Ninjas On A Beach?!

So I got all my boxes out of storage today and heaped ’em in a pile on my floor to figure out just how much I crap I’ve got to take back to Wisco with me. The good news: not a whole lot.  The very good news: I found my Sega Dreamcast.  (This is the great kinda day where there’s only good and better news!)  So for the last hour I’ve been playing Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega SmashPack disc. I used to play Streets of Rage with Big Show all the time back in middle school, cuz he was just the sort of non-conformist that had a Sega Genesis instead of the Super Nintendo. He even bought the SegaCD add on (Night Trap! Yes!)  Anyways, I used all my continues and got halfway through Stage 6 before being brought low by a simultaneous attack from a man on a jetpack and a guy that looked like a mechanized Blanka from Street Fighter 2.  Streets of Rage 2 is 95% easy and 5% fucking impossible, and it’s that 5% that eats all your Continues.  Next up: Golden Axe and maybe later on some Phantasy Star II.

I got back in the gym today and then was all, “What was I procrastinating for, this is great!” Hopefully tomorrow will also work out nicely.

The cold run of cards on pokerroom continues.  I took a 2nd in a $10 Turbo SNG today, but that’s about it.  Perchance PR is punishing me for doing a $500 cash out. I’ll beat you someday

For a while today my house was clean as a fiddle, but now I done gone and messed it up again tearing through boxes while I look for shit to throw away.


Man, I totally forgot to talk about going to the city on Friday night.  Jordan and  Adam (coworkers), and sundry friends-of-friends made it a very exciting night at the karaoke bar. A very exciting night at the karaoke bar– indeed.  Afterwards I stayed at Cal’s house and then got up in the morning to have breakfast/lunch (wish there was a word for that) with Cal, his girlfriend Emily, and Emily’s sister.  Along the way we got to see the public park where gay men flop their genitals out for passing trains, Noe Valley’s penchant for families with children (Only 11,000 in all of San Francisco according to Cal’s Made-Up Numbers Reference), and Cal’s Favoritest German Knick-Knack Store in all of San Francisco.  A good day indeed, sir.

Back to the grindstone. Two weeks until San Diego (nee Tijuana).

78 thoughts on “Ninjas On A Beach?!

  1. next time anyone is at my house i want to sample you saying anything you want…. you might say “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” or “HOLLLLLLLLLLARIT!” or “YEAH!’ or “UGH!” or “COME ON!” or “i’m dmx”. then i will incorporate these barks into my musings. HOLLLLLLLlllARIT!

  2. Dubious start to poker…

    $6 turbo go out QQ to KK on a J high board

    $20 turbo go out QQ to KK on a J high board

    $20 turbo go out JJ to 88 and a set

    $10 rebuy ( i’m in for $30) go out KK to AA and then rebuild and add on only to later go out QQ to A5 and a flop of 539.

    I did win $35 in 2-4 limit , but even there I had QQ, KK and two sets busted includign one for a $98 pot to a runner runner flush.

    At least I’m only down about $50 bucks.

    I guess the good news is Mae Young is still alive…

  3. whats all the fuckin fussin for? because i’m grubbin, cal? and i pack heat like frenchy and big al?

  4. put an edge on my dick and i’ll drill through steel. raytown for life, n*&^a, SAY I AIN’T REAL! takin all comers, if you want it you’s a fool. i’m hungry like a hippo… you white and round like a testic-ool. bookies say i got the best of you. $100,000 bets now the pressures on the chest of you. and i’m bangin on yo mamma stealin diamonds out her vestibule.
    cal, you ain’t nothing. RAYTOWN.

  5. I’m out of the turbo. I pushed on the turn with top pair and a flush draw and got called by a different flush draw (mine was spades his was hearts). His hit.

  6. i had AKQJ98 with 4 diamonds and dude had TT8642 for a huge pot and i missed and his fucking pair of Ts held up. fucking stud.

  7. I was going to buy some furniture from some people who are living in the place I’m moving into in Madison. The have two bookshelves and a kitchen island that go well in the apartment and I said, “yeah, let me know before you leave and I’ll probably buy them”. Today I got a call from the rental company who passed along the following:

    1. If I were interested in the furniture, there would be an eBay auction I could bid on them on.

    2. The bookshelves would be $200 if I wanted them.

    What the fuck, buffalo bob? $200 for bookshelves? Do they perform sexual favors? I don’t even want to ask about the kitchen island, it’d probably be five thousand or something. Anyways, does anyone else think its bullshit that they just didn’t say to me “look, if you want them, we’ll just sell them to you.” Instead, I have to go through Ebay Auction Hell. Eff that. I think I can find my own bookshelves.

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