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OK, here’s the deal: I’m going to use my fledgling internet celebrity to promote the fact that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a pretty good show.  I downloaded the first two episodes off iTunes and now I want to buy the next two.  So, if you haven’t seen the show yet, go to iTunes Music Store an dbuy the first episode for $1.99.  If you like it, buy the next one and simultaneously set your Tivo to record the new ones.  That’s what we call Word of Mouf, Ludacris-style.  If you don’t like it, you can sleep well knowing that at least I did.  If I command the throngs like I think I do (and I have a really big ego) then maybe it won’t get canceled before midseason.

107 thoughts on “Studio 60

  1. unless i’m interested in whoring myself for a JOKE of a wage doing a trivial job that any breathing human should be able to do while DEAD. go get your power al. i gave you a chance. now you’re just another clown. good luck.

  2. they all fall eventually. that is the point. the ones that don’t return the right calls fall quicker. and that is our system. BRILLIANT!

  3. sadly what these 12 year old girls don’t understand that if you come up to someone and say “you don’t own me”… then you win the logical battle and it’s time for fists. you think you wont get the fist because you’re a girl… a solid assumption barring the fact that you started the confrontation. now you’re fucking getting hit. way to go. i OWN you.

  4. bah. just bombed out of multi with AA23 flopping A87. 6 way pot all in for like 12k when the blinds were still 25-50! fucking 2 on the turn and 3 on the river, and dude with 45 scoops it all. JOKE. bah. north korea, i’ll defect if you want me. i’m a fucking genius.

  5. i would have been roc-a-fella rich in the stone age. but instead, now a DONKEY has the power. just because he got lucky. and the world turns.

  6. check out the people behind that 3 button thing i love/hate so much. a MOTLEY crue. anyways get this… the problem with 3 doing 1 isn’t in the device hardware or even the device driver… the bug is in a plugin to control the device. now call me an idiot, most people do, but shouldn’t the system that is only 3 buttons and 3 screens come with a dev kit out of the box that handles the pushing and assigning of actions based on that push? i mean… if you designed this smart from the beginning, a problem like this wouldn’t even be possible. and the plugin with the bug is like the most basic of plug-ins… it’s the one you’ll use to do almost anything. so dumb. and when i emailed and asked to join a mailing list for updates, they said i could if i wanted, but that their mailing list didn’t work. then dude put a smiley face in the email. in fact… here is the email… “We do not have mailing list, sorry. Well, we do, you can try to add
    your address to the form on our downloads page, but in fact it does
    not work =)” wow. how is this possible? they must be doing this on purpose.

  7. US Daily was almost 2k overlay INCLUDING the fees. 20k guaranteed. would have liked a horse in there. a horse named wirksu.

  8. time to go fill up on poison again and hope mr. daniels lays me to eternal rest. better than dealing with these fucking idiots. LEARN SOMETHING. bah.

  9. the lobby chat on pokerroom is hilarious. every single person talking about overthrowing the government. 23,000,000 strong. someone forgot to think. WHOOOOOOPS. no one is going to do a single thing though. we don’t have an army. they do. we pay for it. wow… how did that happen? exactly. good luck undo-ing it. and……………… i’m out. PEACE.

  10. this bill was originally attached to the defense spending bill, but enough politicians realized it would get overturned and thought the defense spending bill was too important to lose, so they cut it out and re-attached it to the SAFE port act which uses the word Safe as the S in the pronouciation of the abbreviation S.A.F.E. wow. HOW. FUCKING. CLEVER. dumb. the lobby chat is getting way way worse. like people are going way over the line and this comes from a guy that LOVES the line. the line is all that exists. and whoa. these fools are WAY WAY over the line. and god damn it’s hilarious.

