Just got myself one of these and then one of these for the trip back through the southwest. Also, I want to take pretty pictures of Madison icicles. Don’t want me to? BOOM. Sickness. I liked my friend’s Goldy Goldland Old-Timey pictures so much I wanted to be able to make my own. Don’t want me to? Again, BOOM.

Self-Portrait #1
Here’s the first picture off the new camera. It sucks, but I have time to get better. At work today we shot some coffee porn, so that’ll be up on Flickr later on.

112 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP PICTO-TOUR

  1. it was a good movie idea. really could address a lot of the issues behind the issues of modern day issue making. support for the idea of debate was reiterated through it’s inclusion in “old school”, a movie title with as many double meanings as brokeback cal of the mountain. i’m pretty sure that means he is LARGE and IN CHARGE. and homosexual. wow. i just realized cal would be perfect for the role of every character in the movie. either the mountain man is in the picture or i walk

  2. me and rumthumbs has 15 mil locked up to split 60:40 right down the middle. fair is square, no matter how you slice it. and i would WALK. AWAY. the 60 was my half by the way.

  3. greatest hustle of all time was that acme, 1 for you, 2 for me, 3 for you, 4 for me, 5 for you, 6 for me…. but when you say theirs you just give them 1 like you were counting individually, but when you give yourself some you get the number you are saying! AND THE OTHER GUY CANT FIGURE IT OUT! IN THE END YOU HAVE IT ALL!%!#)(*&!#^ ok, off to bed. you’re doing the lords work STAY UP! i’m out for now. peace.

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