The Home Stretch

And they enter the home stretch.

My life moves one weekend at a time, with the docket full from here to Thanksgiving, but I move along straight rails to the horizon regardless. California winds down and yeah, fucking of course we’ll be playing Biggie’s paean to going, going back, back at some damn point during the festivities next Friday. But it strikes me as I sit in the San Diego airport that this trip to visit wwhazz, bellygirl, and spacebee was the last great diversion before I own up to the fact that I am leaving this place. The flight back to San Jose this evening will probably constitute me listening to my iPod and trying to assemble a grand to-do list in my mind. Ronni does hers corporate style, where as mine will be a more-frought-with-peril clash with my memory banks.

I’m at a pretty good place with my packing in that everything that needs to be packed is known, the problem space is DEFINED as we say in mathematics. I now just need to physically shove it all in boxes and figure out what can get packed now (bobbleheads, vases that have never been used) versus what needs to be throw in the truck at the last possible moment (deodorant, pillow). I also need to get rid of my furniture, and I may make one more Craigslist spree before just throwing everything in the garbage. GMC and anyone else who’s interested: I have a nightstand, bookcase, DVD bookcase, desk, and dining room table w/chairs available. HOLLLARIT if you want it.

Planning for the party should be in full swing starting tomorrow. Gauntlet thrown down, gauntlet picked up: we want $1000 of booze at the party. The question is, 5 bottles of Cristal? Or 500 bottles of Boone’s Farm? That is the answer we need before Friday afternoon. Wwhazz and belly are confirmed pending a first place multi finish, and spacebee has joined OUT due to work considerations. I’m unsure as to the current disposition of the Scientist: he wasn’t, then he was, then he got punked by a haunted house refreshments vendor, and I’m not sure where he currently stands.

This weekend was fun on a bun until my body shut down late Saturday evening. Wednesday night I got in a we all chilled and drank at the wirksu’s cuz I had to work bright n’ early on Thursday. After work got out on Thursday we all got dolled up and went downtown to Taka Sushi, which gets my highest reccomendation. We hit two bars downtown and then retired so I could again get enough beauty sleep to be coherent Friday at work. Friday’s highlight was going outside for a cookie break and calling Wwhazz to find out when he wanted to pick me up. I mentioned something about being outside and he goes, “wait, I’m outside.” “You’re outside my work?” I asked. “Yes.” Dude read under an Intuit-owned tree for 2 hours while he waited me to finish writing c# code, then he got a reward of a VIP pass to the San Diego Intuit Beer Bash. That night we met up with Spacebee’s friend Stacy and her Krew and Steven E. led us on a Where’s Where tour of San Diego. The night was filled with lots of booze, the worst karaoke I’d ever heard (ever), near fights after Steven displayed some Big Balls to a mean drunk, an after-hours Del Taco run, and a bar with great hip-hop that was completely decorated in swords and maces. Awesome. Saturday was Filledness Personified as we awoke early to hit the Aussie Pub for the Wisconsin game, then hit Pacific Beach for DrinkFest 2006, then hit Seau’s for SushiFest 2006, then hit the hot tub for HoTTubFest 2006 (featuring Zach in his briefs instead of a more modest swimsuit), and finally we were supposed to go out crazy drinking AgAIN. By that time my weary, sunburned, aching (due to a beach MMA fight with wwhazz), hungover, full-of-sushi body said “Fuck. Off.” I passed out Early.

I slept pretty much all day Sunday.

Which brings us to the Southwest Boarding Process, easily one of the most anarchic in the industry. HOLLLARIT, whazzmaster, daddy’s hit his set and PUSHIN IT PUSHIN IT.

73 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. i feel safer the more anarchic my airline is run. if they can maintain themselves through this it must crazy effective somehow. SOMEhow.

  2. From my inbox this morning:

    Hi zachery

    On September 30th 2006 the U.S. Congress passed the SAFE Port Act which also contained certain provisions known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that affects the processing of payments between U.S. customers and online gaming companies. The legislation was signed into law by President George W Bush on October 13th 2006.

    We regret that the U.S. has taken this step to make it virtually impossible to offer real money entertainment to U.S. customers. It is doubtful that the U.S. authorities will achieve their stated goals by introducing such legislation. We believe that a properly monitored forward-looking regulation would be much more effective than this general ban.

    Entirely due to this new law, we are disappointed to announce the following restrictions for all customers within the U.S.:

    Depositing Restrictions
    As officially stated before, we have been working on a technical solution to restrict all customers within the U.S. from depositing new funds at This solution will be implemented on October 25th.

    Real Money Restrictions
    We will have implemented the technical solution to restrict all customers within the U.S. from accessing our real money games starting Monday, November 6th
    . After that time you will still be able to login to, enjoy all of our play money games and withdraw funds from your account at your convenience.

    Your funds will continue to be safe, secure and yours, and will be transferred to you at your request. The option to cash-out will remain available to you.

