Old Fashioned

I’m back in California, and I have some advice for you. It sounds like the kind of advice a 3 year old would give a full grown adult human, but listen carefully anways: clean your goddamned house before you go on a two week vacation. The last thing you want to do is come home, sigh (NOT DREAMILY), and start to clean up a gigantic mess. To my credit, I did all my dishes, cleaned my kitchen thoroughly, and took out the trash before shipping out, but that isn’t enough. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

At any rate, technology thieves notwithstanding I had a fantastic time in the Double-Yoo Eye and I can’t say enough about Spacebee and Mee-Gan’s hospitality. They let me hobo up their new home for a week without complaint until sometime on Wednesday or Thursday Mee-Gan asked Spacebee, “Don’t you think it really smells in here? What is that?” (Psst– I think she was talking about me.) I got to go out on CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS~! with KVR, o’neil, and rumthumb (though rumthumb was absent the second night). Good times.

This post is about my new favoritest restaurant not in Madison, not in Wisconsin, but in the whole wide world. I want to eat every meal there. It’s that good. The restaurant is The Old Fashioned on the capitol square. I invite you to take a gander at their food menu. It is gigantic and good. Spacebee and I attended a meal there with KVR, o’neil, and a gaggle of KVR-Friends on Thursday night and it was the bees knees. I had my first landjaeger sausage (delicious), 3 old fashioneds (delicious), a lazy susan of meats and mustards (delicious), a plate of wisconsin cheeses (delicious), and a swiss’n’cheddar grilled cheese with bacon (oh god). Spacebee had a gigantic plate of pork (also good). Honestly, I see no reason to hate the place. My view: they take everything that is wisconsin and present it to the world. I can definitely see people going there and not getting it. I think it’s a rorshach to see if you grew up in Wisconsin. Blatz on tap. PBR on tap. Lots of little wisconsin breweries (notice I don’t necessarily say microbreweries) are represented. Just go there and then be happy.

I was in airports or airplanes pretty much all yesterday so nothing new to report there except that I really don’t like airports and airplanes. When I walk through security lines and look at those goddamned “The Current Terrorist Threat Advisory Is: Orange” signs I want to scream and stomp my feet but then I’d end up incarcerated forever being tortured by our new Republican Overlords. Come the fuck on, what human looks at those things and thinks “Holy shit, better be on the lookout!” Let’s make sure that all the people are kept in a perpetual state of fear so that Shoot-em-in-the-face Cheney and Commander Codpiece can stand on a broken piece of the World Trade Center and fight off the scary brown terrorists with their big swingin dicks. As the vice president once stated so eloquently, “Fuck you.”


I’m going to lie around my house until monday comes and then it’s back to work. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do before November 2nd, so’s I better start doing it. And I’ll staaaaaaaaaaaaaart… tomorrow.

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  1. Once when I was like 7 or so, Weird Al was on some TV show and he sang Eat It live. I used a tape recorder to tape it (I help an old black recorder up to the TV and I was real quiet). During the rocking instrumental, Weird Al ate a banana. My recorded couldn’t pick that up, but my mind remembers.

  2. Another time, when I was 9 or 10, I was co-owner of a Weird Al album with my sister. I remember being super pissed when she took it over to her friends. I was all: if something happens to that Weird Al album…

  3. Yes, whazzmaster, yes. My mind kinda exploded when I saw that. We could invent the most gambly game ever with a 20 sider. I think it’s time for craps to evolve.

  4. By the way, anyone who reads lots of RSS feeds should check out NetVibes.com. I set it up today and it’s pretty cool; I can check if there have been any updates to whazzmaster, it’s comments, my gmail, my flickr contacts, the political blogs I read, my co-workers’ and friends’ blogs, and the weather. Do you hear me, whazzmaster? THE FUCKING WEATHER! If you don’t know what a RSS feed is, forget i said anything.

  5. Give us a few more details on this stolen camera? Was it stolen like Jessi’s contacts? How careful were you being? Were you pickpocketed? It suck syou lost it, but I can’t feel too sorry for you without a few more details.

  6. MP, man am i glad you liked the old fashioned. i was hard up on bringing ya’ll there but my other half INSISTED on that fucking sardine hut with the molten cake and fish with wings. oh well, glad you got to experience it one way or the other. we are fans as well. sorry i was absent on night #3 but hey, i did bake a made-to-order pie on night #1. sorry againg about night #2’s stolen camera.

    maddd, just software for editing though my massive media load does require the aforementioned garganto 6 stack of drives. if you are in the market for video editing i highly recommend getting yourself a swanky mac and loading final cut pro onto it immediately.

  7. It was all my fault, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be mad at the person who dug through my jacket, found my camera, threw my jacket on the floor, and then took off with my camera. I left it in the city by mistake when we were shooed out the door at bar time. Upon realizing my mistake I went back and banged on the door. They let me in and said they’d found a jacket. The jacket had everything it had in it when I left except my camera… and they had found it roughly on the other side of the bar from where we were… on the floor. It is my fault and I have come to peace with that, but fuck whatever fuck took my shit. I hope he sees the pictures of my niece’s fucking 6th birthday and likes it, that fuck.

  8. I also have to state that I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about the camera if I had at least gotten my pictures. This is the second time that 2+ weeks of photos have been stolen along with my camera. This sounds stupid, but if the cocksucker had popped my memory card out and put that back in my jacket it would have consoled me 99%. Take my $500 camera, but LEAVE MY MEMORIES YOU FUCK.

  9. To console myself I entered the $10 PL08 HiLo multi. I will use the power of my niece in a lucha mask (which now only exists in my mind) to win this for her.

  10. 4nyay, I watched The Protector tonight and holy shit am I glad I didn’t pay. Three awesome fight scenes in between hours of weirdness? BUt those three fight scenes were awesome, though, I’ll give you that. And no, I don’t count the one with all the rollerbladers, that was just plain dumb.

  11. Correction: i’m fucked, just got quartered on a 20,000 pot. Gonna try to climb outta this hole right quick.

  12. I talked to a Hari Krishna at the airport and he said I’d win a pot limit omaha tourney, which I thought strange at the time cuz I never play those. Dude totally had my karma pegged, or something. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

  13. (*!@%&9*!#@%&!)#%(*&#^% you folded like 25 hands in a row, then RE-RAISE the chip leader after he raised the pot max preflop, and you’ve got TT79?!/!!/!/!?@ that’s like the worst hand. anyways, dude hit set of T’s and doubled up! HOGAN!@

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