Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I’ll love you, tomorrow, football’s only a daaaay awaaaaaaaay. Here’s to everyone losing in Survivor Foosball but Yours Truly. Have a great day,

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  1. Madd: It’s a pole barn not a pull barn.
    Big J: You were in a Wal-Mart? I thought that would offend your socioeconomic views and your cultural palate.

    Also, I predict I will win the survivor pool by week 7.

  2. $20 says i outlast you stiffly. you are the david sklansky of survival football… you’ll understand the football aspect too much and not exploit the game theory inherent in the game WE are playing. week 7 you’re going to look around in a world of hurt, and out of the corner of your eye, you’ll see something. not clear enough to make out, but it’s moving FAST, and it actually… wow… it might be getting faster… and you realize there is no chance that you are getting faster. are you getting slower? geez… what is that? it’s my pick set. i OWN you.

  3. weasle stomping day! ha. weird al, you’re brilliant! the jux and flowation of the arbitrary nature of justifications for days of celbration with the unchecked domination of one species over another just gets my pinkies all stiff. and then… AND THEN, there is melody! is it art? of course not… is it more “art” than what some artists at the most public of levels release under the guise of “art”? i really should hate on someone here as a proof by counter example, but come on… anyone. what does that say? exactly. so on the wave of pop culture “art”, he is surfing. why is he surfing? the wave is made up of consumed idiots. idiots keep him alive. idiots make him thrive. and how can you hate on someone that exploits idiots? and this will blow your mind cal…. if there is no one waiting to surf… then… do the waves die? grab your boards cal, we’re on dawn patrol! we’ll go stomp some weasles!

  4. man that midget can move. and stop moving and start again. does he stop the music or does it stop him? WHO KNOWS#%(&#)#^*

  5. NFL player for 159 games, 69 of which he didn’t play 1 second. man that guy is smart. double the pay for the same work.

  6. hard earned midwest wisconsin money too… no wonder that fucking coward is hiding in atlanta trying to hustle the home ownership market. FOOL. your life is a joke majik man.

  7. WalMart? I’m conflicted.

    I would have boycotted before, but after living in the 3rd World in a country with an import ban and going to four different “grocery” shops to find milk unsuccessfully, I can appreciate having a spot where you can get what you need … and tons of sh*t you don’t need. Depending on the Saudis to smuggle milk is a really unreliable way to have your morning coffee the way you want it.

  8. wow the skeez is sleeping late even for him… wake up skeezmaster! i’m so excited i’m so excited i’m so excited i’m so… scared! am i getting that wrong? i like it anyway

  9. looks like this is the cal show. welcome to the cal show where everyday is … scared! i’m so happy you’re here i’m so happy! i’m so happy! I’m so… Scared! hahahahha go twins.

  10. good cal on detecting an anomoly cal… my computer crapped out, so as i await the fedex man with my replacement, i’m on the laptop which makes keeping up on whazzmaster while i play much much more annoying, so i end up not doing it. sorry. 5-7 days shipping. just try and stay positive.

  11. Big J: i totally would never stomp weasles… but once i found out that there is no way for them to defend themselves, i’m totally like all for stomping. i’m even thinking about stomping ducks.

  12. this is exactly the same as the running by the ocean arguement… neccessity vs sufficiency. the bad thing about wal mart isn’t that they can get the stuff… the problem is HOW they leverage their position. so why isn’t there something so convienient in africa? because a store like walmart can only exist in a capitalistic economy in it’s downfall. so enjoy your shit. walmart=crack. africa=sobriety. now imagine spending a few years in africa, and then trying some walmart… DAMN! am i right?! but what are things going to look like in 20 years? walmart is a micro economic system that ignores everything except itself. danger. danger. danger. enjoy your milk. you know it’s cow sweat right?

  13. a few follow ups… Big J: meet the press… does it have any respect left? Oneil: figure out those wishes? prez clinton (smartest prez ever) is now under attack after punking that old wrinkly fuck larry ballsack. so now some other fuck that looks like he has a hairpiece, a polystyrene face, and a smirk off a pile of shit, why didn’t you do more to stop bin laden when you had the chance? wow. so yesterday they are asking him how he felt that the shit wasn’t related. and now today they ask him why he didn’t stop the shit that wasn’t related BEFORE it had a chance to not be related, attacking his legacy AND his the entire field of sane logical life. so what does he do? first off attack the situation (SMART) calls the dude out on smirking, answers every aspect of the question, and then fox news has 20 different people on the air throughout the day talking about how he blew up and was a hot fuse and shit. this is how dictators are made media. good work. when i have the opportunity, i will bring every person that tried to bring president clinton down, down. and then i’ll kick. and i’ll never stop kicking… because i got jack shit else to do. keep being assholes fox news… i got a google map to your office, and a jar half full of nickles that i will contribute to each time i see you attempting to manipulate america’s freedom. when it’s full, there isn’t much left to do except smash it over something, right? gee, i wonder what i’ll smash it on. the nicest car in the fox news lot? every car? people? windows? gas lines? i mean really even trying to pick is just too hard. i’ll end up just going on feel.

