Get Up, Get Up, Get Outta Here!


First off, while looking through Flickr I found this picture. Every time I look at it I laugh. Cuz it’s so funny.

So, the other night we threw a party in Mountain View at Anthony’s Pad. I got out of work at 4pm and Anthony and I headed straight for BevMo to take stock. We had a lot of requests for shit that was locked away behind glass, and the man helping us was silent right up until the point where I was grabbing fistfuls of cigars from the case and then turned around and asked him, “OK, can you open the Dom P cage for me?” His comment: “You guys should have some fun tonight.”

the damage, specifically

You should really click through to the Flickr set to see all the pictures, but long story short it was a fucking blast. Air Hockey was in full swing (and there are some sweet pictures of it in the set) and there were even bartender shot olympics. We played Guitar Hero early on and by then end I was wailing away in a desperate karaoke move. We had a 1/2 BBL of High Life for my homies, but I was Crown & Coke/Patron/Jager-Bombin it all night long. We also did the old “Everyone Drinks From The Dom Bottle” Trick that we pioneered at the bachelor party.

And CAL MADE IT! Awesome. He declared it Good and that it had an Old-school feel. I appreciates that.

Anyhoo, click through to see more pictures. There may even be a video of me singing a song floating around somewhere, but there was talk of “editing it down”.  Maybe it’ll submitted to American Idol. Say Lah vee, California. It was fun.

91 thoughts on “Get Up, Get Up, Get Outta Here!

  1. whats the deal with the big coffee push as of late, and since when is it part of the special k breakfast?! is coffee a healthy supplement we take to make ourselves better? i’m i out of touch with reality? i must be.

  2. i love when i post on my stale whazzmaster screen negatively assuming no one said anything, then poof! WHAT IS THIS? NIIIIIIIIICE.

  3. bg, as a fellow snap dropper, do you believe it ever inappropriate to say? if you’re feeling “OH SNAP” inside, i say, LET IT OUT! in fact, HOLLLLLLLLLLLLARIT!

  4. when you assume borders, and you assume free speech, there is obviously a question raised, what if people are on either side of the border in ear shot of each other. what law governs the subject of their conversation? admitting their are borders is an admission that you are not able to not have borders. a show of weakness.

  5. showing weakness encourages the terrorists. we MUST NOT show weakness. and purrrrrrrrrple mountains majeeessssstyyyyyyyyyy

  6. is david cross’ production company really called liberal jewrun media productions? is this jewish self hate still a joke? david, you want to talk about anything man? is your life tough? yeah, it must be. yeah, and if you want to keep doing it, it only gets harder. yeah man. totally. well, cool. hey, while i got you…. uh… your production company… yeah man… neccessary? some people down at temple are confused. how about just david cross productions? i always like that named david cross…. you’re such a sweet boy.

  7. Really, Belly owns survivor football. I went out the first game the last two years. She has made it too the final two. She has an evolving system that would blow your mind. BABY NEVER SHARE THE SYSTEM. Every week she asks me my advice and I say, no baby. Use the system. I suck. And she says… but… but. And I say. No buts. You are better than me at this. Do it. Ands she does. AND SHE DOES.

  8. on the daily show, jon stewart put david cross on the spot… i’m not sure what he calls that, but it is no where near as clever as my seat of heat concept. anyways, he asked him what is message was. quite a simple question that should be asked eventually of all entertainers… it’s important… what are you trying to accomplish through your art? it’s a loaded question when the very concept of pop culture implies a changing state of the very definition of art. any answer has a possible defense and taking a stance like that sets you up for guaranteed failure. what was his response in this situation? “i own a gun”. right answer. and mr. show was funny sometimes too. in 1994 was it?? real edgy stuff. this one guy needed change for a dollar at a corporate chain convienience store, and they totally punked out the concept of unified supply chain with the currency centric problem of breaking bills and ignorance to a flawed system in the command chain when a man golfing was INTERRUPTED to ultimately decide the right move. the move? NO CHANGE! did the jews run the media back then too david? were they AS liberal? do you pluck your head, or are you a natural bald? stop lurking david cross…. just put your name (david cross) in the name box and some fake email in the mail box… it doesn’t even matter, but it’s required… i don’t get it either… no no, you don’t have to put in your website, but you can. do the same politically conscious ethnic groups run your internet media outlets as your television media outlets? really? all canadian? hmmm. anyways, you’re all set, just put something in the big box and hit submit comment. yup, just like doogie howser down there. HAVE FUN!

