Technical Notes

OK, so I have my webcam up and running now in my office.  If you want to check in to see what I’m up to, first download and install the new Windows Live Messenger and then add me as a contact (my contact name is just my gmail address, which you should know if you know me well enough to do this).  You can connect to me and even if you don’t have a webcam you can at least see what’s on mine.

Also, I have my new Madison phone number.  Call my celly if you want it, but if you have my cell number you probably don’t need the Madison number.   I’m not planning on changing my cell number.

I’m eagerly waiting for Tuesday when my couch and TV stand are supposed to be delivered.  After that I’ll take some pictures of my new place all put together and post them on Flickr.

Tonight I think I’m getting together with the O’Rumsey’s for dinner-slash-drinks-slash-question marks.  Also have a date with Scubby on Friday and maybe again this weekend.

44 thoughts on “Technical Notes

  1. MP, i would love to haul myself to the gym after work. can we do california dinner time? like, 9ish Madison time? If not, life will go on and I can always go for a midnight run.

  2. yeah, gym… dinner, web cam… tv stand… BOOM LANDSLIDE!

  3. bye bye mark kennedy, sorry you only got 38%. too bad you aren’t a very nice person or maybe you would have received more than 38% because 38% is so pathetic you are a looooooooser. where do you live mark kennedy? in loserville? population 38%? oh i hear that’s nice over there in loserville. pop. 38%

  4. whazzman, i’m communicationally challenged right now. cell phone is dead, not in office, can’t access email. dinner? no dinner? late dinner? this is the only way i can find you at the moment. i get done editing at 7 tonight.

  5. I’ll probably be done around 7pm as well. spacebee is napping at the moment, and then we can hit the town, which is our oyster. i’m down for whatever for din-din, got any suggestions?

  6. pawlenty is a joke. 1,001,000 vs 1,000,000 votes or some shit. people. that isn’t an election. when it is that close and there is no one even near 3rd, then you need to redo the election with just the final 2 people. i don’t give a fuck if it wastes time. this is serious shit and WAY WAY WAY too close for comfort.

  7. repubs = the mafia. dems = not the mafia. everyone else = real candidates.

    STOP VOTING FOR OR AGAINST THE MAFIA. VOTE YOUR MIND. voting should be ALL by the issue, then the right candidate is formed. just like cal and the LSAT. everyone takes the test… now we figure out who is the best person for the job… who is the person that votes match up exactly with the top of the bellcurve?

    i’ll tell you who that is. it’s cal. that system sould seriously be MUCH MUCH better.


  8. take ALL the 50/50 issues… lets say 60 of them. now everyone vote cause these are the issues that matter and all the hype is over. the candidates fill it out the same. all the votes are in and the best fitting candidate wins, then every bill related to those issues gets voted on automatically according to the candidates pre-selection of public stance on the issue.

    it almost makes TOO MUCH sense. fucking government.

  9. brand new shit i bought and wore once. and i really like them. ordered them online. 100% acrylic shit and had to wait like 3 weeks for shipping and now the fucking dog scratches them both and pulls out a thread unravling the shit. )(@#^&)!*(#^&!)#(^*)@$#(^* he is going to die.

  10. i have a new hobby… go on craigslist… search for “or best offer” or “OBO” with min price at $500. now offer them $75 for whatever they are selling.

    good things can only come from this. i’ve emailed like 20 people so far. TERRORISM!

  11. APPLE: you FUCKS. you about to get some. how come every fucking time i update any of your software on my AWESOME PC that could ASS RAPE A MAC ON TUESDAY, ANY TUESDAY, and come out CLEAN, this fucking quicktime tray icon shit comes back. it has preferences hidden on the “advanced” not sure how GET RID OF THIS SHIT is ADVANCED, but WHATEVER. and every fucking time i reinstall it overwrites that ADVANCED option FOR me and sets it back up. ONE MORE TIME, APPLE and i’m LOADING CLIPS. FUCK APPLE. FUCK QUICKTIME. i don’t play that shit.

  12. winamp with full library and visualizations and internet radio and pretty much all the same features, loaded and visible and docked to the player loads IN. STANT. LY. don’t hate the steeze of this machine. it is WICKET TITE. your software is FOR SHIT. and you do it ON PURPOSE to convince PC users that a MAC might run faster. WELL I’LL GIVE THEM THE ANSWER YOU ARE HOPING THEY FIGURE OUT, THUS SAVING YOU SOME TIME.

    pc users: a mac will suck WAY WAY more.

    mac users: go fuck your mac, asshole.

  13. 4 fucking seconds to load. winamp = instand. the button comes up, and the program is showing at the same time. 4 fucking seconds to display an interface on a machine that does 3.5 billion pipeline stages in 1 second. so 15 billion cranks of a system you need to display AN INTERFACE. this company and it’s software developers should be placed in jail for conspiracy to SUCK.

    MAC IS SHIT. APPLE IS SHIT. iANYTHING IS SHIT. fuck you. die slow.

  14. if they rendered each pixel on it’s own it would be less than 15 billion. this bloat and delay is INTENTIONAL. that is TERRORISM.

  15. cal, i’m going to see borat tomorrow at 7 or 8ish in edina. REMEMBER EDINA?!

    the funny part was that it was ALL cheese! there was even a 3rd row!


  16. touch screen voting is the dumbest idea allowed to surface in modern history… the same modern history that took the reason it is dumb one step further and MARKED THE PEOPLE in the latest US enabled elections in iraqistan or whatever. basic fundamental errors like this show the completely meaninglessness of the entire system. they can’t do it right. they DONT do it right. they WONT do it right. FUCK THEY.

    cal, have you ever crapped yourself during a marathon?

  17. what ever happened to 1 pack of fruit gushers per day? when did that stop? i’m bringing it back.

  18. saturday 3:30pm CST… full tilt… FTOPS event #1. come cheer me on. they allow observer chat which is awesome. cal, come say hi!

  19. bg, if you could sleep during those hours, and send those linemen to disturb and annoy my competition… it wouldn’t make a difference. i win either way. it would be awesome for you to do it just to prove you could, though….

    i dare you.

  20. i’m ploitin up tilts SNGs with a dude named “i shot biggie”. if i could, i’d give him a ribbon. funniest lie. hahaha, no you didn’t. it’s the perfect crime.

  21. madd, i was with you on the olives but i’ll have to disagree about apple. i am a mac mac mac girl all the way.

    also, TP sucks, sure thing, but mike hatch wasn’t a great option either. i went to high school with his kids–you know, the ones who beat up a cop last year? trouble.

  22. offer some to cal first… then if he wants some, you get the added pleasure of denying him and eating a huge sporkful right in front of him! HAHAHAHAHAH


  23. I packed the rest away.

    Cal will be happy to know that it was whole grain Sponge Bob Square Pants Mac and Cizz with added shrooms and brocalaca.

  24. Rumthumb,

    Any chance you’d be interested in filming a docu-drama about your husband and my quest to beat the track record on F-Zero?

    It’s on the Big Blue course and the music is slammin.

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