Just got myself one of these and then one of these for the trip back through the southwest. Also, I want to take pretty pictures of Madison icicles. Don’t want me to? BOOM. Sickness. I liked my friend’s Goldy Goldland Old-Timey pictures so much I wanted to be able to make my own. Don’t want me to? Again, BOOM.

Self-Portrait #1
Here’s the first picture off the new camera. It sucks, but I have time to get better. At work today we shot some coffee porn, so that’ll be up on Flickr later on.

112 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP PICTO-TOUR

  1. 2205Sorry, you can only post a new comment once every 15 seconds. Slow down cowboy.Sorry, you can only post a new comment once every 15 seconds. Slow down cowboy.

  2. i am looking forward to BORAT! nov 3. guess what i’ll be seeing it with? a non cast and a brand new pinky. will you be my boyfriend?

  3. you know what my favorite animal is? a unicorn. do you know what my favorite dog is? a unicorn dog. do you know what my favorite meal is? unicorn soup. do you know who my favorite person is? madd.

  4. well moneypenny, i can’t believe that after ALL of the free quickbooks advice you’ve given me you didn’t cash in on some of my camera knowledge in choosing your new toy. good thing you ended up with a good one despite no expert advice from trilobyte pictures.

    i’m all for the “a camera for all purposes” theory. case in point: my gear shelf…

    -Digital SLR for nice photos of my life and for wedding photo clients
    -35mm SLR for portraits, B&W,art photos of my dog, Madison, my babies (not born or even conceived yet-stay tuned)
    -digital point-and-shoot for keeping in my purse

    -DVCAM professional level videcamera for interviews & master shots
    -DVCAM consumer level videocamera for easier shooting, no fancy hook ups necessary
    -digi8 videocamera (never use this anymore)
    -super8 film camera for the vintage feel

    ok hope that was fun reading my catalog. i’m out. look forward to photo fun with you when you move back midwest, MP.

  5. Yay, rumthumb. I will get real lessons from a photomatographer. My buying decision was actually influenced by two co-workers who are into such things. One of them just bought the XTi as his hobby camera and suggested it was a great entry level model. He’s got a bunch of lenses and suggested which one to get first (as well as the second, and third ones if I get into it). I’m excited, my package is waiting for me at the UPS Service Center when I get off work today. Check Flickr this evening for test shots. Goldy Goldland, here I come.

    btw– hi cal

  6. cal, under all those layers of stiff cast making whatever, you are actually getting better! look, i know it itches. i know that pinky does a lot of key things for you as far as overall hand balance is concerned throughout your day to day activities. i know this. life must be really hard right now. maybe it seems TOO hard. maybe having a crackpot mystic musing about economys that make NO SENSE infuriates you. maybe you just know it’s a little TOO right and people might get the wrong idea. cal. don’t worry. you’re healing under that cast. you’re getting better. and when they take it off, you’ll be better than ever. cal. you’re going to be… ok.

  7. did you really get a 150? that is SO cal. proving he can RULE the bell curve. CAL OF THE MOUNTAIN!

  8. rach-o wears brown floppy hats now. one of them is a little less floppy and she looks like a newsie from that disney movie…. uh…. with the…. um… NEWSIES. not that i like banging young male news distributors or anything, cause i never have or wished to or even thought about it THAT MUCH to really know… but i had her keep it on and it was UBER hot. haha, just kidding. cal, i’m just saying… i think we could be more than friends. and maybe even more than that.

  9. me and calllllllllllllllllllllll
    dancing on the winds of timmeeeeeeeeeee
    hand in hand we flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    me and callllllll
    me and callllllllllllllllllll
    flying on the windssssssssssssssss

  10. 3rd to last line should be flying THROUGH the windsssssssssssssssssss…. is that why you didn’t respond, cal? because i got a lyric wrong? it’s my fault, isn’t it?

  11. we dance on them… then fly through them… it’s very special and i’m sorry i said it wrong. flying on something is very confusing… you are really flying on generated pressure created by yourself and the winds… so you can’t ever really by flying on the winds. it’s just dumb, and we’re not dumb. we’re so power we fly THROUGH the wind. if it was there, whatever, if it isn’t whatever. we aren’t saying if we need it. we fly THROUGH it.

  12. I’m cal of the Mountain! just call me Brokeback Cal. or brokehand or BROKEBACK CAL of the mountain! rumthumb i am proud of you for embracing your nomicle. is that a word? CAL OF THE MOUNTAINS! ride em cowboy! and then a hero comes along and you know you can go on and you finally know it’s true that hero’s name is cal! i love my cast more than anyother part of me. i’m so upset about that houston game… skeez are you too? i lured you to the houston method and i let you down. the hero’s name is… you.

  13. does anyone else find it curious that 2 seperate shows about making comedy sketch shows both came out this year and one of them is called 30 rock, and the other studio 60… like is shit like this planned? to be like, whoa… 30… i don’t know….. 60!!! 60?!%#/^% that is like 3 times as many, i watch it. then it plays out it’s cycle and now no one else can ever make fun of sketch comedy writers because “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CALL YOUR SHOW? PLANET 90?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! HAHAHAHAHAHHA” see? i’mma learns ya. ask big al. those fuckers are smart. ariel buttonfly or whatever her name was smart.

  14. cal, i was just thinking… me and rach-o and you and your girlfriend should totally all do something together sometime! man… i don’t know what though…. OH MY GOD, I GOT IT!! just kidding, but i hope to type that soon…. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. man. this is tough, because i haven’t met her and i don’t know if shes up for certain things…. but… OH MY! man, false again. OH MY GOD, SERIOUSLY, I GOT IT. we all make a mold of your head in plaster and then we all design our own cal head!@#$^ that will be so much fun. i’m free most saturdays. HOLLLLLLLLLARIT!

  15. what if judds family was instructed they weren’t allowed to call themselves jewish and they HAD to call themselves hebrews? man…. that is harsh oppression.

  16. i feel so bad for judd and his family that they were forced to call themselves hebrews and not allowed to proudly stand up and say “WE ARE HUGE JEWS”.

  17. you can see it in judds eyes behind the layers and layers and layers of hebrew pride, i don’t so much sense a light in the darkness as much as a wanting. a wanting for jewdium. jewdium is when you’re allowed to call yourself a jew. you know what i hate about not being jewish? i have like ZERO chance of ever getting in the friars club. and i think i would have something positive to contribute. i guess i gotta know a guy or make someone else a bunch of money first. friars, you got that shit on LOCK. DOWN. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. i like when they roast people the best.

  18. k, how do you feel about the moral implications of singing a song suggesting genocide against your own people in front of an audience that you know might get behind you just because you sound like you believe what you’re saying? also… floppy brown hats… have we evolved above the need for them?

  19. let me suggest a few stances for you to pick from…

    a) irresponsible. people are dumb.
    b) irresponsible. people are smart.
    c) awesome. people are dumb.
    d) awesome. people are smart.
    e) something bigger is obviously going on, and i find any mention of this a waste of time and an admission that such ideas exist in a world where i KNOW they don’t.

    cal, tell us what the average LSAT tester would pick!

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