Studio 60

OK, here’s the deal: I’m going to use my fledgling internet celebrity to promote the fact that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a pretty good show.  I downloaded the first two episodes off iTunes and now I want to buy the next two.  So, if you haven’t seen the show yet, go to iTunes Music Store an dbuy the first episode for $1.99.  If you like it, buy the next one and simultaneously set your Tivo to record the new ones.  That’s what we call Word of Mouf, Ludacris-style.  If you don’t like it, you can sleep well knowing that at least I did.  If I command the throngs like I think I do (and I have a really big ego) then maybe it won’t get canceled before midseason.

107 thoughts on “Studio 60

  1. and o’neil GIVES THE DOM AWAY! lots of people went with denver. smart. lets neutralize each other a few rounds… i don’t mind. you want this to get messy in week 9? i can wait.

  2. madd i just caught up on whazzmaster, I’ve been touring my mom and two anuts around San Diego, lots of fun. thanks for asking about my cousin, she’s doing amazingly well. She’s at home after a month or so at a rehab facility and still uses a walker to get around but should be done with that soon. She’s looking to go back to school in January. She’s one lucky girl. thanks again for asking.
    wwhazz is still in Chicago with Turtletime and now it’s time to clean up the house, work three days and prepare for the next set of company- spacebee and whazzmaster- should be lots of fun. TJ here we COMMMMMMMMMEEE!

  3. glad to hear. i can’t even imagine how hard that therapy must be… how can you even do anything when the main bone that connects everything together doesn’t work?

    i was wondering how those clowns were in the same room together and how and why we were playing craps online in the middle of the night. drunk. i broke PR off. always do.

  4. on that 3 button thing’s companies website they make this statement

    “Our job is to find the most comfortable, beautiful, and simplest solution to a problem and make sure the meaning doesn’t get lost.”

    now why did they even have to say “and make sure the meaning doesn’t get lost”? the funniest thing is that this is PRECISELY the problem with their product…. it IS the most comfortable, beautiful, simplest solution to a real problem i had. it really is the perfect designed piece of hardware that i wanted. like exactly. but somehow this company that feels that it is neccessary to state the fact that the “meaning” has the possibilty of getting lost in the design let that very thing happen. perhaps that is their entire intent from the beginning? fuckers. likely dangling perfection in front of the silly american’s eyes and shipping another $150 to russia’s economy. smart play BOROV. enjoy your vodka… tomorrow is a new day. i will END you.

  5. BUTTON 3 SHOULD NEVER FUCKING BE ABLE TO DO ACTION 1. never. i can not understand how that could ever happen. EVER. fucking russians.

  6. we should bomb russia as a test for north korea. soley because of my personal problems with their technology exports. nuclear bombing for my inconvienience. hopefully the meaning doesn’t get lost

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