A Weekend In Wisconsin

Hey everyone, it’s been an interesting week in Wisconsin and I’m glad whazzmaster.com had such fine stewards to keep things humming along while I’ve been indisposed. Spacebee does not have what you’d call a Technological Infrastructure in her apartment, so I’ve only been able to check in every few days or so.

It’s just about halftime in the Packer game and what started out as a Hot Start by the Pack has now turned into Shitty Middle. Man, Young Grand Dad is going down in the first week. Weee.

Thursday we Dry Bean’d it and I karaokeed Bust A MOve to a so-so, meh, kinda enthusiastric crowd. Friday was Wedding Day as Spacebee and I attended one of her nurse friend’s wedding and reception. I partied with free Miller Lite and sundry husbands and boyfriends of nurses as Spacebee danced and did shots of Maker’s Mark at the bar. Holy man I think her eyes glazed over when she did that.

We had to wake up early on Saturday to get ready to The EndTimes Tailgate with her entire family and I was feeling like muck so I proposed a Bloody Mary bar. A quick trip to Copps (Copps?!) and we had such mundane items as pickles, olives, and celery along with more exotic prizes like summer sausage and cheddar cheese. I had a delicious (DELICIOUS!) bloody and then we set about cooking 24 brats, 10 burgers, and 6 brat patties. I don’t know where these people grew up, but everyone made fun of me cuz of the brat patties. They’d never heard of them and mocked me. Pfffft. Do I care? No, I just ate three of them with my new pal: CAL. Yes, his name is CAL. For real, not because of video golf.

After the tailgate we headed down to the stadium and it was great to see a Wisconsin game again. I hadn’t seen the new stadium yet and it was pretty good. Our seats were on the 20 yard line across from the new tower of suites (facing The Shell) and it was a good game after a rough first half. We stayed for the Fifth Quarter and Spacebee and I danced in the stands. POLKA! Afterwards we headed over to the ~JORDAN’S~ Big Ten Pub, then Regent Street Retreat, then a side trip to BUCK’S~! before heading back to the Big Ten again. Result: drunkeness.

SO that brings us to today: Spacebee sleeps on the sofa as I watch the halftime show and type this up. Now on to pending business:

  1. I’m tentatively signing the lease on the Tobacco Row apartment on Monday. We went to see it on Friday and it’s pretty swanky; it’s a corner unit with a balconey. There will be plenty of room for whoever wants to crash there.
  2. I need to get a hold of rumsey and o’neil for a meeting of the minds. Preferably there will be dinner and/or booze involved.
  3. KURT VAN RYZIN IS COMING TO TOWN! I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m. So. Scared!
  4. Madddddddddddddd, sorry I didn’t call you. If you want to come down here one day it could be Wednesday night cuz I don’t have anything to do on Thursday. Spacebee said you could sleep at her place since you’ve let her crash in your house so many times. KINDNESS REPAID!
  5. I think it’s funny that LuchaLumps has been put in Team Girlfriends. That’s a dude I work with at Intuit.
  6. Recruiting starts Tuesday and then interviews are on Wednesday. I’m absolutely getting a good night’s sleep on Tuesday night.
  7. If Tim Hobson is reading this, I talked to a Mountain View-to-Madison transplant at the tailgate yesterday and got the hot tip on some good coffee in this burg. It’s called EVP and they supposedly have some Peet’s-level stuff. I’m gonna go try it out later today.

HOLLLLARIT Quince! Second half is starting.

132 thoughts on “A Weekend In Wisconsin

  1. no no no, keep it, and we’ll add 11% every year for inflation and make sure it goes where you want. THANKS AGAIN!

  2. with all these new liabilities, america is unable to do what the entire point of america is: to do something petty as large as we can because we are free to do anything that we want. a few decades ago “hey, you know what would be awesome, 2 fucking giant office buildings in the heart of new york”. “OK!”. today “hey, you know what would be awesome, 2 fucking giant office buildings in the heart of new york”. “uh… man, we’re busy with all this nixon stuff…. like… man, i doubt we’ll ever have time… you know what…. how about you put a post it on my monitor or something. like maybe late 2030s or something we can maybe commit a small amount of resources to research or something, but no promises”. i just don’t get it.