  14. pat buchanon believes that ***2*** fences 15′ high each, with a road in between will save 3000 mexican lives a year from people who are killed in the desert by coyotes trying to cross the border…. so WE should build this wall to save THEIR lives. politics are a joke. this election is a joke. REFORM. reform now or i’m starting 50 nickle jars and going crazy.

  15. doesn’t pat watch insomniac? does he have something against drunken entertainment? didn’t he see that there isn’t a desert at all? just a guy selling soup, and 300 yards of flood light lit prarie. just stop fucking lying.

  16. right now we are to believe there is a code of ethics and self governance in the media… yet a large portion of campaign dollars go to the media because it’s well known those dollars and the right lies can sway an election. and THAT is BS. you can’t stop the politics on tv without stopping free speech, and i’ll assume that isn’t an option. the only thing left is criminalizing it. perhaps federally criminalizing it with mandatory guantanomo sentancing? that will shut those fuckers up. either that or my nickels, but remember there is only one me, and many many many many cops that just do what the law says. the law is worthless. this country is worthless. fucking liars.

  17. why 15 feet? because people can build an 11, 12, or 13 foot ladder. he really said that. and he really said coyotes. he CAN’T be serious. obviously he WANTS a fence. is his tactic to tell the BIGGEST lie he can that assumes his glorious fence and then let the shit storm prevail and just HOPE he gets his ends? i mean come on. this is just a JOKE. politicians should be required to take the LSAT yearly and get double whatever cal gets. another new law. yes yes, guantanomo for the flunkies.

  18. we have the technology to simply remove the need for politicians. they are middle men. they are the distributors that take that extra percentage from mom and pop shops that destroys their chance at competing with the direct to manufacture strategy by sam walton. we as american citizens are getting middled by the entire concept of representation. you want to know what i want? ask me. don’t ask someone that someone else decided to speak on my behalf. or you’ll get the nickels.

  19. if walmart can thrive, after all these years, that means that people have accepted the concept of walmart and can manage it’s downsides. if that is possible, then representativeless governance is also just as possible. first count up all the liabilites you remove by removing politicians… no add the liabilities required to lay the infrastructure in place. whoa. america could be america again. fucking politicians.

  20. instead of “net neutrality bill”, call it the “Internet Prohibition Bill” like everyone else is doing now and you’ll finally get everyone’s attention. wait, you mean this would allow them to stop me from doing what i want potentially?!?!?!………… FUCKING, YESSSSS! haven’t you been listening?!#T^(*&#^ dumb americans.

  21. ok now i really AM up at 4:29am. maddd, love it when you get political. cal, rarely do i get into sports on this blog but seriously, GO TWINS!!! i will be able to get series tix via my deceased MN twin uncle’s honor if the twins should be so lucky to move forward…cal? road trip to STP??

  22. i’ve noticed that i see the exact same amount of insurance ads as i do boner pill ads. that potentially says a lot.

  23. hmmm… rumthumb and yesmur… heretofore uncombined = thumuryes… but that sorta sounds like thumb her ass, and that ain’t right. what is your upcoming production schedule look like? could you fit me in somewhere that i could exploit my screen time in a way that would be advantagous to us both? maybe we could fake a customer review that i said you filmed my kids sweet 16 party that i had prince play at. and your work was SUPURB. all the kids at her school totally said it was way better than any of the super sweet 16s they saw on MTV… and you know… that really made me proud. trilobyte came through when not coming through wasn’t even an option to not accomplish. it just wasn’t. would i hire them again? can i be straight with you? yes.

  24. i’m so happy! i’m so happy! i’m so… my pinky needs surgery! totally not cool. plus i’m way sick-o. going to bed for as long as possible. lsat sat, operation to follow. yay twins! yay bill! things besides broken fingers are looking up! goodnight America!



  26. My Ethics prof, who I am presently ignoring to Whazz, was on the prosecution team for the Dahmer trial. Creepy.

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