The Gifts Roll In

Just wanted to take some time to stop and say to The Wirksu’s:

  1. Thanks for the gift, and
  2. …you jerks.

I appreciate the Travel Agent gifts as well.  That certainly wasn’t your common stationary.  I also got Spacebee’s gift and it was a cornucopia of fun.  Two High Life shirts, new Reef sandals, a Brewers ping-pong paddle, and nice new coasters for my new pad. Holy crap, I’m excited to wear everything at once.

To anyone who attended the dinner on Tuesday, thanks again for coming out and I appreciate the Meal Gift. Big ups to Judd for organizing.  Man, I had a lot of scotch.

Gotta go to lunch. I’m out.

35 thoughts on “The Gifts Roll In

  1. Zmoney I’m glad you got your gift we were so excited to send it, did you drink tea out of it this morning, we expect that you will drink tea out of it every morning. HEEEEHEHHEHEEEEE

  2. p.s. looking forward to you and your gal being in San Dog- wwhazz says we’re REALLY going to TJ, is that true. He wants to get drunko for cheap and buy a lot of useless shit. He also wants to get a watch down there- should be interesting.

  3. Where else are you going to get a bucket (10) of pacifico and 5 shots for $10? Where else are you going to get lucha masks? Where else are you going to get a staph infection? Answer me that, sailor.

  4. Cal, I’m still planning on coming to the city tonight. Are you and your busted digits down to ride? Down to ride dirty? LIKE with a staph infection? Huhhhhhhhhh? How about a steph infection?

  5. i want out. but, it’s hard. i need answers mama. i need answers. r kelly… i understand. go piss on someone.

  6. i wish that i could touch the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ohhhhhhhhhh IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i wish … something by your side OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOHIIIIIIIIIIII i wish that i could be with you… to something you SOMEhOWWWWWWWWWWWWWOWOWOWOWOSO and if the something something something i’ll be with you again someeeeeeeeeeday. i wish i wish i wish. i wish i wish i wish.

  7. nice as shit here today… 78 and clear and breezy and fall colors… FriSBEE GOLF TIME@)#^(&@!#)(^&

  8. looks like it’s in the leaves, jim. Oooh! it’s the david leaves. remember that guy david leaves? he was a character.

  9. new scorcsezzzsey movie “the department”. i swear to god i could have done a better score AND a better editing job. however, dude has done so much, i think they might have been done bad on purpose just to add to the “trapped” feeling of being in the mafia or police force, or in this case both at the same time while you bang the same chick. i didn’t like it, but in so many weird ways i’m almost curious to go back again, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO painful. i wanted to leave the whole time…. but i was pretty tired. yahoo critics gave it an A-. i give yahoo critics a D.

  10. another example… matt damon… i can’t think of one thing he’s done that i didn’t appreciate… but in this movie, he’s just doing all the same characters again…. but randomly… like even the same lines sometime “could you just shut up for 5 fucking seconds” etc… sometimes he’s good will hunting, sometimes he’s mike mcdee… sometimes he’s helping clooney rob someone. so again, first thought is, man… the directing in this movie is horrible. but then again his characters internal struggle is when being 2 faced, so again… maybe that was the intention… but it wasn’t entertaining. just painful. and like 10 times throughout the movie they do a quick cut to a shotgun pointing at your face that goes off… man martin… you’re really driving this home. one awesome new character was played by mark wahlberg… that actually might be worth seeing the movie. he talks the same shit game i talk online, but does it convincingly face to face. it was really a great performance, i’d say he was the breakout guy, and he isn’t even mentioned in any of the press… but then again… that might be on purpose for reasons you’d know if you saw it. i’m not entertained, i’m just confused, but maybe that is entertainment on some level.

  11. DRIVE YOU FUCKERS, DRIVE! maybe this is why the line was the way it was… 4th quarter DOMINATION.

  12. i want to start prank calling people who put their couches up for free on craigslist and be all “you sure someone didn’t die on it?” “i know you are lying to me” “say it again, i don’t think i believe you” then put the calls up on the internet. seriously though… there are a lot of free couches out there.

  13. republicans are ditching this election as hard as they can just so they can hate on whatever the dems are able to do in 2 years in a broken system…. the repubs can make another strong for president in 2008. they are basically doing the “you think you can do any better?” but fully planning on beating them at the game they made the rules to shortly down the road. no real time to do anything within the system. all the more reason for people like al franken to really take this election serious and then anticipate and re-attack in 2008 fully elimating even the idea of the “enemy”. if the concept of them can’t exists, then they DONT exist. time to fight.

  14. Skizzy: I’m playing the 100 + 9 on party with our group money. I’m also using some of it to order a pizza and the wrestling PPV (this will help me play better… so our 280 is down to $111.

  15. oh, for my couch plan, i forgot the most important part… for the first 3-4 minutes i’ll just say how perfect the couch is. everything about it is exactly what i want…. perfect color etc etc etc, then switch to the “someone died on it” gear without even clutching the shit. but they are giving it away! why should they be burdened with this now? i just want to get rid of this couch!@)#$ that shit would be funny.

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