race. I was a bit dismayed when I found out it was a relay race and I’d be counting on a midget italian to finish it for my dough, but my fears were not realized as the Tiny Italian was the only sausage NOT to bungle the handoff and I got an easy $15 from my family. I was happy to get that so when the Attendance came up I blithely shouted out “THREE! THREE!” To my delight, it was THREE! and I won another $15. Oh happy day. And I finally got the shirt I’d been lusting after for years along with two new hats. I had to pick lightly coz I wasn’t sure what Spacebee had bought me last weekend.

Last night I went out in Racine with a cast of thousands anchored around my brother and sister. We were celebrating my brother’s fiance’s birthday and it turned out it was Luau Night at All-Sports Pub. Holy crap, $60 goes a loooooooooong way in Wisconsin bars. I’d forgotten how long. The answer is: looooooooooooong.

I’ll be kickin’ it in Racine for a few more days before the grand reveal of Spacebee to my family on Wednesday, then I’m heading up to Madison until the next Friday (though most of next week I’ll be participating in recruiting activities at the university).

HOLLLARIT whazzmaster, and go Packers.

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  1. Hmm, not sure yet. We’re going to a wedding on Friday night, and the badger game on Saturday followed by ??. I would say Saturday or Sunday will be the durrtiest. Also– sup Ronni.

  2. i did the ironman today!!!

    ok cal, don’t get too excited because i didn’t swim, bike, or run but i was definitely in a race. i was the editor for their instant replay style memory video–picture slow mo dudes bursting out of the water and volunteers ripping off their wetsuit pants to coldplay tunes–and man, i have never edited so fast in my life. i set up my suite at the monona terrace and the camera dudes ran footage in to us all day long. we started editing at 7:30am and just finished around 2am. we worked *almost* as hard as the athletes.

    it was me and one other guy in a little booth with no windows ALL DAY. i saw the end of the race around midnight, which was my only real exposure to the race outside of my computer. the last man through was a 77 year old dude who was literally carried down the home stretch by about 4 volunteers.

    anyway, i’m a tired lady. ‘night.

  3. ps. but before sleep i have to report that chez kalish is *phenomenal* and i feel like i live in Sellery B dorm compared to them. picture Better Homes & Gardens’ proudest farm house–updated for style—and that is their pad. jealous! and of course, hadley’s not too bad either : )

  4. hehe…he said swank. that reminds me of a story of me & gonzo. we got a swank during summer skewl & put up the poster on the fridge of jenna jameson doing nasty shit at the place we were subreleasing. what’s funny is that the dude’s girlfriend came back w/ the dude & he was none to happy. the girl liked it though. he was a weird EMO/goth type dude. summer skewl roommates suck if u don’t pick them.

  5. AND gonzo & i will kick wirkus’s ass next year at mlb fantasie. good luck moving back to wisco zach. maybe i’ll catch you this year, b ut i’m in ersia until mid-october.

  6. Rumsey! I was wondering how the editing marathon went. Was it kind of fun? Are you happy with the finished product?

    Our place is closer to a shack than better homes & gardens: evidence of this = water leaking in from the ceiling of our 1st floor bathroom. We actually have a bucket on the floor.

    The really funny thing is that k-car is not aware of this yet. surprise! welcome home!

    I started my new job and it is g.r.e.a.t. i love it.

    I’m glad that you got new brewers gear, moneypenny. I’m even more glad that the italian sausage won. I always go with the Italian.


  7. Hey, Big J I’m tryin to get together with you and Jay-Dub tonight or tomorrow (Monday or Tuesday.) Your choice of location, HOLLLARIT.

  8. rumsey, at risk of being swank forward, if you’re ever working in the mpls area, i’d love to sit in the corner and watch you work. i’ll behave, and perhaps even be useful. i’ll bring food. i’ll empty your bed pans. i’ll refuel the generator powering your TRILOBYTE PLUS of data retention capability. please? HOLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT

  9. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! look. the italian sausage is their lowest rated product. i mean, hot dog… sometimes i’m concerned about your contents. and bratwurst, sometimes you’re just a little too german for me. polish sausage, too be honest you’re like the hot dog of brats. looks good on the onside… good crustage, but then SPLEeAK! fuckin water mush, what the hell is that? then the italian… why are you here? you shouldn’t be. OOOOOH! BUT I’M TASTY! grrr. so anyways, the people that program the race to determine who wins push this idea… this thought process, that it’s ok to be around just because you’re a little tasty. but they do it assuming people won’t vote for it and maybe it will change a few minds… it’s only a good choice because it isn’t a good choice. BUT NOW, everyone goes italian. the mind control is complete… and that is the very thought process that keeps the brewers SQWAR in last place. why do you think new york always wins? because in new york, they go for the hot dog. the hot dog is SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED to be the best cylindrical meat product. they have accepted that. they win. we keep going for the italian, just because a clever marketeur programmed a methodology to fix a sausage race for all these years. i want a pennant. i bet on the hot dog.

  10. whazzmaster, I forget to tell you that the next day after I had family dinner with Lynn, Timmer, Turtle, Spacebee, Reider and Mike’s Grandma she asked if Reider and Spacebee were married. I thought that was pretty funny. Glad you’re enjoying Wisco, wish we could be there. KTK I demand updated photos of Hadley, she’s pushing four months old now, I need to see her. And what is your new job? Where is it again? Rumsey I have a bone to pick with you regarding planned parenthood re: volunteering. I know it’s not your fault but I would like to discuss it at some point.

