Considering madddddddddddddd was online this morning at 4:03am, I don’t think he’s gonna make it out here to the party. Also, I haven’t heard about any uber-wins from wwhazz or bellygirl so I’m guessing they will be unable to attend. I’m having an extremely, extremely shitty day today, and it ain’t getting any better.

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  1. rush limberger said on his show (the rush limberger show?) that michael J fox was FAKING IT in that political ad urging stem cell research. man. that is harsh rush. harsh enough to catch a few bullets. michael j fox knows people, and you are a big target. didn’t you ever learn that you don’t suggest someone with a terminal illness is FAKING IT or they very likely will terminate YOU! ugly as shit fat fuck. you know NOTHING. i OWN you.

  2. MP, sorry to hear about the shit day. i’ll make you a MN style casserole when you come to make up for it. oh wait, it’s “hotdish” you crave right?

    maddd, i’m a little swamped with all the do-gooding-making-almost-no-money projects i’ve got right now. i don’t know if i can squeeze such a hollywood blockbuster into the production schedule just yet.

  3. $30 ploiter multi in 30 minutes. parlay those winnings money p, ready with the 1-2 checker. wreckz n effect.

  4. ktk, what do you think about this too? i’m captivated by your response of E earlier. it’s sort of a logical trap that someone that thought e, wouldn’t say e… but when i put it out there like that maybe i forced a hand. not sure. further responses needed. is advertising that a certain race hangs out at a certain spot because your intentions are to let all the people that want to hang out with latinos know, and you know they are out there because you might be one of them placing the ad for presuming your own store, so you see this as a postive, so do your customers, and your new customers and your old customers. slipery slope ktk, the stage is yours. should this advertising be allowed? a) yes. b) no.

  5. also, is advertising any different than speech? like if i can say it, can i sell it? what if i just sell the way i say it?

  6. i’m going to make someone else 15 million today. my stance on cell phones is clear: i hate them. i also understand we have them, and should keep them. for audio communication between 2 or more people. focus on that. make that work. ok, well, that is the easiest part of making a cell phone. it’s trivial at this point. so a company like canon or nikon or olympus or earls camera hut should come out not with a camera phone, but with a PHONE CAMERA. are you feelin me? make it work.

  7. and america, i’m getting sick of solving all your damn problems. somebody better drop some change on me pretty soon! HOLLLLLLLLARIT!^%#

  8. and then i got cal over here whining about not getting in lawyer school when Big J, my homegirl that WENT to lawyer school or lawyer academy or some shit, is shoutin that that is the best thing that ever could have happened to him. but he doesn’t care. and then he goes and busts up his hand in a dick fight or some shit. man, cal. i’m too busy for this.

  9. ohio! where did you go? i want to hear more oddly phrased posts. i’ll do one for you…

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