Superb Purchase

First it was the way they push PSP’s on you for shit that you don’t care about, and then they started the Fry’s Electronics policy of selling you something and then making you walk 10 feet to prove to some guy that you bought something before you leave.  Here’s a new reason to hate Best Buy: the cashiers can no longer de-security your purchases (i.e., they can’t take the plastic case off of a video game or memory card).  Instead, you pay for your stuff, then they send you to the security man to look at your recepit and THEN they take the item you’ve purchased out of the maximum security case they put it in.  You are then graciously allowed to leave the store, or as I like to call it: Folsom State Prison.  Are you sure you want to take that chance Best Buy? Maybe you should make me present my receipt one more time and then let you finger bang me before I’m allowed to leave the parking lot.  That would totally stop a lot of thieves.  In any case Best Buy, fuck you.

17 thoughts on “Superb Purchase

  1. keyvan would say that this is a prime example of negative word of mouth. btw, what version of wordpress are you running? your feed doesn’t show up completely in my netvibes….

  2. what doesn’t keyvan think about negative word of mouth? is it useful? counter productive? does he do it himself? did he used to? does he know that they sell about 10000 different DYNEX products that all SUCK ASS?! you can buy whatever electronics you want, better quality, more features, for less money, pretty much anywhere online and they ship it to your door and you never have to interact with a single person employed to give you creepy we think you’re stealing vibes. fuck all that. BEST BUY: YOU KILLED YOUR OWN BUSINESS MODEL BY SELLING THE TECHNOLOGY USED TO PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS. oh wait, you know that, and now you just sell crappy shit that wears out ever year creating your own market, much like cal and his hate. the gap pulls the same shit…. 100% acrylic is where it’s at, but you can’t find that shit at the mall… because it washes clean near instantly, comes out of the washer near dry, doesn’t stretch or shrink, but has awesome tensile strength and give, and lasts forever. it’s pretty much only made in taiwan, but if you can get some, HOOK. IT. UP. fuck all those southy cotton farmers and the hate that make their market. i’m wearing acrylic and typing on a computer i didn’t buy from best buy… and you know what, i’m going to bust up my dynex keyboard. i’m DONE with it. dynex keyboard, you make my life less perfect. i’mma pull your motherfucking application.

  3. sadly, they are sufficient. too bad a grumpy old man like myself feels that it’s neccessary that keyboard stays in caps lock mode when you hold the shift key down, and that when you push a button it always does something… i mean… always… come on. isn’t that asking for a lot? how about, often. often it will do something. isn’t that sufficient? DYNEX!#%!^#

  4. will have a podcast called the madd scientist show. the listeners will be referred to as “the haters” and whenever they are mentioned, cell phone recordings of every whazzer calling in and chanting “hate.hate.hate.hate.” will be played. oh man it will be awesome. i hope charles calls.

  5. this 2 dogs thing so far is one large headache… but that’s probably because i have jet lagged myself to a place that doesn’t exist. i’m like the fucking double picard from the shuttlecraft. laying in sick bay like “8am…. 8am…. WHAT? IS? THIS?!” then the dogs start one upping each other. great. OH YEAH, WELL CHECK *THIS* OUT!

  6. in order to take out the current system… i really don’t think al franken should run on the democratic ticket. i mean, he grew up “republican” then realized the party was trending away from their personal ideals so they took the next most popular choice democrats and propegated that cycle. if he runs as a democrat, this can be spun infinately. but “independant” doesn’t sound like you’re really the revolution candidate that you really are. libertarian, green… you don’t need them, and why take on their liabilities. what you need to do is invent a new party that says everything you represent and no matter how the future unfolds, people will always know what you’ll at least stand to have your party named. you can’t spin that. so you run on the “crazy mother fucker” ticket. your constituants GET IT. get on the airwaves. “hello. i’m al franken. and i’m a crazy mother fucker. i’m running for governor of my home state minnesota. after graduating from harvard and dominating all forms of media, i’ve come to the realization that the only thing stopping me from allowing the citizens of minnesota from electing me governore, is simply letting them know i’d like the job. i’m certainly good enough.” couple that with the whole… “crazy mother fucker?” did he say that… is he really crazy? oh… he must just be kidding. harvard? really? that’s nice. wow, he wrote all those movies? i don’t know… crazy mother fucker? then you go to the crazy mother fucker home page and it’s explains the reasoning… the cyclical nature of dirty politics between 2 dominating parties. so why not crazy mother fucker? exactly. could any other name have more answers? it’s obviously a joke. and that drives through the idea that THERE ARE JOKES. THEY EXIST. EVEN IN POLITICS. and that just builds up even more pressure behind him… if he holds, it will take him all the way to president.

  7. my computer is on the truck for delivery from st paul!! then 2 days later the knob and ANIMATED BUTTONS!! then 2 days after that, some new KICKS and 3 100% acrylic sweaters from eastbay. THIS BOY IS ON A CONSUMERATED RAMPAAAAAAAGE(^GE(E^G(#^(%*!&^ SHOPPING! EATING! JEFFERTON…….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAllllLIVE!

  8. oh man… i got some CSI type show on discovery channel, and they are talking about some murder or something… and they interview this chick cop, and they are talking about the profile of the PERP and she says “more professional sexual offenders would probably use a condom” wow. ma’aam, uh… not sure how long you’ve been on the force, or why you joined, but how about in the future we choose different adjectives, other than “professional”, when talking about rapists who are good at not getting caught. mmmmm’kay? miss? ma’am? officerette? and look at the logic behind your statement… “more professional”, meaning “professionalism” is a sliding scale attribute. then you say “probably” wear a condom. ma’am… if you are talking in terms of sliding scale variables and say more, then you’re logically talking about the most, and if more and more probably they wear a condom as professionalism goes up, then the most professional of rapists ALWAYS wear a condom. your statement makes you look unsure of the validity of your own statement, glorifies the individuals you are employed to erradicate from society, and makes me angry. i think this chick sympathizes for these guys, and that is screwed up. she gave it all away with 2 words.

  9. screw that, tivo got me the new office episode! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. oh the troubles of maintaining an ignorant dilusional work force. heeheeheeheeehehehehehe. soooooooo funny.

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