    P.S. Wwhazz puked on our friend Mike the nurse and he didn’t even get in trouble for it. Also he left puke all over the complex last night and if we wanted we could take a tour and see it. I opted not too.

  11. Also I got my glasses from Wisconsin vision in Milwakee, WI. I hope Ms. Wang takes a trip there to buy them. I don’t know the brand, they don’t say anything on them. And remember the only reason I’m even wearing them is cause I got drunk and scientist stole my contacts.

  12. bg, i applaud your bold acceptance and declaration of the idea that i stole your contacts with no motive. as a scapegoat, i free your mind to try and figure out some other puzzle. i am happy to serve that role. your contacts put me one pair of contacts closer to my goal.

  13. alright i broke my finger. playing the most unamerican of all sports soccer for god’s sake. no i’m not proud of it and it makes it REALLY hard to type and do many things for that matter. it’s my pinky finger ok. the pinky. and it’s broken. ugly and swolen and broken much like my dreams. whazzmaster i come to you ugly and broken and swolen, OWWWWWW it hurts! i’m upset. are you gonna tell her where you got your glasses or what. OR WHAT!!!!! dude this lsat is too hard, IT’S TOO HARD! IT’S NOT A MAN IT’S A MACHINE it does not bleed it has no weakness to exploit. hey whazz you know what book you are going to read you jerk? you’ll find out soon enough. in the meantime everyone flex all ten of your fingers and realize that this isn’t a right it’s a privalege! not a right. you bastards… oh my fingers work i’m the best SCREW YOU. i can move my pinky my pinky isn’t huge with gross blood and all black and blue… oh i’m the best. well here’s to you and your designer glasses ps ow ow ow ow ow ow at least i can do the doogie thing with the preview that’s sort of fun. goodnight! rumsey congrts on your olympics iron manning i am a broken man of no good pinky.

  14. much like cal, and his broken dreams. cal you can’t even believe how embarassed i am to have got 2 of your questions wrong, but if i can be of any help, i really have nothing else to do…. HOLLLLARIT!

  15. now the only question is, where those volumes written by chance, and captured by the photographer, or bluntly orchestrated by a pr firm, and executed by the ladies themselves… either way, good read.

  16. cal, i shit you not, right around the time you were typing that, i was contemplating input devices for people who only have one hand… the only reason i was thinking that is because a STONG STRONG realization kept hitting me about how dependant i was on my hands. at the time, i was even shocked by it and questioned it, but i was watching “grandma’s boy” (cal’s buddy nick swardson’s joint… hi cal! hi nick!) well, in the movie, a guy cooks a lot of food, and pulls it out bare handed, and fucks up his hands. perhaps i could see myself doing the same all too easily… question answered… but now i’m sorta buying +1 more into the idea of non-spoken communication. are you right or left handed? was it your left or right pinky? can you still run? can you still love?

  17. madddd, you can cut with me anytime. i’ll tell you the secrets to my sucess: dried mango, dried pineapple, an ottoman under my desk, a quilt over my shoulders, and carpal tunnel wristguards. if you can aquire these items you can edit any movie anyday.

    jessi, i have many a bone to pick with them. don’t even get me going or i could out type any of madd’s online rants. tell me anything about them and i will agree, i’m sure. also, you’re overqualified for them–is this one of the reasons you are frustrated? you either have to be an NP or someone off the street who they teach to velcro a BP cuff in a weekend seminar. RN’s are out of luck.

    i tried to do a baby kalish photoshoot but by the time i got the film loaded, kid was sleeping. then by the time i talked mama into letting me in for sleeping photos, an entourage followed me and between the flashbulb and the audience aedan woke up which stirred hadley and the end of the story is, sadly, no photos. however, i have never seen so many baby photos of a 3 month old in my life so they’re set!!! they don’t need me and my stinkin’ camera anyway.

    you’re going to love my nazi pix. horses in riot goggles. i’m picking them up tomorrow and will promptly scan.

  18. 1 litre. bombay gin: $23.99
    1 litre. seagrams extra dry gin: $10.99

    you have $23.99. this is called maths. you’re welcome for the help, cal!

  19. oh BBC educational humor… you get me every time. rumsey, you should try and pull one of those SWANK gigs. RIGHTY-O!

  20. cal, just beware… all this studying for the lsat’s, you’re going to come to situations just like this… and now you may be tempted italian sausage style to say, uh… just buy the bombay, right… well WRONG. you get 2 of the seagrams and some change back and enjoy the shit out of it. know that and you won’t score below 140. vinnie fell out of my window today. it was the first time i ever broke the hypocratic oath. fuck vinnie.

  21. ugh. the rodent problem is definately separate from the leak. ah, the joys of living in the sticks.

    I will send pics to mpenny to post. I took the cutest one ever yesterday.

    Also, could anyone expand on this wwhazz puking on someone story, please?

  22. who else has 40 minute response time at 4:20am? i’ll tell you who… a lot of people that liked grandma’s boy.

  23. Eat Cal Gum to stimulate your brain. Cal Gum has some side effects, such as diarhhea, so be sure to eat some Anti-Cal Gum as well. Oh British. You’re right Cal, it is called a Doogie Plugin. Still no hearing from Big J. Big J, where are you?! Also, I kinda liked seeing Stephanie’s sideboob action. My sis was watching Full House yesterday. Weird.

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