The Home Stretch

And they enter the home stretch.

My life moves one weekend at a time, with the docket full from here to Thanksgiving, but I move along straight rails to the horizon regardless. California winds down and yeah, fucking of course we’ll be playing Biggie’s paean to going, going back, back at some damn point during the festivities next Friday. But it strikes me as I sit in the San Diego airport that this trip to visit wwhazz, bellygirl, and spacebee was the last great diversion before I own up to the fact that I am leaving this place. The flight back to San Jose this evening will probably constitute me listening to my iPod and trying to assemble a grand to-do list in my mind. Ronni does hers corporate style, where as mine will be a more-frought-with-peril clash with my memory banks.

I’m at a pretty good place with my packing in that everything that needs to be packed is known, the problem space is DEFINED as we say in mathematics. I now just need to physically shove it all in boxes and figure out what can get packed now (bobbleheads, vases that have never been used) versus what needs to be throw in the truck at the last possible moment (deodorant, pillow). I also need to get rid of my furniture, and I may make one more Craigslist spree before just throwing everything in the garbage. GMC and anyone else who’s interested: I have a nightstand, bookcase, DVD bookcase, desk, and dining room table w/chairs available. HOLLLARIT if you want it.

Planning for the party should be in full swing starting tomorrow. Gauntlet thrown down, gauntlet picked up: we want $1000 of booze at the party. The question is, 5 bottles of Cristal? Or 500 bottles of Boone’s Farm? That is the answer we need before Friday afternoon. Wwhazz and belly are confirmed pending a first place multi finish, and spacebee has joined OUT due to work considerations. I’m unsure as to the current disposition of the Scientist: he wasn’t, then he was, then he got punked by a haunted house refreshments vendor, and I’m not sure where he currently stands.

This weekend was fun on a bun until my body shut down late Saturday evening. Wednesday night I got in a we all chilled and drank at the wirksu’s cuz I had to work bright n’ early on Thursday. After work got out on Thursday we all got dolled up and went downtown to Taka Sushi, which gets my highest reccomendation. We hit two bars downtown and then retired so I could again get enough beauty sleep to be coherent Friday at work. Friday’s highlight was going outside for a cookie break and calling Wwhazz to find out when he wanted to pick me up. I mentioned something about being outside and he goes, “wait, I’m outside.” “You’re outside my work?” I asked. “Yes.” Dude read under an Intuit-owned tree for 2 hours while he waited me to finish writing c# code, then he got a reward of a VIP pass to the San Diego Intuit Beer Bash. That night we met up with Spacebee’s friend Stacy and her Krew and Steven E. led us on a Where’s Where tour of San Diego. The night was filled with lots of booze, the worst karaoke I’d ever heard (ever), near fights after Steven displayed some Big Balls to a mean drunk, an after-hours Del Taco run, and a bar with great hip-hop that was completely decorated in swords and maces. Awesome. Saturday was Filledness Personified as we awoke early to hit the Aussie Pub for the Wisconsin game, then hit Pacific Beach for DrinkFest 2006, then hit Seau’s for SushiFest 2006, then hit the hot tub for HoTTubFest 2006 (featuring Zach in his briefs instead of a more modest swimsuit), and finally we were supposed to go out crazy drinking AgAIN. By that time my weary, sunburned, aching (due to a beach MMA fight with wwhazz), hungover, full-of-sushi body said “Fuck. Off.” I passed out Early.

I slept pretty much all day Sunday.

Which brings us to the Southwest Boarding Process, easily one of the most anarchic in the industry. HOLLLARIT, whazzmaster, daddy’s hit his set and PUSHIN IT PUSHIN IT.

73 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. lurkers keep refreshing they shit, but they don’t SAY shit. i said some pretty crazy things. you agree? THANK YOU.

  2. ok, rumsey, if you want in on this ground floor, you got it. we’re partners. 60:40, right down the middle. even stevens. i have a script idea for you that is ON. FIRE.

    debate. what IS debate? just some silly make believe arguement nerds play to waste an afternoon? yes. but what ELSE is it? i’ll tell you what it isn’t. it isn’t FREE. if you drop a totally wicked stance on the arms import/export game and get countered by some asshole playing the metal ore reserves card, you can’t use your 30 seconds for follow up telling everyone how you fucked his mother. it is not allowed.

    oh, but wait.

    on the “XTREEEM DEBATE CIRCUIT” it is. and our cameras followed this spectacle around the world for 6 months culminating in the organizations international championship event: the XDC CHAMPIONSHIP. presented by Pledge… yes the dust spray.

    i would prefer to see a shooting schedule before thursday, but if you can get it to me wednesday, that’ll work.

  3. that is how the trailer will end. awesome. oooooooooooooooooh, tivo got me one hour of sunset studio 60. episode is called “wrap party”. brutaly honest review to come in 60 minutes minus ba doopadoop plus blubblyblubb minus spacetime coefficient Q. should be about an hour. i’m drinking jack if it matters… you know… full disclosure type shit. HOLLLLLLLLLLAR

  4. uh… dude… i know it was dumb. but now i’ve said something was hilarious that wasn’t… but it was religious themed and seemed to be positive in nature… and i promoted it. those dumb fucks.

  5. studio 60 was very good, but seemed to be very forced… but i think that is the whole psychology of the show, so it works.

  6. whazzmaster, you might like this one for real… it’s like… really are you doing this old joke again? but they did the old joke, as new as possible and then did it WELL so i was like… OK OK you win. yes. yes. you get a link. yes. good. job. LOOK ITS A GOOD VIDEO, I SAID THAT…. WHAT MORE DO YOU FUCKING WANT?@^$#)(*&^

  7. That one was great; even better were the fucking retards on the comments arguing whether the mac or pc was better for coding, gaming, etc. They didn’t get the joke. IT SUPPORTS VOICE OVER IP, IPTV, AND TCP/IP! available on cdrom.

  8. Holy cow. That is amazing. You’re moving just like that. Madison, right? When are you going to come visit the KtK-cars?

  9. by the way i’ll be there on friday as long as you all PROMISE not to make fun of my cast. also in LSAT news i got a 150. bad but forget it- i’m not retaking that monster.

  10. I should probably read your blog more often, since you like to make fun of me! 🙂 Great seeing you last week homie, good luck with the move

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