  9. you’re such hot shit david cross… why don’t you go on fox sports net, and put those smarts up against some REAL men at a little game called STEEL TIP DARTS!

  10. i glanced over the pick set, and any system used is non-obvious. and this is a do or die pick. situations where characters are defined. will she stand by the system, or bow to the pressure. is the system susecptible to the pressure? is it susecptible to lack of pressure? is she ever going to bet against houston? thanks again maz, you fuck.

  11. have you seen lita’s tits lately? her looks have gone downhill since her ese rios days, but man o man. them tits keep getting bigger & falling out more & more errytime i see her. i don’t know have far behind i am in raw, but ‘last nite’ was no mercy. they get behind in k-town…what, with all the edits & all.

  12. they don’t show brutal shots. when they start to bleed, the black & white the specific area & sometimes blur it like nudity. oh dear.

  13. missed the tourney. shit. too busy tourney everything i touch into a roundtrip ticket to goldy gold land. you finish in 1 place you finish in 1 place BOOM BOOM 100 100 100, and who is the chip leader with 9 left in the 20 ploiter? SKILLS. and i wanted 3 movies ate a pizza and watched about 1000 internet videos. productive sunday night.

  14. turning everything. not tourney everything… the everything is the tourneys though, so it’s obvious. my free writing psychoanalsis would be pretty simple… he seems to think about poker a lot. also jay z lyrics. it also seems a sizable portion of his brains subconscious is consumed with turning poker into jay z lyrics and turning jay z lyrics into poker. these idiots weren’t born losers… i was nursin em. check raise in the home of the terrepins cause i terrify, eagle claw with the matchin eye, my chips are in the middle. preflop. blind. HOLLLARIT!

  15. i didn’t want the movies i watched them. weird. SLOW DOWN COWBOY! you’re fuckin words. qwerty done fucked up your head, boy. SLOW DOWN COWBOY!

  16. Boo hoo. Chip leader with 6 left to 4th. Hollar that. A bad beat, a missed draw, a lost 60-40 as the 60, a lost 60-40 as the 40 and bee ba bee ba bee that’s all folks!!!!!!!!


  17. shit. tea. AHAHHAHAHAHA, like the drink. lemon and sugar increases the value of the experience! mmmmmm tea! SHIT TEA!

  18. i hope kickboxer comes on tv again soon. haven’t seen it in a while. that pony tailed dude loses. i never thought THAT DUDE would lose.

  19. bah. 2nd. see saw huge stack flip flop double take. he brought a mirror and was able to get a 3rd look on me. bastard. fucking set on the river. of dueces no less. vs my 2 pair. evil evil beat. 2nd money pays for SHIT. 1st money keeps HOV on time.

  20. god damn it. right as i fell asleep, clickity clack… clickity clack… signed up for sit and gos and forgot about them. glad i didn’t shut the client or turn off my speakers. how many days do i do this and never know? is that what cal does for a living now?

  21. chip leader 4 left… 4 2 out TURNS in a row all in on the flop where i flopped the nuts and they obviously caught bigger sets and boats and gutshots and trips bullshit oh my. so silly. when luck choses to be weird, it goes all the way. know this.

  22. 1. 80!

    2. party was fun – still no shave, will shave tonight, world wide web are you glad to know this?

    3. want to buy a good cd? go to itunes and buy:
    Peter, Bjorn and Paul the album is called: Writer’s Block.

    4. that floppy brown hatter excerpt sort of blows my mind.

    5. good luck bellgirl. good show.

    your friend,


  23. as cal laid himself to sleep and tremulously removed his tattered brown floppy hat, he paused. something was different. a new understanding. he needed a new hat. one less floppy and tattered, and maybe he should talk to a doctor about his tremulous nerves.

  24. he leaves the hat on right up until he goes to sleep. cal fucking LOVES that hat. he ain’t changing shit. that 5er whazzmaster is GOING to owe me says that cal wakes up, not knowing anything of this new understanding, flops that same old hat on his head and trucks out the door looking for horse carriages in need of his assistance.

  25. it’s all he knows, man. who the fuck are you to expect more?! it’s still a fucking hat! hole on one end, room for a head, you hater vision having ass. LEAVE CAL ALONE! his job bores him and pointing this out further bores him. it’s not healthy. cal, lets go hat shopping! HATS ON ME!

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