    Unused Tournament Tickets
    Valid tournament tickets are as good as cash and will be refunded to your account once the U.S. restrictions are implemented on November 6th. It may take some days for all tickets to be processed into cash, and only valid tickets (not expired) at the time of the U.S. restriction will be refunded.

    Player Points / Loyalty Points
    Player points and loyalty points will be inaccessible to all U.S. customers once the changes go live; but this does not mean that your points will expire. Your hard earned points will be stored indefinitely, in the event of real money play becoming available again. Until the U.S. restrictions are in place on November 6th you are free to use your points in our loyalty program.

    Pending Bonuses
    Pending bonus tasks will be void after the U.S. restrictions come into effect on November 6th, as it will not be possible to collect player points via our real money games. Until the Real Money restriction is in place you can continue to collect points to clear bonuses in your account.

    At, we are of course very sorry for this development and we hope that we get the chance to meet all our U.S. players again in Real Money games, as we are aiming to offer real money games as soon as the legislation allows us to. We will do our utmost to continuously keep you up to date with future developments.

    Hmm, I wonder what their technical solution is.

  3. i’m impressed at all of the legitimate music downloads of which you all speak. iTunes must be proud of you for not stealing.

  4. rumthumb: I live by a simple credo, $0.99 is the perfect price where I’ll pay for the convenience to saying “give me this song”. I still download movies sometimes since Apple refuses (rightly) to get into bed with the movie cartel and let people download Die Hard for $27.99, watch it once, and then your computer self-destructs, which is how it would be if the MPAA was allowed to define how the shit works. I’m also downloading TV shows on iTunes like gangbusters and then i watch em on my iPod when I work out sometimes instead of listening to a workout soundtrack. Also, thanks for ruining my streak, I wanted the RECENT COMMENTS BAR TO MYSELF! madddddddd must not be awake yet.

  5. now i am, but no tourneys. off to watch television and comfort my dog. he is depressed because his sparring buddy left this morning who was here for 3 weeks.

  6. i still steal my music whereever i can get it. i even got the push it instrumental and you CAN NOT not bang over that heater. i freestyle over it while i think about all the people wasting their time working out and punishing their bodies needlessly. minnesota political ads have come full circle and both sides have create a complete mess. we have no other choice than to let them keep running this farce. ORRRRRRRR… walmart. if you want to be a MAN about it.

  7. mark kennedy came out with his final straw… TERRORISTS! minnesota: vote for me. because of the terrorists. wow. that name isn’t going to get you any furthen than an early grave. hogan is is all wiley now that we been clowning him. he is HUNGRY. how did those other kennedys die? anyways this dude pulls out the “these people want to kill us. you CAN NOT negotiate with someone that wants to kill you”. oh, really mark? thanks for doing your fucking job you tool looking douche. i OWN you. you are fucking DONE.

  8. well mark, i want you out of office. i will do anything in my power. will you break the law to stop me as well? BOOM!

  9. but but but…. if you didn’t fuck up the legal system, there wouldn’t be holes for the terrorists you close minded bred in kennedy fucks. JUST. DIE. that is what you do best. light a fucking forever flame and DIE. your policy is WORTHLESS. i OWN you. i am HOV.

  10. he even ended it some shit like, “this isn’t what you want to hear, it’s what you need to hear”. i hope you BLEEEEEEEEEEED.

  11. didn’t we go to school with a megan kennedy or some shit? sorry. it’s just you can’t negotiate with someone that won’t negotiate logically. this is known. it isn’t what you want to hear… it’s what you need to hear. these politicians are CORRUPT. sending an army after them is our only hope. if we dont’… then they win.

  12. you were going to walmart anyways…. here is $80 extra bucks. pick yourself up a few hundred rounds. just because you can. mark kennedy defends your right to keep and bear arms. AND bullets.

  13. mark kennedy fucking LOVES the idea of ALL of his constituants keeping at least 3 guns on their person when they are in his vicinity. mark loves it when you flex your constitutional rights and keep all 3 guns loaded to capacity with 1 in the chamber. it makes him smile. when EVERY SINGLE PERSON AROUND HIM has 3 loaded guns. that makes mark kennedy PROUD. proud to be an american in the fight against people taking away our liberties. the terrorists right?! wait a second… the stuff mark did actually effects us, and i’ve never even SEEN a terrorist…. wait a second. hey, everyone with guns… isn’t mark kennedy the real terrorist? i mean… you know… by definition… like hard facts, not propeganda? wow. mark kennedy, running for re-election.

  14. mark kennedy swallows load 6 times a day. the lobby groups MAKE him. well… unless he wants to give up the summer home or the biyearly ski trips, but that would PISS THE SHIT out of his wife. and everyone knows kennedy wives are hard core. they can have you killed. they got eternal flame companies on speed dial. they will FUCK. YOU. UP. just swallow the load. ok, 5 more.

