A Public Service

As a service to my dear friends in the North Woods, I hereby present a photo essay of Hadley Kalish: The Baby Years.

brrrrr it's cold out today!

Pretty in blue

Packer Girl

Happy Tummy

Happy Baby

This concludes our public service announcement. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

118 thoughts on “A Public Service

  1. they are trying to promote a feeling of community pride…. and how is it playing out? one faction blaring mexican pop/salsa/dance, and other bagpipes. equal volume levels of insanity and it’s making an odd blend. scots and mexicans sure do love their culture though, so in a way, i am witnessing them battle for plymouths soul. oh nO! ThE BAGPIPeS STOPPed!^#%^)(*&!#^) la mexicanos estoy the winneros.

  2. like for the last hour this was going on to the point where i had to mention it, and then i do, and it stops. i think that says something. i have a honed in empathetic meter, and know when the right time to do shit is. oh snap, marching band just swept through and punked out the salsa… now silence. plymouth confuses me.

  3. RE: SUING DiRECT TV. your entire case rests on the question if you have the RIGHT to view the game at any expense… because of the blackout laws, powers are already in place to deny this right, thus this right is not assumed, thus you have no case.

  4. and that is why america sucks. in communist america, we would all be REQUIRED to watch the game and GIVEN a south-east facing balcony. i’m just saying………..

  5. wirksu, if you wanted to break the “it is illegal to redistribute this show” law, you could just get someone in wisco who has the game, and high speed internet and put a tv tuner in the computer, hijack the signal and stream that shit to your computer. nfl should have shit like mlb.tv… infact, ALL broadcast media should switch to “on demand” over the internet… it doesn’t make sense not to. it is the best way… the only reason the broadcasters don’t want to switch is because they are tied into advertising methodologies that fall apart on that business model. so we let them keep whatever they want. it’s just dumb. everything is set up by idiots for idiots.

  6. you know what would be an awesome awesome product…. AS awesome as the first home VCRs were…….. a standalone “hijack and stream” device. it comes as a pair of identical devices, either can transmit, either can receive. it has gigabit ethernet, and perhaps wi/fi. and effectively what it will do is act as an RCA extension cable that makes use of the internet who knows why. so the broadcast people can’t get pissed because all it really is is an extension cable and only the other matching device can receive the signal, so there isn’t any potential audience to broadcast to, so your aren’t broadcasting… but just think about how often problem like the one above could be solved by these devices. crippled just to fit within current pseudo law. now someone make it happen so wirksu can watch the game.

  7. madd i don’t know what you’re talking about but if you could make this work for my husband he would be very happy. now we can only watch games in bars which means we have to spend the next dozen or so sundays drunk. No a good thing, so we refuse.

  8. or you could wear your wisconsin vision clinic glasses and sip on a cup of joe. +1 charisma if you bring a book. +6 if it’s moby dick. when the game is over, quietly make your adieu’s.

  9. perhaps i will buy a couple electronic hobby boards and build these devices myself… because then you could hook me up with high stakes poker on GSN… which i now have to watch on youtube clip by clip. that is a great show.

  10. rumsey, what software packages do you use? i just set my shit up with premiere pro 2.0, and i’ve been flossing up some old frogsplash videos and such, but man… that software could be a LOT better. as i was figuring out how the shit worked, it was always like the 6th thing i would try… i’m probably missing some root assumptions that dictate why certain stuff can’t be changed in certain places, but i doubt it. i’m a fucking genius.

  11. i’m fully capable of being your e-intern now though… if you want to dump some “raw” on me to “cut” all over the “floor” i am totally “bout” “it” “bout it”. also, 250GB SATA drive. that is 1/4 trilobyte. i’m coming for you.

  12. and apple: fuck you. new itunes version, when it installs itself, it removes your old shortcuts to “itunes.exe” in your itunes folder in your program files folder, and instead makes a similar link to a program that makes sure that that link is there, and that there is an itunes folder in your start menu. party poker does the same shit, but only on updates so it’s not that bad. the thing is, if you are a smart windows user, you can fix it all yourself and create new short cuts and shit… but god damn. this is an obvious move to clutter the destop with application icons (something macs os does differently, and unneccessarily in my opinion), and also cluttering the start menu… who would group their start menu buttons by application and not by type of application? stupid fucking people who like to pollute their lives with clutter. anyways, apple: fuck you. bad show. DESPERATE show. you took a page out of indian (red dot) racketeers… seriously man, no one is pulling punches anymore… whole different attitude… for one people are HORRID at poker. just giving it away… or perhaps i am caught up in the hate and not pulling punches myself and thuslyified out skill them… but really the hate just makes them oblivious to everything. people are silly.

  13. fucking 17th in the fucking 10 rebuy with a huge prize pool. KK vs AA all in when i’m 6th in chips vs chipleader. )(#%&!)#%(*!#_%(*

  14. 2 all ins in a row… A34J double suited vs KKQJ. BRICK OUT. TTA2 vs QQ46. BRICK OUT. bah. i’m too good for these asshats.

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