Straight Outta Utah

We’re in Salt Lake City, about to head out for the day over the rockies.  If we’re lucky, we may make it into Madison on Saturday evening. If we’re not, it’s Sunday.  Today it’s Nebraska or bust. HOLLLARIT,

155 thoughts on “Straight Outta Utah

  1. 24-15 powers 8 minutes left powers. better not let those eyes stop moving, missy, or you’ll be DONE.

  2. that is why she picked san diego… she knew she’d be sleeping and within mind control radius from the stadium.

    i’d withold the chalk water until a full investigation into her powers is done.

  3. cal, did you see that houston lost? on the MADDSAT i’d give you a 380. you’re a fucking genius.

  4. maybe the olives give her the powers?! i can’t figure out any other reason people would like those things. FUCK.

  5. I win, I win!!! I was woken up to this, “Baby the Bears blew it, Ross is out. And the Chargers are winning by a little bit in the start of the fourth quarter.” So I immediately shot up out of bed and cheered away as they scored two more touchdowns, Yeah Chargers!!!!! Yeah, Chalk, Yeah my husband has to by me it!! Ha, Ha Ha, Ha!!!!

  6. i just had 10k with 4 left in a 20 sng ploiter. got 4th and every play i made was putting my money in as unbeatable favorite. bg then used her fucking powers to make me lose. if i don’t stop olives, it will be not the last thing i don’t ever do#@(^*%7@#^$)(@$^)(@*$ fucking rigged. not even joking. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGED. i’m so sick of this shit.

  7. i flop top set and dude goes all in with NOTHING and gets runner runner wheel, then calls me his “biaaaaaaatch”. then i raise AA3K double suited and 345 flops and dude goes all in. )#(^&)(@$$@$^. then i have A23J double suited and push, flop is 37K with my flush draw, i push and don’t even look cause way over half the time i get my money back and then like around 1/4 of the time i get it all. runner runner BS and POOF. 4th. unbeatable chipleader to out with no money might as well got 10th and not wasted my mother fucking time. i’m fucking GLAD this shit is getting shut down. you rigged fuckers, i hope you BURN.

  8. congrats on the win bg, you earned it. powers or no powers, there wasn’t anything against them in the rules. enjoy your prize.

  9. cal, old people are LYING on tv to get people to support the program you are against. are you going to do anything to stop them? if you don’t stop them, then in the future, you’ll have to stop the people that believe them as well… they are TERRORISTS. infiltrating their city with force and killing them with grenades and guns is the ONLY way to STOP this THREAT. cal. i trust you will do what is right. do you REALLY want prop 90 to be stopped or is this just a bunch of hot air? cal, can you make a difference? can you lie on tv? if you can’t, guns are all you got, cause those other fuckers are SHAMELESS. SHOOT THEM IN THE FUCKING HEAD THOSE OLD ASS FUCKING LIARS.

  10. my dad had his restaurant torn down by eminent domain. it was there 75 years and just barely didn’t qualify as a historical site. people are lying cal. EVERYWHERE. SHOOT. THEM. IN. THE. HEAD. it’s the only way. terrorism must be stopped with war. i believe the republicans. i buy guns. i’m not fucking stupid.


  12. if i see those old bastards on the street, i’m punching them as hard as i can in the lower ribs. break some shit. YA HEARD?! then when they go down, stomp their pelvic bone… they are old and calcium depleated. that’ll stop them from lying.

  13. watch the spots… the entire time that old WITCHY BITCH says “protect our homes, vote yes on prop 90” she is 100% sure what she is saying is manipulatively false. if you can’t see why, you are an idiot. LISTEN TO THE BITCH. then, STOMP her. SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU WRINKLY ASS BITCH, YOU BOUT TO GET FUCKING STOMPED. HOLLLLARIT!#(^%*&!#^

  14. it’s all a setup you old fucks. stay low. i’m coming with a straight right and a BIG hook. WHOOPS! why were you protecting your lower ribs? oh yeah, because i LIED. fuckers. DEAD NOW. NOW WHAT?! WHAT?! i OWN you bitch. lie again. LIE. i fucking DARE you. LIE bitch. LIE TO ME! yeah, that’s right. die slow bitch. die in your house so they don’t build a fucking theme park. a THEME park. you really think people believe that shit?! there are already TOO MANY theme parks. no intelligent businessman would use your property to build a theme park. too many fucking problems to upset their cash flow right off the bat. NOT ONLY DO YOU LIE, BUT YOU’RE FUCKING BAD AT IT TOO. hello? still there? bitch, you WOULD die on me early. fucking liar.

  15. i’m so stupid. why waste all this energy stomping people….. i got it covered.


  16. mark kennedy did the same shit. getting old people to lie is big republican business. their ONLY business?

  17. whazzmaster, now you can get the best of both worlds!!!! walmart…. guns ammo, oppressed staffed, very blue. target, no ammo, staff is almost too happy, but very red.

    and then came a hero. SHOPKO! blue, red… some happy staffers, some mad ones, sometimes its clean, sometimes it’s filthy, and they GOT guns and ammo.


  18. notice how o’neil has shirked away from the voting conversation everyone. it’s because i outed him on being a poll watcher. ha!

    btw, the WI election is going to suck. i will no longer be able to marry my TRUE love, a woman, because gay marriage will be outlawed here. progressive state, hmph. ok the dog is humping his blanket so i better go stop him. madd i think our first movie together should be a mockumentary about puppies humping. it’s so wrong to watch. my tiny little 6 lb dog getting his jollies out over every piece of cloth in sight.