  11. PHP? what does that stand for? PHP Hypertext Processor… uh… well, what does the PHP in PHP Hypertext Processor stand for? PHP Hyptertext Processor. yeah, the PHP in that, what does it stand for? PHP Hypertext Processor. Who’s on second? Yesterday’s Pitching? SAFE SAFE SAFE PORT HUH? PartyPoker is closed?! wait… HUH?! america, you got SWANDLED. new word. use it.

  12. ktk, just went through a bunch of old emails. the personalized baby website place is called ducklings and daisies. give them a try for the twin nieces/nephews.

  13. in college operating systems class, we worked with this open source minimalistic operating system called XINU which is
    1) UNIX backwards
    2) an abbreviation for Xinu Is Not UNIX

    that’s like SAFE Port act squared. the shit stands for Safe Act For Every Port Act…. and this is law. this stupid stupid fucking shit written by lobbists because politicians are too stupid to write or conceive their own laws, when the law of being a politicians says that that is precisely what your job is. doing things on your own sets you up for criticism, though, and no one would want that. idiots. anyways, learning how XINU works really goes to show how worthless and simple operating systems really can be… the only reason linux and windows and every other OS is so huge is because of countless chipsets and device drivers. i don’t want that shit in my OS. i want XINU.

  14. every republican wants a pulsing cock in their mouth. they fucking love dick. republicans YEARN to slurp up cum. every republican fucks butt all night and tells you not to fuck butt all day. have they even SEEN a pussy before? it’s totally better. also, republican family values are a JOKE. your children are fucking TOOLS.

  15. not that there is anything wrong with that……………………………………… haha. TOOLS. i OWN you

  16. steven colbert is calling out kim il and DARING him to bomb us, and calling him a scurrred. that is SMART.

  17. it’s political times…. election year… this is what they want. it is how they keep their power. so just exaggerate what they are trying to do and turn it against them like in spaceballs where the dude stopped the laser from shooting his dick off. fuck your schwartz, my schwartz is bigger.

  18. EVERY. SINGLE. CAMPAIGN. is negative. what does that say about modern politics? “i am good enough for this job, and i can provide something postive” can’t get you the job. why? because we don’t need anything you have to offer. we don’t need you. in fact, FUCK YOU…. GO GET A FUCKING REAL JOB, YOU POLITICAL TRASH. they can only convince you to give them a salary and allow them to dictate the law because a miniscule percentage of everything someone does can be said in a tone and word order that will offend 51% of the sheep. sheep love to vote and get revenge. it gives them a false sense of power over their pointless lives down at jiffy lube. doesn’t anyone else see this? i want to punch every politician i see on tv square in the face. they are assholes. they LIE. they CONTROL you. FUCK them. in the butt… just like they like it….

  19. mark kennedy looks like a dude that has about 8 cocks squirting in his mouth at least twice a week, and amy klobusha’s husband is 2 of them… because he use’s HER dick too.

  20. FYI: mark kennedy and amy kloDICKa (she doesn’t have a bush, she has a dode) are the 2 local candidates doing the SNL hate campaign that is on it’s 7th or 8th level of abstraction now, not a single step of which hasn’t been double speak lies and propeganda telling an obvious fact of the harsh reality of life, but saying it in a bad tone… “AMY KLOBUSHA MAKES DEALS WITH CRIMINALS TO REDUCE THEIR SENTANCE”…. i mean… come on… this shit is straight out of law & order broadcast to millions. are the american people supposed to believe they are too dumb to realize that deals must be made sometimes? are they both behind both sets of ads with the same goals in place? do “republicans” and “democrats” not really exist, but coexist as something else that is VERY VERY real and alive? nope. just short term negative campaigning regardless of the message as long as it creates ANY doubt or even doubt about doubt that it will be effective on SOME level. so that is the angle they play. that is the angle they ALL play. and when you’re trying to watch the megan mullally show live and have to sit through commercials, it’s fucking annoying. maybe that is why they do it… to upset those in the populace that enjoy some good audio/video real life tv entertainment. what ever happened to IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY? mark and amy… i applaud you for what you are doing. being a couple of half rate cogs in a system that is grinding you down with every intention of replacing you like the nylon wheels on the demon. do you two even know what you’re up against? the double corkscrews. how the fuck are 2 nylon wheels half wore down and now wearing each other out ever faster (must like my pick set… HOLLLLLLLLA) from defeating the corkscrews… i mean the first one goes through a fucking demon head looking ass rock, and you’re just a wheel. 2 corkscrews… 2 fucking wheels on their way out…. are you guys fucking STUPID?! bah. this is all just a set up for the presidential election in 2 years. they hope this shit marinates and you get angry to the point that you don’t care. instead, lets get focused to the point where we eliminate their ability to do ANYTHING. it’s what they want.

