Zachery Moneypenny Sings

Zachery Moneypenny Sings
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It’s real, real simple You invite me to a party. I sing. No more and no less. I’d prefer booze but I can likely make it without a hangover the next day. For a fee, I will wear a tie done up in double-windsor fashion and not shave the day before. And for an extra, extra fee I’ll bed the hostess. I’m taking reservations in the Greater Madison Area November 2nd through Xmas, 2006.

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  1. dang. the next level of abstraction making the way to make it look like the way to make it bold actually being bold would have been cool. but i fucked up. sorry.

  2. it posts with no errors, then you lose everything and it doesn’t show up. can’t hit back and get it either. just gone. forever.

  3. yeah, wordpress thought it was spam and held it for moderation, maybe cuz of the numerous escape characters. i hadn’t looked at the mod queue in a while and there was also a held comment by fake rapping cal a while back.

  4. yeah, what the fuck. communist bullshit. my visions of are nearing completion. probably take like 3 straight days of coding to complete. then i guarnatee you… the internet game of knowing and communicating with people that know me and the people they know will forever be changed. you are all welcome to be a part of it. especially you first jiffy lube lurker to post a picture of himself and his manager in their work clothes outside of the store holding a sign that reads “WHAZZMASTER OWNS JIFFY LUBE” and thusly earning yourself $20 in the US Mail from my pocket. ESPECIALLY you. in fact, you will be my #1 friend. FOREVER. and no one else will even be allowed to have a #1 friend. just me. and it will be you.

  5. what ever happened to the first amendment?!^%#6#^ who gave YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU the authority mr moderator?!!?!?!? oh man, as i was typing this the mark kennedy ad with the grandma on the bench just played… he had a knitting hat and reading glasses and everything. politics is so fucking hilarious. mark kennedy implies that if someone questions something he says… and he says in a non-threatening tone “it is true”, he then expects that if the grandma questions him further in a negative tone as portrayed by the actor in his ad saying “they arrrrrrrrrre?!” i’m a pirate… i’m evil… i’m threatening… listen to my rrrrrrrrr sound…. and he then again stays non-threatening and once again says… “yes”… that the grandma will drop the issue and do whatever he says…. the actress playing the grandma was asked to say “OH! nevermind.” in a “tee-hee” sort of way. mark kennedy…. he’ll be a pussy… evil to little old ladies… even when he is lying to them. and little old ladies, you just LOVE the way that makes you feel, don’t you? man mark… you’re smarter than i thought.

  6. Yo, I know PI to a thousand places. Also, I’m about to be en route to San Diego. HOLLLARIT whazzmaster, I’m going to TJ this weekend and if I don’t come back you can have my DVD collection.

  7. neteller stepped up and said “we don’t see this as much of a problem”… they aren’t changing anything.

  8. if WM dies in tiajuana and his dvds are left to us to divide up… i want that greatest american hero set. you lurkers can split up the rest.

  9. giving props where they are due: about a week ago i heard “push it” by rick ross. the sample is jesus christ fucking TITITITITITE. i was dancing my fucking ass off as i drove on the highway, and a strang part of my brain that i call the DJ CLUE ZONE fucking sparked and i’m yelling shit after every line… “WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA” “YUP!”……”YUP!”….. “DJ CLUE 2006!”… so anyways, after only hearing this banger like 3 times we’re at that dance club, and it fucking WENT OFF. that song bangs, and it bangs clubs. mad props to rick ross. HOLLLLLLLLLLARIT

  10. HOLLAHLLLARIT sounds cool for a repettitive musical sampling. you gotta say it together though… it GOES IN together. peace.

  11. and when you are playing poker, every time you go all in you can sang “I PUSH AND I PUSH….”. it’s fun.

  12. i’m pushin innnnnnnn…. i’m pushin innnnnnnnnnn….. i gotta… PUSH. tite. also, i had a flush draw, and it HIT! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DJ CLUE! EXCLUSIVE!

  13. as a general rule, the same time should be spent vocalizing HOLLLARIT and HOLLAHLLLARIT…. that is what the 3rd means… pretend we said AH here…. cause that shit is STYLE. HOLLAHLLLARIT! and went you done with that, throw it in the trash and HOLLLLLLLLLARIT!

  14. i like when my visions pan out about the same as i had them… they are trying a whole different angle though and charging the users to download beats to rap over and upload audio files… that was one way i had thought about it too, but i think there is room for a lyricist written battle only site as well. who knows… anyways… good luck with that site… you certainly hired the right designer. now you just have to hope people will pay for the beats and actually record something with a quality worth listening to. thats a lot harder than having them type something creative and hitting a button and being done with it. but good luck. that dude yelling on their homepage better watch out… might light his dj clue spot on fire.

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  16. “everything you need to get started with playing poker….”

    this is the idiotic marketing that really makes me want people dead, larry anderson. do you even think? ever? do you just act, and shit just pours out of your food hole and you just let it.

    why would i want to get started with playing poker? if i did, would i not also simply want to PLAY poker? and if you know i would want that, why not just say… hey, you need stuff to play poker, you want to play poker, here is the stuff you need. but instead, this fucking stale sales pitch that sounds like you’re selling bird feeders or some shit. start today, with the scrappin’ scrap book making kit, you can scrap! you fucker larry anderson. you monkey fuck. you mindless greed driven whore. i want to choke your soul.

    larry, i beg you. stop being dumb. just top.

    every set of chips on that site is a piece of shit. you can get everything offered elsewhere on the internet for at least 50% off.

    larry: anything other than a casino chip as a card protector is faggotty (as in retarded homosexuals). god i hate you larry. go sell you bullshit somewhere else. you fuck. go sell your bullshit IN HELL!

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