  19. get a stuffed dog about his size, error on the little smaller side. it’s hilarious. then they look over to you with those, “this is so fucking awesome, right?” eyes, and what do you do?!

    smile and encourage him? what about down the road then when his brain matures a little and he’s like… WHY DID YOU SMILE AT THAT?! SICKO! what if he starts humping more and more and more?

    frown? but he’s having so much fun. what if he spirals into a depression just because he doesn’t want to make you sad?

    whenever the smartest move is to ignore a situation, a mockumentary MUST be made. good call. i smell a peabody.

    get a smaller female dog to play with him. then she’ll hump him and he’ll learn a valuable lesson. sometimes it isn’t fun when someone else is humping. call me crazy, but i think we should do this 16:9.

  20. o’neil has no reason to involve himself in this insane conversation. i applaud his silence. if o’neil runs for judge, i’ll vote for him, and slander his opposition. it’s what i do. just like a little old lady.

  21. i think ALL marriage should be outlawed. it isn’t neccessary. it’s sufficient only to protect the weaker party, but prenups already neutralize that. marriage is DUMB. you want to be gay and be married? YOU ALREADY ARE. you want your tax dollars WASTED, pay them.

  22. making gay marriage illegal sets the stage for a new generation of impressionable children to question WHY?! why was this law neccessary?! in answering that question, they will turn themselves gay and try to get married. just to figure it out. DONT YOU SEE?! making gay marriage illegal is just a strategy employed by the pro gay marriage lobby groups. 40 years from now we’ll be swimming in gays. and o’neil will spend all fucking day sorting out their faggy arguements.

  23. the worst is when the dog sees you see him full on humpin, then pauses and starts running towards you. AHHHHHHHH! what was he thinking about during that pause?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHH! PUT THAT AWAY!

  24. i pushed with middle set, full on fear mode that dude was going to call with top set. he did. man PR is 100% fucking with me. but i can’t leave. but tomorrow i HAVE to leave. GRRRRRRRRR. i’m tiny.

  25. i just got 4th in the 30 ploiter multi when top 3 paid. all in with top set and open ended royal flush draw. i didn’t even look how i lost. i am completely enraged. they are doing this on purpose.

  26. politics should be a 2 year job per seat. you can’t hold ANY seat longer than 2 years. we are in a new world. we MUST adapt. if we don’t, we will CRUMBLE.

  27. the longer a politician remains in the same seat, the more the terrorists will be able to attack his unique flaws. by rotating every 2 years, we acknowledge the presence of the terrorists, and our willingness to stop them. failing to do this sends a clear message that we expect them to win.

  28. these asshats take and waste millions year after year after year. that is all they do. waste waste waste. fucking infidels.

  29. if we fixed the problems that create campaign financing problems, then we don’t need campaign finance reform or term limit examination. we just FIX it. the people who can fix it DEPEND on it not being fixed. ONCE IT IS FIXED, WE DONT NEED THEM. they KNOW that. why would they EVER do ANYTHING for you?! because you got a 170 on a test? doubt it.

  30. if politics means cash rules everything around me, then LIFE means cash rules everything around me. and when cash rules, guns pop. you ever heard a gun pop bill frist? doc dre says it goes a little like rat-ta-tat-tat. thats fully auto bill. thats duck and cover shit. that’s regret.

  31. cal, if you were smart, you would make your “calproved” medalions one ounce larger than the peabody’s. that way, it means more.

  32. 4nyay, start your own company, steal your boss’ contracts, and then call it “sicka satellites”. milk that shit. the more of a threat near a democracy, the more the local politicians can stir up big contract money. and then we’ll ALL be gettin sum, YA HEARD?! oh yeah, fo real. be FLEECIN them gov defense contracts. FO REAL. i got mad electronic skills, and the terrorists got ECMs. ask grandpa over there. you NEED me. better hook up that million straight, or i might just join them, cause they be offerin, YA HEARD?! that’s right. PAY TO THE ORDER, BITCH. OWNED. american politics just doesn’t seem intelligent to me. i do not know why. the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT that spends BIBIBIBIBIBIBIBIB BILLIONS on defense every year has to use 3rd party contractors. does that make ANY sense?! fuck it, i’m cashing in.

  33. what are you spending billions on such that you can’t even supply yourself with the things you need?! HOW is that POSSIBLE?! i don’t think it is.

  34. the privatization of US weapons development should have never been allowed.

    if elected, i will do everything in my power to stop it. the united states should not be middled in the acquisition and maintenance of it’s defenses.

    it is not fair to citizens not in the arms market, because you are using both of our money and making a percentage. it is in your interest to thus filter as much money as possible through your market, because your own money will yield you a huge return every time, guaranteed… and really, it’s isn’t even your money… it’s your TAX money… tax money you would have paid anyways. money EVERYONE pays. but you get it back over and over because the government can’t make whatever you make on their own?! REALLY?! people seriously believe this shit?! we are all getting fucking FLEEEEEEEEEECED.

  35. work work work, get fleeced get fleeced get fleeced. don’t work, don’t get fleeced. HAHAHAHA. GOT YOU NOW, BITCHES! WHAT?!

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