  21. hahahaha. wesley bet 10… with 3 jacks… some bitch calls in between with 2 pair (?????) then riker raises 100 more with 4 to a flush showing in 5 stud. wes folds, then the bitch in between calls. was she calling in between knowing riker would bluff and wesley would fold? i mean… that is OBVIOUS teaming. wesley should be fucking PISSED. instead he was just like… DANG IT… I PLAY SO BAD. DANG IT. I’M DUMB. when that bitch called in between with a hand that couldn’t win then riker raised… you should be like… WAIT! riker caught a hanger sarge. then fight.

  22. most impressive? those are the guys that made college humor in the video except for the 2 fighters. they all live together in manhattan in a $12,000/mo loft filled with arcade games (as shown). how they have so much money they can pay people who look like characters in their games to make comedy sketches with them in the medium of digitainment. the one dude just went in for knee surgery though and woke up to realize they had to amputate his leg… yikes. he got a prostetic and still does kegstands. don’t be scurred. kim il is a little bitch. real little. anyone else care to talk about anything non-political? i’m just filling time as my other screen goes BLING BLING BLING BLING BLING BLING CLICK CLACK BLING CLING DING DING SHIPE IT!

  23. “now we also want to talk about something of another well let me get right into it just this is what i want to talk about. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ONCE AGAIN.” ………………………… . . .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . . FUCKING SAY SOMETHING YOU FAT FUCK.

  24. legally speaking, could you use the recursive acronyms against the system in a stall offense strategy? the law shouldn’t allow these self referencing links to be made. they are dangerous. almost as dangerous as kinder eggs.

  25. wait wait wait… he can’t say that about me…. he can’t just call me fat… the idea of people believing in what i have to say is my property… and if you tell the truth and hurt that… well then you deserve punishment. and just that is enough to stop 99% of people cold in their tracks and let this fat fuck lie to whoever he wants and reap up all the ad dollars. and notice that is on the top of his mind… “my mechanic as me is my show still going on”. “yesssss.” “and you still have the advertisers?” and listen to the way he says “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS”. dick. fat asshole. i OWN you.

  26. georgous george is on the front lines against free speech. he represents everything that america fights to keep her loving freedom in place. georgous george said he’d be tough on crime, but he made deals with local drug dealers to lower their sentances. can we TRUST georgous george? yes. yes we can. until he tries to eat us. cause that dude is fucking HUGE. i bet he eats kids. i could be wrong… it’s just this feeling i get. i see him… i think… kid eater. how else would he get so fat?

  27. we went to myth nightclub last night for the hulk type man’s birthday. it was at the perfect capacity, probably over 1000 people…. i’m pretty sure we were the only white people there that weren’t working. all the rest = asians of some sort. it was just odd walking around because me and dude are like 2 feet taller than EVERYONE. it was like an NBA player walking through a middle school. no need to worry about bumping my drink or whatever… it just floated above their heads safely. one thing is for certain…. minnesota asians love night clubs.

  28. oh man, and watching the girls try and out whore one another was awesome. their determination to win was unquestionable. sorry, though, girls… i was unable to pick a winner. now both of you slide those skirts a little lower and try again… yeah…. just like that. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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