Twenty Eight

Today unofficially kicks off the busiest October I’ve ever had. Birthday! Considering the rager we threw last year at the ol’ homestead tonight will be much more low key, and with any luck I won’t wake up in bed with Scott Fornier. At any rate, we’re going down to the Village Bistro on Santana Row for a small dinner that Judd put together. Afterwards, drinks? Maybe, that’s all I can say. I won’t have any pictures due to filthy thieves in Madison, Wisconsin, but maybe I can describe the night to you using a villanelle. Who knows? Spacebee told me she’d be hiding in a cake, so I’m on the lookout for cakes that are people-sized.
I’ve got some bites on the whazz machine, we’ll see where they lead.  I’ll snag the speakers out for you, scientist.

I also made a big pot of black beans and rice with chicken last night. I’ll be interested to see how it turned out.

There’s awesome pictures from the halloween party last weekend but due to the nature of some of them they are restricted to friends and family of Jordan. I’ll see if I can wrangle a few of them off his flickr page so I can show them here. CREATIVE COMMONS~!

Got a big karaoke outing planned in San Fran on Friday night. Are you down to ride, Cal?  FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Greg can come, too. Emile is also invited. I won’t even kid you about rolling snake eyes on the LSAT; I’ll serenade you with some R. Kelly ditty.

122 thoughts on “Twenty Eight

  1. I got 2nd in that rebuy. I think my play around the bubble and at the final table was inspired. Heads up too… after a long back and fro, I got guy all in preflop when I had KK. He had A10. You know the rest. Still, I go to bed happy.

  2. rumthumbs, do you have a pretty good idea who did it? is equal retribution an option in your moral universe? i got a $500 wal mart gift cert, and you know the rest. if getting franken in office would suffice, like i said, i’m willing to dedicate a couple years to that. i could run his “street team” on the internet. i’m an internet hoodlum. i know the spots. let me in the circle, i’ll figure shit out in real time and work to his advantage. i’m motivated. i’m serious. i know how to jimmy planes.

  3. wwhazz, if the franken thing falls through, me and you gotta go to vegas for 2 months and get sponsorship. i mean seriously. we get it.

  4. i would say my #1 platform issue is lies on television… and this is the dude who fucking wrote the book lies and the lying liars who tell them. i mean… it’s like the perfect dude can through at the perfect time. almost too perfect. the problem with getting rid of broadcast lies is when you do a “implied lie” like what you said theoretically needs to be covered under free speech, but in the situtation was clear to any logical being what it really meant, and that meaning would not be covered. it’s tricky policy… situational analysis doesn’t exist in an idealist system… the situation is always the same theoretically. so i’d like to do work on that. i think franken finally figured out some of the strategies required and that is why he’s running for office. i’d like to contribute, because i have my own theories, and so far, my theories work well in other theoretical “games”, so i think i’m as good as they get on the topic. or at least good enough to be indistinguishable from the best from the 99% percentile of the population. come on al… please?

  5. the south park world of warcraft episode was pretty good. they are keeping it childish… hard to do.

  6. but at the same time addressing the root problem i’m talking about. quality propeganda.

  7. if any of you still don’t believe me about vonage, then just buy this device for $65 and use your broadband connection and home phone or cell phone and make unlimited free calls to others that do the same. forever. no monthly fees. free. vonage is a JOKE. a business model that relies on idiots. they are selling sporks… but the sporks they are selling require you to take your own spoon, and own fork, combine it with their spork technology, and there you go! but it’s like… idiot… you already had a spoon AND a fork… why would you ever need a spork?! but they don’t care. they like saying spork.

  8. hey steve… yeah… just got this spork… oh yeah? yeah! cool. I KNOW. man… i want a spork.

  9. when you have situational based laws, that opens up the “i wasn’t aware of the situation” defense. but our crazy legal system already expects you to know EVERY SINGLE LAW because “i wasn’t aware of the law” is not a valid defense, so i think there is any fundamental loss. the number of statutes imposed on someone at any time is much less than the number of parameters governing a logical situation. it’s smarter this way.

  10. actually i think i meant to say, i DONT think there is any fundamental loss, but just the thought of typing “i don’t think” probably got changed in my subconscious. i do think.

  11. wwhazz, that 3 button animated screens keyboard shipped their first … uh… shipment today. i totally understand what you’re saying about inspired play, and i feel that minimizing the interface between yourself and the game can only help to nurture that state. i also got that control knob for switching between tables and altering bet size. it is the perfect interface. is it perfect for every situation? no. is it perfect for a LOT of situations? yes. are those situations easy to define? extremely. also, i found coupon code TIMBOT that takes $5 off a $30 order making it $212 total for both shipped 2 day UPS. i’ll let you know how it works out, but i can’t see how it won’t work… it’s exactly what i want.

  12. control knob
    3 button animated screen keyboard (i went with black case)

    out of the box, these are useless… but they are customizable, and between them provide so many awesome possibilities. rumsey, they would be great for editing… you’d have 4 macro buttons, and could keep track of variables like disk space left and movie length or whatever… and the knob would make a great jog wheel. you could even get 2 and then have 1 control source and 1 master… i’m excited. and my new computer comes tomorrow… check it.… not sure how i feel completely about it yet, but it’s the only motherboard i could find that works with the specialized processors and ram and hard drives i had to get to work with pro tools. those fuckers design their shit right down to assembly language because if you want the best, you gotta build from the ground up. YOU HAVE TO. anyways, next few days will be awesome. then i’ll have other distractions and you lurkers won’t be bothered with reading my ramblings.

  13. it changes the face of computing in the same way i’m talking about changing the legal system. right now we assume buttons are fixed. they have a fixed meaning and a fixed face. that doesn’t make for the best interface… now pressing the button can change the button. and that might seem scary, but thats how things work. the buttons change each time you press them. we just pretend they don’t. now we can stop pretending. the buttons are animated.

  14. dear,

    well i didn’t die. in the end i didn’t even get the general ast — just heavily sedated. my left hand is a burning ball of hurt at the moment and i am typing with only my right. i’m on vicadin but it doesn’t seem to be doing much– not that i’m in that much pain– maybe it is helping i dont know. anyway. i have a very large cast on my hand considering it was just my widdle pinky. doc said it “went well”. not sure what went on in there but here’s to it going well!

    also i’ve been too hard on the president, he’s doing a great job. and tax cuts for the wealthy benefit everyone. republicans are selfless caring people.

    get it? like they gave me a labotomy? only mildly funny i know but gimme a break i just had surgery for crying out loud.

    your friend,


  15. 1. Rumthumb, you knew Wellstone? OMG. That is so awesome.

    2. My laptop desktop is officially a big blazing picture of Che. I can’t frickin stand it anymore.

    3. One of my favorite dumb law phrases is: “ignorance of the law is not a defense.” AKA: you’ve been set up, joker.

  16. man, i screwed that post up about ignorance of the law like 10 times. i actually meant there are MORE STATUTES than parameters, and i said less. man if only i typed what i actually meant or proofread once in a while maybe i’d be understood. WHOOOOOOOOOOOPS! there are too many laws that all overlap in hypocritical ways. that is the foundation for a shitty shitty building.

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