  15. just playing mark, you’re doing a good job. when your negative ads get met with equally powerful negative ads, you had no other move than exploiting minnesotans fear. i understand. they forced your hand. the democrats. by countering your negative ad effectively… you had NO OTHER CHOICE. why don’t people just understand that YOU ARE A KENNEDY! this is what you do. this is what you are supposed to do. people are supposed to look up to you and let you lead them and reap the rewards however you see fit. WHY ARE THESE DEMOCRATS SO MEAN TO YOU?! mark, honestly… i understand. if you ever want to hang out, i’ll leave my guns at home. AND my bullets.

  16. 5 cents per play of ~5 minute songs, $1 per play of ~100 minute movies. notice that “songs” and “movies” are just a part of the culture we have created. will there always be moving video images with sound that tell a story in a couple hours? i would think yes… but as we evolve will movies get longer or shorter? what happens when movies are only 5 minutes, and that is all the longer people want them because their brains are so screwed up… should they still cost $1? who knows. i’m just saying right now… 5 cents per play of songs, $1 per play of movies. that is the business model that will blow up. too bad the consumer will never be allowed to go for it because a micropayment system like that would require most support from consumers that won’t give it. they are fucking themselves because they have no other move. the INDUSTRY has it LOCKED. UP. so, FUCK. THEM.

  17. if the federal government wants to control what goes on my media devices and how i use the content, then THEY SHOULD PAY FOR THE DEVICES. we should all be given computers and televisions and radios and portable media players with large video display screens. that should be ASSUMED if you want to make laws about it. so until that is the case, NOTHING will work. STOP. TRYING.

  18. in china, everyone is given a mobile phone with a 26 megapixel camera that can hold 1.3 billion pictures.

  19. oddly, it has given them all poop fetishes. THIS IS WAR PEOPLE. you can’t make an omellette without breaking some eggs… any cook will tell you that. BUT THE COOK IS DEAD@$#)^(&@)$#^(&*@$^

  20. wasting my mother fucking money i hope these politicians BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN. god damn i’m mad.

  21. clue: the movie, is one of the greatest written/acted performances of all time. i love that shit. at $1 per play i would have spent way more than the $16.99 i spent on the dvd years and years ago. but then again i would have spent much MUCH less on that copy of cuba goodings “radio”. it all evens out in the end and the quality product makes the most money…. but hey… “radio” cost a lot to make… as an industry we can’t have all the money going to good stuff and not have any go to the duds…. WE… THE INDUSTRY… make more money if we charge them this way… thanks industry. hey madddddd asshole, if we didn’t there wouldn’t even BE an industry for you to mock! FUCK YOU, INDUSTRY, i OWN you. i made 2 movies about your mother yesterday. cuba gooding stars as the dick in her asshole. BITCH.

  22. it already happened as far as i’m concerned…. they said they were doing it a long time ago, now they just got a date… still 100 other ways to move money and still 100 places to play. it changes nothing other than steals 2 billion dollars from the UK economy when the stocks of bwin (parent of pokerroom, and all ongame skins) and party poker both crashed after the announcement. it’s a complete political joke meant to keep the idiots dumb, and the smart from helping the idiots learn logic or doing anything other than keeping the idiots dumb. great system.

  23. idiots are aggressive by nature because they don’t understand consequences. if they were smart they might hurt us, and who would change our oil every 3,000 miles and perhaps suggest an air filter replacement for 19.99 on a $3 part that requires little more than “set it in place” for proper installation. WHO WOULD CHANGE YOUR OIL IF PEOPLE STARTED LEARNING AGAIN!? YOU!? do you even know where your oil filter is? doubt it, america. you fucking idiots. rely on your cars and don’t know shit. rely on an endless supply of mindless TOOLS. GENIUS. i hope you burn america. white hot. kim il is my homie. just playing. i love it here. especially the vacation spots!


  25. the oil change industry is a front for the government idiocy program which is tied to the tax benefits auto makers recieve (like ford who is 6 billion in the hole this quarter…. WHOOOOOOPS) gov makes sure they don’t make oil changes trivial like changing your gas because it would destroy an idustry employing millions. is that enough to not fix the problem? everything i have observed says NO QUESTION. we MUST protect this house.

  26. whazzman, just wait for cap fitness with your individual TV on every treadmill. i know in cali you can run on the beach and all but you’re moving back to wisco when it’s cold cold cold and there will be no outdoor running with simultaneous television watching. when are we taking bosu together eh?

  27. i think every american should be required to do 1 hour of physical labor 3 days a week for the city. this could be construction, litter removal, beautifying, landscape pruning… anything. then all that engery isn’t consumed by the television in front of the treadmill, and at the same time the would be gym goers get their fix of pushing themselves to their limits as well as socializing with others doing the same. and it isn’t for nothing. oh man if i could make people feel GUILTY about going to the gym i would be crowned king of debate. awesome.

  28. al franken… i know you read this fucking site. who would it benefit you to if i were to inflict rantings of hate upon their perceived state of existance? i’ll fucking do it. i’m crazy. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT

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