A ScottStorm Blew Through Here Last Night…

So there I was, minding my own, when I find out that we were gonna take “San Heezy” “for sheezy” or something. Before long fuddruckus, the Good Doctor, and myself were headed down San Hoe-zay Way to see what our old stompin ground looks like after a few years sans 4nyay and maddddddddddddddddd. The answer: less pee in bushes, but more holes in the ground.  Less broken bongs all over the sidewalk, but more fuddruckus talking smacky to the largest bouncer I’ve ever seen (except that 7’+ guy at Off The Hookah in Sunnyvale, dude could have been Andre’s cousin or some shit).

Scott also talked me through Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior and it was less painful the second time around. Then he wanted to watch Beerfest but it was 4am and I passed out.  O lucky day! Soon we’re headed up Pacifica Way to rendevous with Grand Masta Caspa. I’m also doing a delivery of some of my furniture.

Finally, spacebee and I richard-hatched an evil plot for this week wherein I’ll fly down to San Dog on wednesday night and work from the San Diego office thursday and friday so’s I can enjoy the evening activities with wwhazz, belly, and spacebee. Hurray for evil plots!

Finally, I want one of those three button things. I also want the big knob you can use to turn shit.  Anyone out there looking for XMAS IDEARS, there are two.  By the way, Bill O’Reilly said this weekend that if the Democrats regain control of Congress, their first order of business will be to make Christmas illegal.  Is someone going to ever control that freak’s meds, or do we just have to wait out an overdose?  XMAS IS ILLEGAL YOU WILL GO TO JAIL IF YOU WRAP A GIFT!

–seeya sheila

39 thoughts on “A ScottStorm Blew Through Here Last Night…

  1. i think all the negative campaigning now is because of all the OBVIOUS upcoming negative advertising in 2 years when it REALLY matters. you really can’t say anything that isn’t negative. every single thing this administration has done has been bad for our society. everyone will be so pissed about all this negative advertising and talk about it for the next 2 years, then come presidential election time the dems will say “look how bad these people did their jobs in your interest.” then the repubs will come back with “more negative ads huh? i thought we were done with this 2 years ago. way to find a new move dems. is negativatiy you’re only weapon? man those dems are negative”. it’s SOOOOOOOOOo fucking obvious. this system is retarded. i’m moving to russia. i think christmas should be illegal. all annual holidays should be. celebrations should be based on new accomplishments, not on old traditions. go dems go. bah. like it matters.

  2. he is probably referring to the dems removing christmas from the nation federal holidays list because it is in violation of seperation of church and state. which of course makes sense, just like taking “under God” out of the pledge of allegiance. doesn’t the law of “seperation of church and state” itself imply that there IS a church? if there is a church, there is a God… so God is assumed BY the law… not removed from existance as some people think. the law ITSELF is hypocritical. so intelligent people step in and try to fix it and NUT JOBS LIKE BILL O’REILY IN BETWEEN GETTING FUCKED UP ON DRUGS step up shouting about how THEY CANT DO THAT…. but he is doing it for self advancement… he doesn’t care about the people at all. just like georgous george. if i saw that dude in the street i would piss on him.

  3. the seperation of church and state is a really a law intended to preserve the legality of the ability to tell someone a lie with the intentions of benefitting in some way. thanks for writing that one. dead ass old politicians.

  4. now i clown around when I hang around in the whazzin town.
    girls used to frown, say i’m down, when I come around…
    gas me and when they pass me they used to diss me
    harrass me, but now they ask me if greg’ll kiss me.

  5. chip leader final table of 10 limit with 129. 9 left and i’m 2:1 on second. really unstoppable.

  6. got 2nd for another pi folds. then 3 SNG 1st in a row too. am i on or is everyone else just REALLY REALLY off? perhaps other things are on their minds… like terrorists. check out “Alex Jones – TerrorStorm” on google video. 1 hour 52 minutes of quality free digital propeganda about propeganda about propeganda. thanks alex!

