Yahoo HackDay 2006

I’m liveblogging from Yahoo HackDay and it’s pretty tight so far. I’m in their cafeteria and the concert just finished; they got Beck to do a show for 400 geeks in Yahoo’s courtyard, which was awesome. Free beer, Guitar Hero on a 20 foot screen, and tons of smart people inventing shit before my eyes. I’ll be checking back in as the evening prgresses (the Thing goes until 2:30p on Saturday, and it’s only 9:40p on Friday right now… so yeah, I’ll be up all night checking in with the Sceizzer and my Poker Pals. BTW– wwhazz, you’re comment was alsmot certainly flagged for moderation cuz it was about gambling, which it thought was spam. I apologize on behalf of the intelligence of the WordPress filter. HOLLLARIT, gents, I’m lookin’ to win a 32″ LCD TV prize to come up with some Cool Shitâ„¢.

[UPDATE 1 (10:12PM)]
Here’s our ideas:

  1. PlaceBlog: add comments to an address somewhere in the world.
  2. MosaicOnline: Create a mosaic from flickr photos (of a specific tag?) online
  3. Literature Road Trip: User contribution system where you store where novels and short stories take place around the world, and when you plan a road trip it tells you what notable pieces of literature occurred at somewhere on your journey.
  4. Talking Card: Upload audio file and take a picture off Flickr and then put them together where the picture is animated to talk along with the audio.

Still talking but we’ll need to get started before midnight if we want to finish by tomorrow.

[UPDATE 2 (10:59pm)]

I have seen the King of Guitar Hero play Bark at the Moon in Expert mode and I kneel before him. Trivia Note: He is asian.

[UPDATE 3 (11:53pm)]

TalkingCard it is, I’m started on the backend, our new late-night buddy Mo is on the Flash front end, and Ben is doing experiments on client-side photo mosaic techniques. MOre when we know. On the iPod: Hicktown, by my other late-night buddy Jason Aldean. This one’s for you, wwhazz.

[UPDATE 4 (1:56am)]

Problems abound as we hash out the details of this stuff.

87 thoughts on “Yahoo HackDay 2006

  1. 1. Cal, will my dog’s dander send you to the ER? I just thought of that.

    2. Plan for world domination is not going well. I made up my entry fees with a nice 2-4 session last night. Today I’ve down 3 turbos and all three have been shitty.

    1. $33 on Party. Early I call a min raise with 107s in the bb. The flop is 10 high and the dude pops a 180 chip pot 300. I’m 1000% sure he has nothing, so I check raise him all in. He calls with KJ and turns a J rivers a K. He then tells me he knew I had nothing. Classic.

    2. $2 turbo rebuy on pokerroom. 10th place. Too stupid to even talk about.

    3. $6 turbo party. UTG pops it 100, five call. I’m in the BB with 1010. Push. Only UTG calls with J10 and hits a J. I was out before the water for my tea was even boiling.

    4. To make matters worse, Belly has been sick in bed for the last 4 days and now I have a pounding headache and my throat is closing. Countdown to sickness: 2 hours.

    5. That butter and toast thing was the best metaphor I’ve ever seen. May I have it?

  2. w-whazz…. i think the #1 destination for what you are looking for in game selection is at stars. that’s the word on the street.

  3. dude, if you can find a situation in life where that metaphor is in any way meaningful, feel free.

  4. cal, are you really watching lost dvd’s or was that a joke? sometimes your “west coast” sarcasm goes over my head.

  5. $20 cannonball on PR in 24 minutes. i’m in. $30 ploiter in an hour. time for mario to 2 step in and hollllllllarit “FIGHT!”

  6. talk whazzmaster into being your partner and you can run the white men can’t jump hustle at tennis. but you are *2* white men, so you’ll make double the money.

  7. son of a fuck. 15th. lost 2 in a row on rivers where i was 4:1 fav when money went in. fucking bull shit. the world of turbos.

  8. top 10 paid. 15th gets a thank you for working an hour, and a bill for $22. somehow it makes sense though, i’m pretty sure.

  9. a dude at the end had his aces cracked to lose half his stack… then cracked aces to win it back… then busted to aces. all in 3 straight hands. i got a chuckle… then as i stood laughing, just calming down, and someone gets be with the butter. i could not believe it. i could not believe it was butter.

  10. turbo tourneys skill is a filter non press situation as well. just like in the rolling thunder movie with tom cruise where there is that huge wreck and he has to accellerate through it. there are reasons not to do it. many good reasons. but if you cant drive through that cloud knowing you know everything you COULD know and used it all as well as you could, and are completely content with pushing that pedal down and letting the pieces fall… you can’t win. it is impossible. because someone else might be willing to do it, or worse yet, some idiot will do it accidentally and win. cinncinatti kid quote, “it’s all about doing the wrong thing at the right time”. so true. the smart move is always being the idiot. cal, email the LSAT people and explain these socioeconomic talking points and argue you failed on purpose because it was the logical thing to do. HOLLLLLLLLARIT. doing OK in the ploit.. just got rivered by gutshot when i flopped trips and nut low. bah. got 3k, should have 5.

  11. ok, i quartered the guy…. still got the other quarter to go. fuck this idiot. i will END him.

  12. Just woke up from a nap. The sickness took a lot of the wind out of my sails, but I still made some cash. I down loaded stars, but it’s gonna take a while to sort though it all.

    For now I took a play out of cals playbook and rented some tv on dvd. We’re watching season 1 of My Name is Earl.

