Twenty Eight

Today unofficially kicks off the busiest October I’ve ever had. Birthday! Considering the rager we threw last year at the ol’ homestead tonight will be much more low key, and with any luck I won’t wake up in bed with Scott Fornier. At any rate, we’re going down to the Village Bistro on Santana Row for a small dinner that Judd put together. Afterwards, drinks? Maybe, that’s all I can say. I won’t have any pictures due to filthy thieves in Madison, Wisconsin, but maybe I can describe the night to you using a villanelle. Who knows? Spacebee told me she’d be hiding in a cake, so I’m on the lookout for cakes that are people-sized.
I’ve got some bites on the whazz machine, we’ll see where they lead.  I’ll snag the speakers out for you, scientist.

I also made a big pot of black beans and rice with chicken last night. I’ll be interested to see how it turned out.

There’s awesome pictures from the halloween party last weekend but due to the nature of some of them they are restricted to friends and family of Jordan. I’ll see if I can wrangle a few of them off his flickr page so I can show them here. CREATIVE COMMONS~!

Got a big karaoke outing planned in San Fran on Friday night. Are you down to ride, Cal?  FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Greg can come, too. Emile is also invited. I won’t even kid you about rolling snake eyes on the LSAT; I’ll serenade you with some R. Kelly ditty.

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  1. fundamental baseball = pitching. pitching is controlled by the laws of physics. if those laws aren’t enough and someone can step up and expliot your inability to get the ball past them… then you lose. pitchers aren’t getting accused of roiding… they are just whining because they aren’t as good as they NEED to be. it’s the fucking pros. learn to pitch.

  2. nah… we’d just rather lobby the commissioner to keep our jobs easy. fuck you. in the old days if a dude was dopin’, you didn’t tell anyone… you brought sand paper to the mound. and if they came for you, you ditched it. not now. now they just rat you out. save my ass. buddy, you just buried yourself. fucking pussy ass pitchers. HE’S TOOOOO GOOOOOODDDDD WAHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHBBQ

  3. accessibility to training tools could change potential performance maximums just as well, but the league leaves it up to the teams to provide facilities and they are not regulated. what if the yankees can get the latest bowflexs just because they know a guy? is that really any different? the latest ones are CRAZY good.

  4. they should make a law… you know, to keep the spirt of the game alive… that ball players can ONLY play ball, and their physique must be the result of JUST the game. hey… if you can’t build muscles don’t pushups and throwing right fields around, then sorry. we need to control these people or they will ruin everything we love.

  5. 11th of 352 from 1500…. they changed the number of players…. who cares. i’m still the shit.

  6. I’ve had my eye on that $2 turbo rebuy and I’m not sure about it. It gets around 2000 player and 6000 rebuys, but the turbo stops at level 20, so it’s really a cannonball. Either way, it takes about 5 hours to get to the final table, an hour for the final table and at least an hour of heads up.

    Unless I’m in the right frame of mind, I don’t have the stamina for that…. though 1st is 3k…

    But I think that I’m going to bust up the $10 rebuy on pokerroom that starts after the first turbo. It gets around 134 people. Maybe 2 or 3 three at each table rebuy 1st hand and a lot of them do not even bother to rebuy, so when you get to the 1hr mark, you’re down to 75 or so. Seems pretty cake.

  7. 25th of 217… lost a big one, would be 1st, but that happens. this is when it’s supposed to happen. bite me shoulder godzilla, i’ll snap your fucking jaw.

  8. anna nichole case… i’m sorr, but big money is on the line. the case is all about the ideals of capitalism… i have 10 billion dollars. i’m 150 years old. i want to fuck anna nichole and she says she wants to fuck me. what do you do? so anyways, the break down of this is that she has another baby and her first teenager dies presumably under the influence of a lot of narcotics or whatever. the attorney that got her all the money and was at her side for the last like 7 years DAILY is claiming hes the father of her new baby, and this other guy is contesting it. almost fucking made up story. basically it is made up. 10 billion dollars made it real because one rich whore who knows a lawyer had initiative to think “what if”. anyways the lawyer for the dude demanding a paternaty test says in bold, non possible i’m wrong tone that “ANNA NICHOLE. YOU HAVE *NOTHING* TO LOSE BY ALLOWING A PATERNATY TEST”. that. is. a. lie. she loses the right to not allow you a test by allowing you a test. she loses the freedom to not do what *YOU* *WANT* her to do by doing what you want. THAT is something. THAT is america. and DEBRA OPRI, you UGLY AS FUCK, JACKED UP NOSE HAVING FACELIFT BITCH NEEDING SOME TITTIES WITH YOUR ORANGE HAIR AND SWEATER FROM 19 FUCKING 72. BEFORE YOU GET YOUR UGLY AS LIPS IN FRONT OF 100 FUCKING CAMERAS AND ADDRESS THE FUCKING NATION. SO FIND ANOTHER WAY TO BE A BITCH. if you don’t understand your logic, that is. HOLLER AT ME.