  7. Oh man, did I screw the pooch by not getting my pick in on time. I wish I could blame it on the excitement of KVR’s wedding, but really, I just forgot. Damn Washington DC. I’m sure my luck was going to run out anyway.

  8. wow, i got 1st in the 30 ploiter too. INSANE. 4.5 MORE creases. now there are like creases in my creases in my folds on my folds. i have an odd gift. you don’t believe me? go ask the twins, mother fucker.

  9. Just got an email from PokerAffiliate.com that they are no longer accepting US customers and will not be doing any more payouts to existing US customers. You affected, sceizzer?

  10. you can NEVER keep a player down… and the longer you try… on snap, the more fucked up you are getting when i’m allowed to move. i don’t forget. i don’t give a fuck. i’m dangerous. so am i affected? nah. is someone else about to be? oh yeah.

  11. i got that email too… it doesn’t say they won’t payout to US players, just that you won’t receive commission from US players. affiliates really created this industry, and now that the market is in place, there is no need to give them 30% to keep it in place… 30% of billions is billions. so they are slicing it to shit and creating a black market… EXACTLY THE SAME as the war on drugs started by nixon. it just creates more jobs and gives more power to the state and takes freedoms and power from the people. but hey… if you like working at jiffy lube, and drinking a 6er every night and you don’t give a fuck… well… awesome. change my fucking oil… BITCH. i already know you wont do anything. pussy.

  12. so now, these american people that can afford to lose $100 a month or whatever on poker… now the government is saying… nope… you can’t do that… oh, and that $100, we’re going to take that too for these new taxes to fund the infrastructure to keep you from playing. it’s a JOKE. walmart has a sale going on right now. i’m stocking the shit up.

  13. or call up their competitors campaign office and offer assistance… but, trust me… they wont call back.

  14. john q holllarit, i suggest you keep an even keel matey.

    in other news, i’m heading down san dog way on wednesday. i’ll be working thursday and friday from the san diego offices of intuit. in the evening i’ll be petting parker and eating superfoods (rx).

  15. god damn it, i could write “i’m bringing blah blah baaaaaack” songs all fucking day. is that very unlimited potential for offshoot creativity the very sexiness my boy JT is creating by simply referring to? either way, that’s a funky beat. and it’s got a groove to it. and you can dance! taaaaaaakakake it-tothe chooooooorrrusususus

  16. first lurker who works at jiffy lube to respond gets $20 in the mail from me. you must prove it, so don’t bullshit. you waste my time, i waste YOU.

  17. to prove it, you must take a picture with the manager of your store holding up a sign that says “WHAZZMASTER OWNS JIFFY LUBE” you both must be wearing your work clothes.

  18. i’m bringin poker baaaaaaaaaaack…..
    my boy gee dub just signed the safe port aaaaaaact
    cause billy frist got hella paid for thaaaaaaaaat
    the indians they want their players baaaaaaaaaaack
    ho chunk hotel who’d you think would pay for thaaaaaaaaaat
    yo, bill, they call me cheif checkraiseatonnnnnnnn
    my lobby ties say you can get shit donnnnnnnnne
    so put sneak this paragraph passed everyonnnnnnnnnnnnnnne
    then partypoker has to fuckin runnnnnnnn

  19. this visitor counter goes up like 5 for every time i refresh. fucking lurkers. now there is a lurkerlert. sort of. the word is cool though….

  20. When I checked the stats at the end of today it said we had 43 unique visitors. Now, I know that cookie based counters aren’t an exact science, but I would be surprised at half that number. It’ll be interesting to see the stats of the course of a month or year. oh, btw, HOLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT!

  21. Cena FU’d K-Fed.

    Pokerroom.com shut their doors to US players. I went out 18th, top 10 paid.

    Strange days are upon us.

    Strange days indeed.

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