  13. wow… venture bros on right now… wow… wwhazz, you saw that painting i made where there was the dolphin in the reddish liquid with a being floating in the above water portion in an orbish something…. it was a little weird. almost exactly the same looking. they ripped my shit off. facists.

  14. that whole scene with brock in the water… the angles, the horizon line, the perspective size differences… everything was the same. 7th out of 23 from 45 in the ploit at the break.

  15. #!^!#$^!@#%!@#%!@$^$! T88 flop and and my 8T runs into TT all in. leaving me with 123 chips on the buble. (#&)(@#^*)@(#^

  16. cold fucking deck. bleh. theres no money today grandma. maybe you can put me on a plan? i NEED your charity.

  17. normal tourney dynamics = war with guns. turbo = war with nukes. some people like to pretend like the written strategy of war pre-nukes still holds it value post nukes. the books needs to get re-written and re-read… but no one wants to write it, and no one sees a reason to read it. fish tank. just take their money. cal could do it. just need experience and open mind.

  18. but also, there is a skill to keeping your car at a certain speed behind the pace car at the lowest RPM possible to conserve fuel. the more of those angles you got in your bat-belt, the easier it becomes to spot out, set up, and otherwise exploit those afraid of the cloud of smoke. afraid of the unknown. afraid of the truth.

  19. shana hiatt is in litigation with WPT. they say she can’t work for espn and show her titties over there. those are OUR titties. but i think espn will still get to use em’. shana hiatt’s titties have a profound socioeconomic shifting power. they CAN make you. they CAN break you. you can’t hide. you can try to run, but you know they’ll catch you… they’re HUUUUUUUUUUUGE. nut up and face them. huh? i lost 10k… whatev… man… rounnnnnnnnnd. juuuuuuuuuuuuuicy. shaaaaaaaaaaaana.

  20. whazzmaster will be out for the count for 2.6 days recovering. i hope you new orleanders are happy.

  21. the new WPT chick has fitness boobies like that chick in club dredd. that movie is a well thought out production throughout. mucho el propos.

  22. i love being in the upper middle of the pack behind the pace car in heavy traffic, slow down to leave to a gap anticipating the best explosion… when some idiot red lines it to close the gap only to stand on his break 2 seconds later when he hits traffic, just as it starts to move a millisecond later, and i’m shooting by him on the right a trillisecond after that and he’s dead in the water in the asphault. and every time i still look in my rear view mumbling comically to myself “DUDE! WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING?!?!?!” i’ve come to the conclusion: you weren’t.

  23. and moreso, the assumptions you were operating on are an OBVIOUSITY of a state of error unless standing on your break as i OWN you is in your list of “acceptible outcomes”. hahahahah. SHIPE IT!

  24. flomax: “here’s to guys that want to spend more time HAVING FUN and less time in the MENS room”. fuck all that. the fun is IN the mens room. HOLLLLLLLLLARIT! cal knows what i’m talking about. why would these dudes want to piss less? and why would the pill be called flomax then… should it be minflo? did market testing show that more people would warm up to a potential purchase of flomax, but not minflo? you could have gone with “urine-b-gone”… but some pet stain cleaner chemical company beat you to the punch. gotta stay on your toes in this market. someone else will shoot through the smoke balls out ahead of you.

  25. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. ploit with 120 people. 14 left and i’m in 2nd. i have 25k. other dude has 25500. avg stack is 10k and top 10 pay. i have AA2K suited. on the turn i have nut low overpair on board that doesn’t make a straight, and both flush draws. all in for 50k pot and dude rivers a 2 which counterfeits my low, and gives him a set with his 22 top pair no kicker. i mean come the christ on. so he has 50k and i’m out on seriously the 10th fucking bubble in a row. i am insanely pissed. then the next tournament i have 10k in about half way through looking to dominate and i lose the next hand on the river too, which knocks me to 3k at the break. FUCKING. JOKE. i have been dominating for 2 days and getting FUCKED FUCKED FUCKED on the bubble. )(#@^*&)#@(%^*#!)(%*@#^)(&@#%(*&^#(*&@#(%)&

  26. (@#*&%(#!%&)!(% then i talk crazy shit, get A2KQ double suited, talk shit and dude tells me shut up and i already see it… i raise… tell him to make me… he re-raises with fucking jacks, no low draw, i flop top 2 with 1 low card and this fucker catches a flush with one of his Jacks. FUCKING. JOKE. (!#@&%0(!@%&*

  27. it’s like i drove through the smoke perfect, then died a lap from the finish from lung cancer. didn’t see that coming. is it even believable? who am i to ask… i’m dead. FUCK

  28. buttered flomax in the house! yes lost dvd’s!like buttered toast. bellgirl we won yesterday! i couldn’t believe it this morning when i checked the score. it’s a miracle!

    i’m so tempted to “cancel” my lsat score… they said over and over: you have nine days to cancel. nine days to cancel. nine days to cancel. but i’m not… just going to hope! if the answers consisted mainly of answer choice “D” I did great! c’mon “D”!

  29. Hey Whazzmaster…
    Zach, I don’t mean to shit in your Easter Basket, but there is already a site that lets you record a message & include a picture. We used the same technology to start a viral campaign of monkeys dressed like hookers & businessmen. I do really like the idea of Literature Road Trip. Anyway, I hope you won.
    Also, on a hojo note, I attended the nuptuals of a one Mandy Davis to a Thomas Marks this past weekend in Monroe, Wi. The highlight was one of Tom’s friends who was in the wedding is a cop & gave one of the bridesmaids a DUI a few months back. I also drank a few cans of Huber in your honor wwhazz….when in Rome. Wirki (that’s how I pluralize Wirkus) I hope you’re feeling better.

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