I’m posted up in the Intuit San Diego offices; me and wwhazz carpooled to the office this morning like a pair of corporate warriors.  Except I’m going to spend my day coding and he’ll spend his day writing and then playing with a dog on the beach.  Got in late last night and wwhazz, bellygirl, spacebee, and I had a mini-house party with everything from Jameson Irish Whiskey to Shaggy’s seminal work: “Tell Her It Wasn’t You”.  Tonight should also be low-ki since I have to work tomorrow as well, but once the weekend hits say goodbye to social mores.  S’mores? HOLLLARIT whazzmaster, you know I love you.

77 thoughts on “Diego

  1. latest neteller press release… more of the same… they are like… uh… we’re not a US company, so we’ll obey this law as it applies to us… but it doesn’t. the problem isn’t neteller. the problem is the semi-invisible dark partner inbetween the two that actually makes penetrating the border possible. it is IMPOSSIBLE policy. it would be like banning cursing. you can’t fucking do it. it is an IDEA. you can’t ban ideas. you CANT. our current politicians think their job is to try. with your money. i’m ready for every single politician to wake up tomorrow and die from some strange disease. then intelligent people can step in and fix the fucking mess you left us with you ignorant money hungry fucks. i will END you.

  2. for all you honest politicians trying your best to make a difference…… sorry. you obviously failed and you have to get the sickness too. sorry. i don’t make the rules, i just say them.

  3. republicans are declaring war on the catholic church. hilarious. i’m mr foley. i touch kids because when i was a kid, some priest touched me. IT IS NOT MY FAULT. IT IS THE CATHOLICS FAULT. THOSE KID TOUCHERS! vote republican 2006, AND 2008! then they are coming out against lobby groups and saying democrats do the same thing. oh genius. NOW. AMERICAN PEOPLE. STOP BEING DUMB. LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING. VOTE THEM BOTH OUT. please. vote for me. i will always do what is right. always. i can’t do anything else. i’m that smart. i’m so smart that my wrong is more right than you’re right. TRUST ME. i swear to a catholic god i am telling the truth. SCIENTISSSSSSSST!

  4. 8 million federal employees all get $700/mo in health care coverage. just for making sure you do what they say. that is a kick ass job.

  5. here is the latest episode of THE CIRCUIT. good poker radio. pretty much the best and only. they have congresswoman shelley berkley on (a total class act fox… hey girl!) and she addresses congress before she votes and calls them out on the partisan bullshit politics being played. and it still gets passed. and it still gets signed. they talked about it on the floor. and it still got passed and still got signed. i was supposed to provide them with the network to control us. instead, i want it all. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT

  6. rrrrrrrrrrr i’m angry iiiiiiiiii talking about myself now kkkkkkkkkk funny or choking who knows? rrrrrrrrr i’m angry again awwwww now i’m apathetic sssssssssssss and there’s the balance. even his name is tite.

  7. this dude is self aware, and he always starts things off by being angry. he might be joking and he might be ready to kill you or being killed himself and we’ll never know. we can’t know. we do know that he understands that balance can come after apathy, and that he will hold the balance for at least 2 beats. can he rap? eh… but the beats are crazy as hell and we got this sample that HITS. does he deal drugs? yes. sign him up. send 3 copies to dj clue.

  8. i want to make a video to that song that will composed of 3 different scenes. scene 1, i have recorded every conceivable thing i would shout as a backup hype man into my keyboard. then film me with headphones on listening to the song as i play my hype track over it. this takes power from dj clue. he can be minimalized to a keyboard program, and not just that, but i can do it better than him. even after getting minimalized. i’m that tite. next, record a bunch of online players at every site i can get logged on going all-in. next as many whazzers together as possible and make up poker scenarios and play them out. pushing innnnnnnnnn and getting mad are prereqs, but we need to show range like yes yes i think you got it, i fold. NOPE WRONG! gRRRRRRRR ANGER! I GOTTA…….. PUSH! then distribute this to dance clubs to play on their screens while they play the song, only thing is, now i got my hype track on their mix tape style, and trilobyte got a splash on the front and back, and all the whazzers got to FLOSS. i’m free saturdays.

  9. Sorry man, I aint got much to say. I got to drive the girls to the zoo and then I gotta pick whazzmaster up from work. I’m the dad with the car. Vroooooooooooooooooom.

  10. Yo madd,

    What you got crackin next friday? You wanna bounce to whazzmasters going away party? Me and the wife are thinking about it. Cal should be there. I wouldn’t mind busting a finger or two.

  11. we got very breakable plans saturday, but rach-o can’t take off friday, and if i went alone to the GAP (going away party) she would probably skip the plans saturday because they are with mainly my friends and she’s excited about them. so i’m sorta stuck a little. i will work on it, but 2 things have to happen. rach-o takes off friday and i find 2 tickets well under $300 each. a week out i bet shit is already $398ish. i hate the airline ticket game. you know how much i’ll pay. i see the empty seats. let me fucking on.

  12. ok, rach-o got back from work… convo went like this…

    Me: “want to take off next friday and go to california?”
    Racho: “for what”
    M: “zach’s going away party”
    R: “i took off last friday.”
    M: “……”
    R: “isn’t he coming here?”
    M: “yeah, but the party is there”
    R: “but isn’t it more for people he isn’t going to see?”
    M: “…….”

    i think we both came to the same lazy conclusion. we’d ruin the mood with our greedy “WE HAVE YOU NOW” midwest attitude.

  13. ok, now i’m good to go. rach-o is going to the party without me and tickets are in the 250 range. niiice. when should i fly in ideally? when should i leave? HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT. oooooooh, air travel in the future. i’m real big time.

  14. dude…i know u weren’t a big fan of ong bak, but u really really have to get ‘fearless’. it’s probably jet li’s best movie ever. it takes place in 1910 china. it kicks ass. if u don’t like it, i will pay you back for the movie. seriously. u can get it at http://www.redsundvd.com. i think it’s a fucking great kung-fu movie. if i’m wrong, gmc can fuck a midget.

    oh yeah…wirksu sux.

  15. last i heard dude has unreasonable fear of midgets and clowns. representing oppressed midget clowns everywhere, i say, pffft.

  16. i saw that marie antoinette film. man, someone was able to get a bunch of people to do a LOT of work on that one. too bad people understand the system now. now NO ONE gets the cupcakes. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. why couldn’t the agree mob just take their rightful place as the 82nd person to pass the plate of rice krispy treats for 4th in line to the throne? WHAT IS THERE PROBLEM?!

  18. i have a wife. i got some free gyros out of it beforehand. then in the movie they played with a baby lamb…. and i wanted to eat it.

  19. nice the 4:20 special. i wonder what i came in here for such that i was sitting on my desk able to reply? i’ll tell you what i was doing. playing rick ross – push it at full volume. WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YUP!

  20. bobby, how about next time rach-o wants to see a girly movie i just have her call you up?

  21. and when are you going to get that picture up with your boss? you can even spell OWNS with a Z if you want.

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