  9. if anna nichole agrees to this paternaty test, i will DEMAND a test for myself. WHAT IF? i don’t want to lose my share of 3 BILLION. why take that risk? TEST ME TOO!

  10. i can see what your saying… 3 hours in. just making the money. 55th of 155. just starting to even notice i’m playing. within 10 minutes i’m done.

  11. 1. Anna Nicole’s lawyer should be disbarred yesterday.

    2. I’m on Anna’s side in the will contest. Her “stepson” was a sneaky, greedy little fucker. Bottom line: don’t steal, kids.

  12. Don’t steal, kids … even if your senile rich daddy marries himself a hooker at the age of 90 whatever.

  13. Big J, if you say this dude should be disbarred, then you’re also saying that anna didn’t really love that man. she says she did. what proof do you have?


  15. and then if you say that you’re on her side in the will case… and you also THINK she didn’t love him… then shouldn’t YOU be disbarred????????????????

  16. just because if she did love him, then he just faught for the interests of a single woman, was successful, and a legal relationship between a single woman and single man bloomed… so unless you just want him disbarred because he’s a better lawyer than you or something, and you want to open some jobs up for yourself… then i can’t imagine another reason… so sorry for assuming. but that’s the root of this case. EVERYONE AGREES WITH YOU. but there is nothing you can do. welcome to america.

  17. madddd, i worked with franken on the wellstone movie. he’s good shit. the only hope MN has to kick that MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE NORM COLEMAN OFF HIS UNDESERVED THRONE. my sister just interviewed to be his personal dog walker so hey, if you need an in we’re it.

  18. holy shit rumthumbS, YES. it’s sad you have to play politics to help someone change the idea of politics, but i’m totally game.

  19. i’m totally good at walking dogs too… so if your sister wants to delegate that to me and never tell al, i’ll be the guy behind the guy behind the dog. i can do that.

  20. then when the times right… i’ll totally black ball your sister and go straight to al… “buddy…. here’s your dog. i’ve been walking him for MONTHS.” hahahahahahah. THE WORLD IS MINE

  21. but hey, whazzmaster, you benefat, right? i questioned your right to practice law and threatened to set up your blood, in a cold case of dog walkery. you. are. welcome.

  22. FROM 1500. i dont understand why rich people aren’t knocking down my door to make them money in major tournaments. is that conceited? seriously though, you can’t get much better. i am GOD.

  23. she hasn’t been chosen as designated dog walker yet but i’ll keep you posted. as for my RAGE i was on 2 wellstone campaigns and he and sheila (his wife) were personal friends of my family so the fact that the MOTHERFUCKER won the election was really a stab in an open gaping wound for me.

  24. hey, anything i can do. i’m local, smartish, available, motivated as long as the competition thinks they have a chance, and best of all i’m 6’4″ 220# ready to BRAWL

  25. The cool thing about turbos is you win a lot while risking a very small amount of time and money.

    More on the dickfight:

    Take poker as MMA metaphor. We can punch and kick and strangle and that’s all good. The dick fighter steps in and says “hey, lets whip knives at each other’s faces” and most dudes are like “no fucking way”.

    And even if they do say yes? Cool. Like the Spice Girls say “two become one”.

  26. yes yes, but the way you put quotes in implies you are saying it directly, but the entire vibe of a dick fight is the IMPLICATION. more like, “YOU SURE? LOOK AT THIS!” so it’s not throwing knives, it’s FLASHING a knife and saying in a playfully positive tone “huh?!” like “you like that” “wanna throw these” “feel like getting stabbed?” “by this DICK?!” you’re the best, you assert yourself, and they step up…. BAD IDEA. you see this? it’s a knife. i re-raise.

  27. )#@(&)@#(^&#)@(^&)(^#$@ FUCKING DEAD. JOKE. still got 4000% ROI and in my mind i LOST. i hate poker.

  28. back to my wellstone RAGE, it sucks when your hero’s plane is jimmied with and then he dies. that is all i have to say about that. oh yeah, his wife and daughter die too along with a kid you went to high school with.

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