81 thoughts on “My REAL Halloween Costume

  1. it is quincy’s 2nd birthday today! he dressed up like a pirate, but the eyepatch disoriented him, so he gently removed it. rach-o was also a pirate. i was a hobo-husband.

  2. everytime rach-o said grunted “shiver me timbers” she cracked herself the fuck up. i was ammused.

  3. oh man john kerry. trying to fuck shit up again? take some people down with you? “use the education system to make yourself smart, or end up in iraq”. first of all, it’s a free country. any statement that says you’ll end up anywhere other than jail or dead is simply incorrect. a logical impossibility. americas indifference and confusion about neccessity and sufficiency blows these statements up. then the president says the “millitary is plenty smart enough”. PLENTY. implying he also understand that their intelligence is not towards the upper echelon… it’s just plenty good ENOUGH. you know, we train them. then he demands an apology and show of weakness from john kerry and thusly also anyone affiliated with him. it’s a fucking joke. besides, they’ll PROBABLY end up in iran.

  4. i wasn’t talking about americas youth, i was talking about george bush’s administration. sort of like, a little joke, you know?

  5. while you’re lurking though john…. what the fuck you been up to, BIG GRAY?! yeah, I LOVE IT! is that like gel, or tonic or what?! man. awesome hair. anyways… so… really, SENATOR?! wow… that’s huge…. even after that whole botched run for the big seat thing, you still think it’s ok to go back to the old senators office? really? really? really? really? really? really? you’re done john, time to find something else to try and be good at. i OWN you. just kidding, homie. no really, i had you! hahahaha. you like scotch?! NICE. i GOT scotch. any crazy office page sex stories? YOU’RE THE MAN, JOHN!

  6. bg, thinking you were about to see a naked man in a lucha mask, and then actually seeing the above… that had to have been pretty awesome. YOU WERE RIGHT!

  7. hi john kerry, the skeez is 100% right. why would he say something so stupid? man i wish some republican would have said that! misstep boo! ps wwhaz you leech you dead


  9. Los Tres Luchadores pictures are uploading to flickr AS WE SPEAK. It’ll take a while though cuz there’s so many.

  10. keep in mind though, calesha, the fact that you are smart enough to have a life like wwhazz’z is what motivates them…

  11. whazzmaster, i don’t know what you said, but i am totally excited. it sounded like roof shingler jibberish. SO many! SO SO MANY! i hope it’s taco bell coupons.

  12. 30 ploiter got 4th, top 3 paid from many many many ben folds. i was chip leader with 4 left. i have a problem.

  13. y pumpkin, k-fed is the wife of britney spears of course. i thought u were more metro than that & up on the main stream shananigans like him putting out a rap album. now i just feel sorry for you 🙁

  14. not knowing who k-fed is = -20 points on the lsat GUARANTEED. you’re starting with only 1 leg, man. THINK!

  15. i bet calesha doesn’t even know who moesha is. i bet he doesn’t even get it. i bet he just says calesha… cal eeeeeeeshhhhhaaaa… nice. calesha. i like that. i like when people cal me calesha. k-fed? WHO?! CUBICLE!

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