Straight Outta Utah

We’re in Salt Lake City, about to head out for the day over the rockies.  If we’re lucky, we may make it into Madison on Saturday evening. If we’re not, it’s Sunday.  Today it’s Nebraska or bust. HOLLLARIT,

155 thoughts on “Straight Outta Utah

  1. Morning whazzers,

    1. Shopko is the greatest place in the universe. I always think to myself things like, “hmmm, I really need a showercurtain, with vertical stripes.” Go to Shopko and on clearance is: A showercurtain with vertical stripes. “hmmmm, I need a basket, with a cover, big enough to put all our hats and gloves in” Bam: go to shop-ko. All baskets 40% off. Shopko has a microchip in my brain and I love ’em for it.

    2. The breakfast casserole was okay, but not mind blowingly good. I think I know how I can change it to be the latter.

    3. I completely unnderstand the paradox of the dog hump. What to do? I usually sit, paralyzed, and do nothing.

    4. Rumthumneils: Any “activity” preferences for this weekend?

    5. We decided that we are going to put a pet door in the door that goes from our kitchen to the basement (aka Aeden’s litter box territory) so that we don’t have to have the door open all the time. I’m really excited about it, but K-car wasn’t convinced that Aeden would know how to use it. He underestimates that cat.

    6. Speaking of the cat, I think that he knows deep down that if he hurt Hadley that we would kill him. He is surprisingly gentle around her, in a resentful sort of way.

    7. Whazzmaster, where are you?????

    8. Belly, congrats on your big sleep-control win! Do you get the superpowers when you pass your nursing exam, or are they just special bell-girl powers?

    9. Let’s skip 9 and go straight to 10.

    10. Hadley is so freakin cute. She is really laugh-ey now. You’d think that this little blonde baby would have a light lilting laugh… but she has a gaffaw. It is priceless.

    and your extra 11th post just for fun…

    I made banana bread a couple days ago and I tried to use part whole wheat flour and it turned out tres disugsting. Consider yourself forewarned.

  2. ktk, happy to share my wheat flour tips with you. it takes some finesse to make it work in a regular recipe. as for activities, whatever man! if it snows 5 inches we should go snowshoeing. if it doesn’t, plan pumpkin cheesecake. friday night, porn while the kid’s asleep.

  3. ktk, what if instead of bread, you made french toast, then topped it with a little syrup, then broke it up and then substituted that in? it worked for the mcgriddle. that’s a funny sentance you can say ANY TIME YOU ARE CHALLENGED. make a statement… doesn’t matter what. if someone say anything that even suggests that everything you said isn’t completely true, then you immediately say “it worked for the mcgriddle”. i guarantee you win that round of conversation. winning by default is another awesome republican trick. i am learning.

    on shopko… is this a universal feeling? is shopko WHERE IT IS AT?! it very likely could be. “we’re goin to shopko, yo!” they need to make more people say that.

    rumthumbs, i’m totally not just saying this to be agreeable, but i totally think an evening of porn with friends is a great way to spend a friday night.

    you fuckers like trader joes? well i’m going to give you a ROCK SOLID reason to go there: pickled garlic. that shit is crazy good, and insanely good for you. just grab a clove or 2 and eat them whole, or put them in a drink! garlic is good for your heart, and your soul. what the christ are olives good for?! OIL! and look all the trouble oil has gotten us in the past. we MUST stop the olives. the olive industry is tearing this nation apart.

  4. I tried to overcompensate for the arid-ness of the wheat flour by adding a little sugar-free applesauce… and I think therein was the problem.

    I expect many-a-wholewheat tip this weekend.

    Madd, what if you take that pickled garlic, split it in half, and topped it with a little syrup? It worked for the mcgriddle.

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