Say Lah Vee

I had two weeks of pictures in my digital camera, Tonight, my digital camera was stolen from me at They City bar in Madison, WI. If you go to The City, please don’t bring your camera, because the motherfucking cocksucking cunt fuckfaces that frequent that fucking establish-fucking-ment will steal your things.

Sorry whazzmaster, no pictures from wisconsin. Instead you get words; that’s it. Sorry. Two digital cameras in two years means I may not buy another one. Fuck those motherfuckers at The City. Eat shit and die slow, motherfucker.

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  1. Just watched 28 day slater finale. I am satisfied, and because I watched Jessi’s Song today with Spacebee, it has even more relelvence. Sleep tight, whazzmaster. Die slow The City.

  2. holy shit zmoney i can’t even believe it- i wish I could come there and find whoever did it and kick the holy shit out of them. who knew mad town was such a camera stealing city? very sorry about your loss.

  3. wwhazz… the correct answer is: ktk and rumsey, you are the coolest, I really want you to visit. If you bring your husbands, too, that would be okay.

    you suck, too. :p

  4. Plan C is KTK and Rumsey
    Plan D is Rumsey and Brian
    Plan E is KTK and lawman
    Plan F is Cal and KTK
    Plan G is Adean and Lawman
    Plan H ia Hadley and Adean

  5. oh man i’m one one plan ahead of animals. great. sorry you lost your camera you should stay where we have good morals and don’t steal things like in wicked wisconsin… just kidding just kidding wwhaz don’t go all fuming upset like yosimite sam rutin tutin. all over the news it seems like every stupid day is this Second Life game/website. anybody do that? dungeons and dragons 2000 isn’t it? apparently it’s based on a book called “snow crash” that a friend recommended ages ago and i actually ordered it… but when it came it had a picture of a guy with a sword on the cover and i could never read it. know what i’m sayin? you see a guy holding a sword on a cover of a book and you don’t want to learn about the guy know what i mean? know what i’m sayin? hollarit to quincy!

  6. bummer about that camera! there were some good photos on there. particularly of me. jk. i guess i’ll just have to remember the “pictures” in my mind instead. not quite as good.

    PP premiere story will have to come later. too tired from the whole experience to recap. now in PP postpardum after a 2 year movie gestation period and L O N G birth.

    lived in L.A. the summer between soph and junior years in college. worked with luke perry. drooled every minute of it though he’s much shorter and much more stoned in person than on tv.

    ah, what else. ktk, thanks for sticking up for us in the “you’re not really welcome” invite from wirkus. i appreciate it! and mike, i’ll see what i can do about a 6-way journey. that includes: three kalish humans, one kalish pet, and two rumneils. plan “I” for inGENIOUS.

  7. one more thing i had a dental appointment this moring and i am still crunching on that blue stuff every now and then- you know the crunchy blue stuff? they should sell that in the cereal isle i’d pour milk on it and polish my testh as i eat my breakfast crunch crunch blue blue. not really milk grosses me out i’d pour rice milk on it. come to think of it maybe i should drink gross milk i might not break so many pinkys then. hollarit! (number one whazzer out BOOOOOOOOOOM) anybody want to challenge my chair bring it!

  8. rusmey was like perry brandan or dylan? why did you drool did you have braces— hooooo oSNAP! First chair dis! also, katie you posted werid al yankovic, here is a truism that has been true since the dawn of time. don’t talk about/post/associate yoursefl in any way with anything done by weird all yankovic. oh man, i watched a bit of that and i was afraid somebody would track my computer’s history so i covered my weird al tracks and eraced. hollarit!

  9. cal, if you weren’t outside prancing around lake superior for the slideshow at our wedding you would have SEEN luke perry ie dylan mckay and i together, at last. ah, those days have passed.

  10. i hereby motion that you all come up with a real whazz name for this old gal. using one’s last name for whazzing is truly second rate. off the top of my head no one else does it and i sure don’t want to be the only loser. so, open to thoughts. my ebay name is midwifemovie. maybe i’ll log into whazz as that once and awhile until a name is elected for me. btw, nobody go out and bid on a car or something with my ebay account, ok??

  11. i don’t think my plextor went out… it appears i may have fried some circuit pathways on my motherboard’s sencondary PCI IDE shit. but my NEW plextor dvd+-*%RW drive is SATA, and so is my HDD, so putting them both on the same IDE as master/slave instead of master master isn’t possible or smart. and if i bought that external thing, it is ATAPI connections not SATA so i couldn’t use the new drive in it. in short, i need a specific motherboard that went out of production 2 years ago. i even tried bidding with midwife’s ebay account, BUT EBAY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE IT. it might be new computer time. grrrrr. rumsey, if you had a darker complexion, i would call you “blackburst”. “rumburst”? “rumthumb”… like what do you do, stick your thumb in the bottle?

  12. hey rumthumb, do you have a hardware control interface for editing, or is it just the mouse and keyboard?

  13. if i stole someones camera, i would upload all their pictures to flickr with the tag “i stole your camera at the city in madison on september 21st”… and if they do do that… i think only an asshole would report them and go into the whole IP tracking fiasco when they probably did it from a public terminal anyways. so, in short, start searching all the online picture sites. rumor has it my horse is doped up and the fix is in!


  15. what do you think ever happened to puffy daddys “7 zeros over in rio dee jannary”. my guess: blown on goatee hairplugs.

  16. damn, thought i’d catch a sleep walker. like ktk goes to bed, but ReALLY ktdurden awakes… and she’s mad as hell!

  17. cal, do you think i’d like that video because a complete moron blindly engaged and overskilled opponent and was decidedly, and uninterestingly dominated by LSAT168 logic? i guess it sort of reinforces my ideal result of the situation, but typically anyone brazen enough to take the step of spinning back punching a CHICK walking with an able bodied male of equal size has at least 3 aces up their sleeve, but there is nothing else to do, the hand is forced… so for these 2 idiots it’s a sad world of WHy THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT WITHOUT AT leAST 3 ACES? what did you think of the video cal? what made it special enough to post on a forum that openly distances itself from certain broad forms of entertainment such that it is worthy? just teh violence? it would have been cooler if those guys with the microwave bomb came along and then… well.. blew SOMETHING up. not a person, cause… whoa… unneccessary…. but something. maybe a fountain or something. or a corporate coffee house!

  18. I just watched cal’s video and couldn’t understand what form of calamity was going to happen to the referred-to “two men”. At one point I thought they’d be standing there and totally get hit by a car or something. Good show, cal, good show. Old Fashioned in Madison is Teh Bomb.

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