  3. Cal, forget the LSAT. Become the scientist’s apprentice. He will teach you Omaha hi low and Bichon Frise husbandry. You will dine on Milios or Jimmy Johns (Big Mike’s Super Subs is now Milios or Jimmy John’s…it became BOTH) and Frisbee golf in a magical forest.

  4. The invitation to lawman and kcar is an invite to all married men. It’s a convention. Bring tapes of your wedding. WE WILL ROCK OUR WEDDING RINGS. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng blung.

  5. Cal, the skeezer has two computer screens. On one, you will play cards and on the other he will regale you with videos of exploding toilets. He also has a lap top, so you can work on your own special cal projects. Sometimes he will drink vast quantities of Captain Morgan’s and you will fan him with a towel, maybe even take control of a runaway tournament he registered for and passed out. Day will become night and night will become mid afternoon. You will dance in St. Paul and when it is all said and done, you will bend the very laws of mathamatics that created the MADD SCIENTIST…you just might bump into Arlo. AND THEN YOU WILL BE READY… to become KING of your very own small world.

  6. Baby I’m getting a ride home in the AM and katie needs out air mattress for the weekend, ok. love you, bye.
    p.s. if you’re up for it after I get back from Ziki let’s go running by the ocean.

  7. 1. I’ll rent her the air mattress. I’m sick of people using our stuff for free. When we gonna get it back? Never? It’s not leaving this house without a deposit.

    2. Ocean run: no thank you. A run around here? Maybe. The prospect of driving to the ocean, finding parking, running, driving home, showering has too many extra steps. Exit door, run, shower. See? Three easy steps, same great results. I see the ocean at least 2x a week… and it smells. Plus we gotta walk the dog unless you want to dedicate your day to walking and running (and traveling to exotic running destinations). My plate only has room for so much.

    3. Bedtime: now.

  8. but if you don’t want to run, then running in the neighborhood is like BLEH, but running by the ocean is at least you’re by the ocean… might as well run. and i’m off to bed as well. if i get up before noon 6.5 hours fat chance, then i’ll go to madison. if not, then not. i don’t set alarms, so just hope the dog licks me. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLARIT.

  9. well husband screw your plate cause I sure would like a run by the ocean on my day off AND I will fit in walking the dog. Or we can bring him and you guys walk and I’ll run. whatever. hope the KVR meetup was a success. also there was a bomb threat at the old town trolley station this afternoon and I RODE THE TROLLEY at 6 pm the same night!!!! A little scary. what’s with all these bomb threats, there was one at Hortonville High this week too. Maybe someone is after the Gitters.

  10. 1. forget about that poker apprenticeship cal. i propose you and madd come work for trilobyte. i’ll give you cool things to do like…go to the post office. or if you’re really lucky, logging tape.

    2. running by the ocean–one of my missed CA livin’ experiences. i used to beach it all the time. bummer. now just a bunch of algae lakes.

    3. it cracks my shit up that the wirkusez use whazzmaster to stay in touch while at work. cell phones? no. email? no. it’s all about the blog.

  11. i’ll do it, one apprentice coming up! stupid test is one week from Saturday, I’ll let you know how it turns out! over and out.

  12. I like playing Thunder Road. Driving down to the ocean to play Thunder Road adds nothing to the experience except the headache of driving the car. I hate folding laundry. Driving my laundry down to the ocean and folding it there would not make me hate it any less.

  13. I like the ocean for:

    1. looking at tiny crabs.
    2. letting my dog play in it
    3. as a source of food

    Not on the list:
    touching the water

  14. 1. Cal’s apprenticship is about more than poker—it’s a life apprentiship. Cal, that goddamned kid, is in need of serious guidance.
    2. KTK and Rooomsey: If you all can make it out here, great, but if you can only afford to send the husbands, that works too. I have a Plan A and a Plan B in mind: both are nice.
    3. Mrs. Ocean run is still in bed. I should dump a GOT DAMN pail of water on her head.

  15. playing thunder road, you are looking at the board. doing laundry, you are looking at the machine. running, you got nothing to look at, or be around. if you run so you can get near naked and look good at a beach, then a beach would be motivation, plus all the people who live around the ocean are running too and other people driving in so it’s like a bunch of like minded people so you don’t feel crazy running for no reason. the only reason not to go to the ocean is because it isn’t neccessary… you are basing your arguement on sufficiency which is flawed logic.

  16. i think cal should put on his flippers outfit and that should be the trilobyte productions splash. ABSO-LUTELY.

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